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Workshop on Research Methods & Research Supervision Skills

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisa-tion organized workshops on “Research Methods” and "Research supervi-sion Skills" on April 2nd &7th, respectively by Dr. Tehmina Basit, Professor of Education, Director, Institute for Education Policy Research and faculty of Business and Law at Staffordshire University, U.K.

Dr. Tehmina Basit apprised the participants of different dimensions and dynamics of research - particularly qualitative research methodology. Not only did she involve the audience in various interactive activities but she also shared valuable information through PPT presentation. In the se-cond session, she shared information about research supervisory skills. A total of 60 researchers and research supervisors attended the two trainings and found them to be of significant importance and value to their research and supervisory role at LCWU.

Workshop on “Teaching Gen Y Creatively”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation organized 1 day course on “Teaching Gen Y Creatively” by Mr. Wali Zahid, CEO Skill City on March 31st & April 1st, 2015. The course was attended by the teaching faculty of LCWU and F.C College University.

In this workshop Mr. Wali Zahid taught the participants about recognizing why and how Generation Y learn differently, become familiar with creative learning methods beyond lecture & PPt, design & deliver successful, Gen Y learner-centred modules, manage individual learners and groups on-class and off-class effectively, which was an enriching enormous learning experience for all the participants.

Workshop on “Academic Writing for Publication”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation organized 1 credit hour 3 day course from 04th - 06th March , 2015 on “Academic Writing for Publication” by Dr. Seemi Aziz, Visiting Professor University of Arizona College of Education Specialist, Global Cultures, Literacy and Literature Worlds of Words. The course was attended by faculty and students from the host University and F.C College University.
In this workshop Dr. Seemi Aziz taught the participants about Selection of Topic, Designing your plan for writing, Starting your article, Reviewing the related literature, Strengthening your structure, Presenting your evidence, Opening and concluding your article, Editing your fluency & Wrapping up your article which was an enriching enormous learning experience for all the participants.

Workshop on “Evaluation & Adaptation of Prescribed Textbooks for Classroom Use”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation organized one week training from 23rd to 27th February, 2015 on “Evaluation & Adaptation of Prescribed Textbooks for Classroom Use” by Professor. Zakia Sarwar,Hon. Executive Director of Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) for the faculty of English, TESOL, ICE and ELT Education, Lahore College for Women University.

In this workshop Professor. Zakia Sarwar taught the participants about Evaluation of Text books, Materials, Adaptation of Textbooks and Using Language Through Literature which was an enriching learning experience for the participants.

Indigenous On-Campus Training

The five-week training ‘Indigenous ON-Campus Training under HEC Modern University Governance Programme’ organized by Directorate of Faculty Development and internationalisation at Lahore College for Women University, concluded with a Certificate Distribution Ceremony . The Vice Chancellor of LCWU, Professor Dr Sabiha Mansoor welcomed the audience and shared the achievements of the institution, particularly with respect to faculty development, research and institutional development.

She heartily congratulated the faculty for their dedication and hard work. Begum Zakia Shahnawaz, advisor to the Chief Minister and Minister for Population Welfare, graced the occasion as the Chief guest. She applauded the endeavors of the faculty, congratulated the participants as well as the resource persons for their commitment to learning. She praised the progress at LCWU in various respects, particularly in empowering young women. Begum Shahnawaz distributed the 2012 Research Productivity Award Certificates to a group of ten senior faculty members.

Guest of honour Mr. Nazeer Hussain Regional Director for HEC Punjab distributed the certificates among the participants and trainers for this training. He appreciated the faculty development efforts of LCWU and apprised the audience of the contribution of HEC in strengthening the growing number of public and private sector universities of Pakistan.

HEC Indigenous On Campus Training at LCWU

In pursuit of excellence and further development, Lahore College for Women University’s Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation (DFDI) in collaboration with Learning and Innovation Division, HEC arranged the inaugural of four sets of five day training workshops on ‘Indigenous On Campus Training under Modern University Governance Programme at LCWU for the University's Non-Teaching Staff and Teaching Staff involved in management.

Director DFDI Mrs. Saima Asghar Riaz welcomed the guests and participants and Dr. Sabiha Mansoor V.C. LCWU shared the University's vision 2020, and passion for faculty development. She thanked the HEC for their continued support towards infrastructure and personnel development at LCWU. The honorable guest of honor Mr. Nazeer Hussain Regional Director, HEC Lahore graced the occasion with his presence and applauded the efforts put in by LCWU for faculty development.

All Deans, Directors and HOD’s benefitted from the rich learning experience of the first day of the groaning which comprised on workshops on leadership development, conflict management and assertiveness, by Skill City CEO and leadership guru Mr Wali Zahid. The trainings spread over five weeks will encompass personal as well as professional development of the enrolled participants from all cadres of university staff, through eminent, learned and celebrated educationists and management experts. Such a unique event harbingers the fact that learning is meant for all members of the faculty at educational institutions. Indeed a trained administrative staff would lead to more efficient functioning of offices and institutions resulting in more effective utilization of time and human resource.

HEC Indigenous On Campus Training at LCWU

In pursuit of excellence and further development, Lahore College for Women University’s Department of Faculty Development and Internationalisation in collaboration with Learning and Innovation Division, HEC organized a five day training workshop on ‘Indigenous On Campus Training under Modern University Governance Programme at LCWU for the administrative staff from LCWU, GCU and UVAS.

Dr. Khaleeq ur Rehman V.C. Government College University presided over the inaugural session and also presented an informative presentation on ‘Body language – An effective tool’. The honourable guest Mr. Farmanullah Director General H.R., HEC Islamabad, graced the occasion with his presence and applauded the efforts put in by LCWU for faculty development. All Deans, Directors and HOD’s benefitted from this rich learning experience followed by fruitful interaction. Director DFDI Ms. Saima Asghar Riaz welcomed the guests as well as the participants and Dr. Sabiha Mansoor V.C. LCWU shared her vision and passion for faculty development.

This learning experience would encompass personal as well as professional development of the enrolled participants through eminent, learned and celebrated educationists. Such a unique event harbingers the fact that learning is meant for all members of the faculty at educational institutions. Indeed a trained administrative staff would lead to more efficient functioning of offices and institutions resulting in more effective utilization of time and human resource.

Visit of UK Universities Delegates to LCWU

Visit of UK Universities Delegates to LCWU- Friday 17th of October 2014

Lahore College for Women University’s International Resource Centre under the umbrella of DFDI (Department of Faculty Development and Internationalisation) hosted a British Council led delegation of twenty representatives from different universities in UK. This event was not only in sync with the mission statement of LCWU but it also augmented the institution’s commitment to professional development. The delegates were apprised of the history and achievements of the institution in a very succinct manner. The presentations delivered by Head girl and UK alumni were well-received and warmly appreciated by the audience.

Later the delegates not only introduced themselves but also interacted with the senior management and students, to explore possibilities of building linkages for mutual learning and sharing of expertise. This effective visit of the delegation will surely open new vistas of learning for the students as well as the faculty.

LCWU Vice chancellor Prof Dr Sabiha Mansoor, and GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khalique were special guests at the occasion and they appreciated the efforts of the British Council in helping develop collaborative linkages between UK and Pakistani universities.

Session on Role Diagnosis

Directorate of Faculty Development & Inernationalisation has organized a Session on “Role Diagnosis” by Bradley Emerson (Regional Director of CIMA, Middle East, South Asia & North Africa) on October 16, 2014 for the Deans, Directors, Academic Heads & Management Science Faculty of LCWU.

Mr Bradley Emerson gave a interesting and highly motivating seminar in which he explained that a changing world of work, executives often fit in to a prescribed role than diagnosing the roles.

This leads to unconscious underperformance. Diagnosing the role would help one to recognise the factors that influence expectation of a role and the drivers of performance. So don’t know your role, but diagnose it!

Dr Sadia Zulfiqar presented her paper at ‘ASAUK Conference,

Dr Sadia Zulfiqar presented her paper at ‘ASAUK Conference, 9 - 11th September 2014 – University of Sussex’
Dr Sadia Zulfiqar, Phd Glasgow University, faculty of the English Department recently presented her paper at ‘ASAUK Conference, 9 - 11th September 2014 – University of Sussex’.
Below is an abstract of her paper.

‘“I’m Not of Them But I’m Not One of You: Colonial Education and Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Women’

In Decolonizing the Mind (1986) Ngũgĩ’ condemns the alienating effects of colonial education. According to Ngũgĩ, this system of colonial education initiates the cultural alienation, which further causes the divide within the self. This decapitating violence of colonial education, according to Ngũgĩ, causes psychic disintegration and stupefaction on an individual and collective scale. This paper discusses Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions (1988), and its sequel The Book of Not (2006). Set in colonial Rhodesia, both novels recount the colonial education of Tambu, a young peasant girl, whose fervent desire for education complicates Ngũgĩ’s polemical stance. Gender complicates class-based approaches to colonial education. Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s Ambiguous Adventure (1962) describes the problems Samba Diallo faces in the course of his schooling. Tambu’s educational journey is different, as she is a girl, and does not belong to the social and cultural elite. Her impoverished childhood in a patriarchal Shona culture make colonial education an alluring prospect, her only chance of advancement. According to Sybille Kuster, the mission style of education inculcated the Victorian ideals of femininity, motherhood and homemaking, disregarding the social realities of African women’s lives. In Dangarembga’s work, the multi-racial convent, Sacred Heart, functions as a factory, training girls to become model young women befitting the prevailing British mores through carefully rehearsed artifice, creating a production line of unquestioning young ladies, programmed to accept the colonisers’ culture. Tambu’s internalised inferiority results from the implicit racism of her schooling; the ambiguous adventure of a colonial education ultimately creates anxiety.

Workshop on “Teaching English in Large Classes”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation organized one week training from 22nd to 26th September, 2014 on “Teaching English in Large Classes” by Professor. Zakia Sarwar,Hon. Executive Director of Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) for the faculty of English, TESOL, ICE and ELT Education, Lahore College for Women University.

In this workshop Professor. Zakia Sarwar taught the participants about Learner Autonomy, Handling Large Classes, Action Research and Teaching Young Learners which was an enriching learning experience for the participants.

Dr. Anne Burns highlights need for Action Research in Education

The HEC, English Language Teaching Reforms Project and the Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationlisation, Lahore College for Women University, with the support of Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT), collaborated to organize a one day seminar at Lahore College for Women University on “Understanding the Processes, Procedures and Practices of Action Research” by Prof. Anne Burns of the University of New South Wales Sydney. The seminar was attended by faculty and students from the host University, Samnabad College, APWA College, Kinnaird College, F.C College University , Beaconhouse National University and UMT, Lahore.

Dr. Sabiha Mansoor , VC  Lahore College for Women University, Lahore in her wel-come address thanked HEC and SPELT and highlighted the importance of English language learning and teaching in Pakistan and the need for research in this area.

Dr. Nazir Hussain, Regional Director, HEC  highlighted the government's support towards research in Pakistan and Mrs. Zakia  Sarwar of Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) stressed upon the commitment and effort required by ELT professionals as well as the role of SPELT towards  raising awareness about pedagogical issues and collaboratively seeking solutions.

MIS Training Workshop

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalization arranged one day MIS training/ workshop on 19th August, 2014 by Mr. Muhammad Awais Chughtai, Project Coordinator at Digital Eduquest for the Deans, Directors, Academic & Administrative Heads of LCWU.
Mr. Awais informed the participants about University Prospect Applicants, Student Management, General Administration, Student Enrollment & Billing, Human resource Management & Inventory Management.

LCWU Community Outreach Programme for Affiliated Colleges

LCWU has successfully implemented Active Citizens Program in partnership with British Council as a mandatory course for undergraduate students under the auspices of Directorate of Faculty development and Internationalisation. The Computer Science Department at LCWU led by Dr Abuzar Faheem, Head of Computer Science Department, who is also a Trained Facilitator of ACP, has implemented the ACP for two successful years and this is now an integrated component of the LCWU CS curriculum.

As part of LCWU community outreach activities, ACP is now being rolled out in Computer Science Departments of the University's three affiliated colleges. A 5 days 'Training of ACP Facilitators' workshop was organised at LCWU, in which 20 faculty of Computers Science Department from LCWU and its three affiliated collages namely Govt. Postgraduate College for Women, Samanabad, Lahore, Govt. Postgraduate Islamia College for Women, Cooper Road, Lahore, Govt. College for Women Gulberg, Lahore, participated.

LCWU VC Prof Dr Sabiha Mansoor presented certificates to the participants and congratulated Dr Abuzar for this great achievement. She also emphasised the need to support and facilitate the affiliated colleges not only in academics but also in community Service through the ACP programme. LCWU is the first and only Pakistani university to launch the ACP in its central campus and affiliated colleges.

Series of lectures on “Museum Studies and Planning”

"Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalistaion in collaboration with Institute of Visual Arts & Design arranged 3 day Series of lectures on “Museum Studies and Planning” from 5th -7th August, 2014 by Mr. Muhammad Akhter Javed, Representative International Council of Museums (ICOM).

LCWU awards Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching

LCWU has launched a Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma of Higher Education Teaching under the Directorate of Faculty Development &Internationalisation, an innovative professional development Diploma initiated by prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor under LCWU Vision 2020. Thirteen committed and dedicated faculty members from different LCWU departments completed the first phase comprising of Twelve (12) credit hour Post Graduate Certificate Course that will be merged with the Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor distributed the certificates and congratulate to the successful candidates which include: Dr. Asia Shabbir& Salma Memhmood from Islamic Studies Department,FarzandaAslam, Fauzia Rashid &Kulsoom Hanif from History Department,Khadija Naz from Philosophy Department, Nausheen Mazhar& Aysha Faisal from Geography Department, Saima Batool from Punjabi department,Sajida Wajid from Department of Economics, Dr. ShahidaAlam from Persian Department and Nadia Sheheryar& Aysha Mumtaz from English Department.

MoA signing Ceremony with CIMA, UK

Lahore College for Women University proudly signed an MoA with Chartered Institute of Management Accounts UK on June 10, 2014. This is a follow up of the MoU signed in February 2014.

The MoA was signed between Mr Bradley Emerson - Regional Director CIMA for South Asia and Africa and Ms. Saima Asghar Riaz, Director Faculty Development and Internationalisation on behalf of LCWU.

The MOA will allow LCWU BBA and BCOM students to avail up to 8 exemptions from the CIMA professional qualification. Also CIMA UK will be investing in LCWU through six scholarships for the CIMA qualification and multiple professional development courses for faculty. CIMA will additionally contribute towards the library with books and journals.

This will give LCWU students an edge when they graduate with a CIMA diploma, thereby making them ready for the job market.

Following the signjng cereminy, Mr Bradley Emerson and Mr. Radley Stephen from CIMA gave a interesting and highly motivating seminar on “Driving Change” and New syllabus of CIMA 2015.

Global Business Challenge 2014!!!

Good NEWS!! LCWU Team has won the Lahore Round of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Barclays Bank's Global Business Challenge 2014!!!

They will be going to Karachi for the Pakistan Final Round!! 24 Countries are participating in this Challenge.

Judges included Director of London Business School, Chief Operations Officer of Stylo Shoes, Senior Finance Manager of Levi's.

GBC gave students a business case study about a boat company. Participants had to prepare a detailed report in the form of a power point presentation along with a video about the company. They also had to recommend the company about several issues and scenarios. 

Winning Team of BS.hons Management Science, LCWU - Semester Four presented their Business model and case with amazing confidence and talent.

Workshop on “Media Ethics”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Inernationalisation in collaboration with US Consulate has organized an interactive workshop on “Media Ethics” on 12th May, 2014, for the students of Mass Communication Department and faculty of LCWU. The workshop conducted by Media experts Linda Roth and Terry Anzur, from the U.S and accompanied by Ms. Tahir Habib from the US Consulate.

Linda Roth is an award winning news, feature and live event producer on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” where she focuses on Blitzer’s special editorial projects, trips and top newsmaker interviews. She is the recipient of a 2013 Emmy award for her work on CNN’S “Election Night in America” and was nominated for producing on scene in Israel during the conflict with Gaza last November. She is graduate from Boston University.

Terry Anzur is a graduate from Stanford University. She is accredited by the US State Department as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Broadcast Journalism, and was selected for the roster of qualified media trainers by the United Nations Development Program. As lead consultant for the Maldives Media Training Project, she managed a team of radio, TV and management trainers for state-run TV Maldives and Voice of Maldives, trained the country’s first professional broadcast journalists, and prepared them to cover the Muslim island nation’s first multi-party democratic election. She also advised the president’s press office on media strategy during the transition to democracy and consulted with US officials monitoring the developments. Currently she is running Terry Anzur Coaching Services, she provides training for professional on-air talent in news and programming, on-camera skills for public relations, college-level seminars in on-air talent performance, international media development and individual talent critiques. She is also a Emmy award winner.

Students found the interactive session which involved role play and group work, extremely motivating and welcomed DFDI's initiative.

Terry and Linda commented that LCWU Mass communication equipment and facilities were of very good standards and it is an ideal learning environment for students who want to study Journalism. They were impressed with the students involvement in the workshop and their ideas.

Training on Edward De Bono Thinking System Certification

Lahore College for Women University's Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation successfully arranged a two day world renowned Edward De Bono Thinking System certification training for faculty and staff of LCWU and other educational institutions.

The initiative was taken by LCWU to introduce creativity and lateral thinking among teachers so that they could in turn encourage students to think critically inside the classroom and when approaching assignments and projects. Edward De Bono Life time Master Trainer Dr Sunil Gupta conducted the training on CoRT Tool 1 and was highly impressed with the enthusiasm and creative ideas of the participants. He has pledged to return to Pakistan to conduct further trainings for the education sector to pave way for reform in the way policy makers, senior educationalists and teachers approach teaching and thinking.

The training was supported by IDEAS Consulting, Bank of Punjab and Meat Dukan.

Dr. Marvin Weinbaum visited LCWU

LCWU's Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation in collaboration with the US Consulate arranged a seminar on "US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its implications for the region and Pakistan" by Dr Marvin Weinbaum.

The highly interactive session was attended by students and faculty of Political Science, Economics, History, Philosophy and Islamic Studies. Dr Weinbaum shared valuable insights about the implications for Pakistan after the withdrawal and stressed the importance of Pakistan's support to a stable government in neighbouring Afghanistan as crucial for the region.

Marvin G. Weinbaum is a scholar-in-residence at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC and professor emeritus of political science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was formerly Director of the Program in South Asia and Middle East Studies and has served as analyst for Pakistan and Afghanistan in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research from 1999 to 2003.

His research, teaching, and consultancies have focused on the issues of national security, state building, democratization, and political economy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is the author or editor of six books and has written more than 100 journal articles and book chapters. Dr. Weinbaum was awarded Fulbright Research Fellowships for Egypt in 1981–82 and Afghanistan in 1989–90, and was a senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in 1996–97. He has been the recipient of research awards from the Social Science Research Council, the Ford Foundation, the American Political Science Association, and other granting agencies.

ACP- Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Active Citizens is a flagship programme of the British Council focusing on youth leadership and community engagement. British Council successfully launched ACP as its Pilot University Project in LCWU by signing an Mou for four years. Subsequently ACP was introduced as a mandatory course for undergraduate students at LCWU and the first batch of 413 students from 8 departments successfully completed the ACP of 04 credit hours. A total of 47 Social Action Projects were completed by students from a range of disciplines working to improve education, health and environment of their local communities.

To recognise the students for completing the SAP, a Certificate Distribution Ceremony and Showcasing of SAP was organised at LCWU on Tuesday. The SAP projects displayed by the students included 'Cleanliness of Kachi Abadis', 'Inter Faith Harmony', 'Reducing Generation Gap', 'Smile for Orphans', 'Learn Innovation For Ever (LIFE)', 'LIVEright- LIVERight Raising awareness against HEPATITIS', 'Empowering Children', 'Pleasing Environmental Effects', 'Establishment of Botanical Garden in LCWU', and 'Promoting collectivism in a residential area of Shadman'.

26 International Delegates from UK, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Poland, Czech Republic, Jordon, Lebanon, Ireland and Kenya were invited by British Council to participate in this auspicious occasion.

Mr Richard Weyers, Director Punjab, The British Council speaking on this occasion said. “The partnership with Lahore College Women University to introduce Active Citizens as a University course is an illustration of our focus on young people as future leaders. The institutionalization strategy with LCWU has enabled both partners to work with young people who are determined to bring positive change in their local communities on a long term basis.” Prof Dr Sabiha Mansoor, VC of LCWU stated that community engagement was one of the pillars of the vision of Lcwu and the British Council's support in introducing the ACP at LCWU as a pilot programme is a welcome initiative which is making a change in the personality development if not only the thousands of girls studying at Lcwu but will also impact their households and communities positively, thereby causing positive change across the country.

MoU between LCWU And CIMA

The Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) UK will facilitate students and faculty of the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) to access research and publication by CIMA and benefit from online seminars and lectures. According to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on Monday, students of LCWU will gain maximum exemptions from CIMA examinations.

CIMA Regional Director Bradely Emerson, LCWU Vice Chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor, British Council Head of examinations Arzu Daniel, CIMA Sri Lanka Country Head Radely Stephen, CIMA Pakistan Country Manager Javaria Hassan, other CIMA officials, faculty members and students of the LCWU were present on the occasion.

While addressing the gathering Bradely Emerson stated that students need professional qualifications in this competitive global market and CIMA qualifications will help them to shape their minds instead of just filling them and allowing them to become adaptable to change themselves. Bradley also announced that CIMA would be offering six scholarships to faculty members of LCWU management science department plus fee waivers for all students who have gained exemptions during course of their studies at LCWU.

Dr Sabiha Mansoor
expressed her delight with this relationship with CIMA and was optimistic that the MoU would help more women enter the field of accountancy and business, thereby adding to the empowered female workforce of Pakistan.

The launch of Burn Prevention Programme in LCWU

Burn Prevention Programme in collaboration with The House of Charity was launched in LCWU. The ACP students from Biotechnology, Urdu and Psychology departments have taken this as a Social Action Project. Ms Hashmat Effindi from The House of Charity will be training students to start this campaign not only in LCWU but in other Educational Institutions of Lahore as well.

Workshop on “Time Management and Change Management”

"Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalistaion has arranged two days workshop on “Time Management and Change Management” from 10th -11th December, 2013.

The Expert, Mr Zeeshan Riaz is an internationally experienced consultant with almost 20 years of proven track record with comprehensive experience of advising corporate, higher education, consulting and training institutions. He is Executive Director of Solutions to Enhance Professional Skills (STEPS), an independent needs based training service provider working with selected clients in the corporate and education sector. Mr. Zeeshan Riaz is also a British Council certified Trainer of Trainers (TOT).

Workshop on“ Molecular Diagnostics for Robust Disease Detection”

Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education (National Talent Pool) is working as a bridge between Pakistani expatriates and local universities in order to improve professional skills among faculty and to provide international exposure to students by inviting experts from all over the world. Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education (NTP) have a long term working relationship with Lahore College for Women University through Directorate of Faculty Development and Internatiolisation.

This time DFDI organized a two week (from 7th to 24th of October, 2013) workshop in collaboration with Department of Biotechnology, LCWU and Ministry of Education (National Talent Pool)) on the topic of “Development and Application of Molecular Based Diagnosis for Plant Diseases”. Dr. Summaira Riaz, Staff Research Associate, Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis, USA was the resource person. Dr Riaz has been working at UC Davis in the Dept. of Viticulture and Enology for the last 20 years. Dr. Riaz has expertise in molecular characterization of horticultural germplasm especially fruits and in molecular marker assisted breeding. Dr. Riaz trained participants on preparing acrylamide gels, sample preparation and running samples on acrylamide gels.

DFDI also arranged Dr Sumaira Riaz’s visit to Forman Christian College through Center of Learning & Teaching, where she visited the Department of Biological Sciences on October 22, 2013 and spent about two hours sharing her expertise on wheat biofortification and fertilizer use efficiency and discussed the possibility of future collaboration for the benefit of students from both universities.

Sufism and Peace workshop and Qawwali Performance

Lahore College for Women University hosted a Sufism and Peace workshop and Qawwali performance of American Qawwal Ensemble - Fana Fi Allah for students and faculty.

Fan Fi Allah two founder members Tahir Faridi (Geoffrey lyons) and Amina Chishty (Jessica Ripper) came from California for their Peace Tour sponsored by the US Consulate, additional sponsors were aqua safe water and Chishty studies centre.

Tahir and Aminah explained their journey to convert to Islam and Sufism from Pakistan. Aminah said "I am touched by Pakistani Values. I have travelled the world but have never seen such Humanity anywhere else than in Pakistan". Tahir spoked about poetry, Rumi, Baba Farid, Hart Babu and Bullehshah. They spoke too, of peace, trust and unity, which was followed by a phenomenonal performance with local artists including Baba Farid. Students and staff were overwhelmed by their passion and outstanding performance.

Aminah is a tablah player along with vocals strength. Tahir is the main composer and vocal person of the group. The event was managed by the Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation at LCWU. Mrs Shireen Asad Director of Student Affairs and Ms Mehreen Mir, Head of LCWU's International Resource Centre thanked the duo and shared student made art as souvenirs.

It was a very educational and motivational event for students and faculty alike.
The talented duo are to perform in different cities around Pakistan in the next week.

MoU Signing Ceremony

Queen Mary University of London and Lahore College for Women University signed an MoU to collaborate on joint activities and programmes in order to facilitate academic exchange and cooperation in the field of Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching.

On behalf of Queen Mary University of London the Chair of the Language Centre from the School of Languages and Linguistics and Film Kathryn Richardson is in Lahore to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with LCWU.

Mrs Richardson’s visit to Lahore coincides with the widespread media attention that the state of female education in Pakistan is getting worldwide. Queen Mary has historically contributed much to the development of women in education and even today women play key roles in the college hierarchy just as LCWU has played an important role in educating women in Pakistan. It is thus befitting that these two institutions work together to improve the quality of the experience they offer their students.

As member of the Russell Group Queen Mary is one of 24 leading UK universities that are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience, excellent graduate employability and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. Queen Mary – which is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, home to the UK’s largest South Asian community – is interested in building strong relationships with these communities and the countries from where these communities originated. Through its international partnerships initiative Queen Mary is interested in contributing to the development of knowledge communities both nationally and internationally. The College hopes to expand its existing links with Pakistani universities focusing on joint research, staff and student mobility and the development of collaborative degree programmes. There are currently some 250 students from Pakistan pursuing their studies at Queen Mary, from all regions of the country. Mrs Richardson commented: "We are proud to sign such a prestigious collaboration with a university of the standing of LCWU, which offers a wide range of programmes across so many disciplines. We look forward to a long and sustainable partnership and to seeing the fruits of our work inspire generations of students to come."

Lahore College for Women University seeks to produce a culture of scholarship, activism, capacity building and academic networking of an international standard. LCWU strives to provide the best international education to the LCWU faculty and consequently to the students using international standards in curriculum development, instruction, training and assessment. An initiative has been taken to collaborate with Queen Mary, University of London by signing an MoU by means of which, Queen Mary University of London and Lahore College for Women University agree to seek to develop joint activities and programmes for the purpose of facilitating academic exchange and cooperation in the broad field of English Language Teaching.
Other joint activities included in this Memorandum may in the future include:

1. Capacity building workshops
2. Collaborative teaching
3. Exchange of academic staff
4. Exchange of students
5. Exchange of publications
6. Visiting of academic staff

The primary focus of the joint activities will be to set up an English Language Support Unit at LCWU to provide an in-sessional Intensive Course in English for support to students entering the University from Urdu Medium backgrounds. The rationale of Intensive Course in English (ICE) at LCWU is “English for All: Access and Equity for Higher Education & Employment.” The Institute of Language and Culture (ILC) at LCWU and the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film at QMUL will also explore collaboration in the areas of TESOL and Applied Linguistics.

Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, VC of LCWU who has a rich background in teaching and research of English Language and Linguistics with several international publications in the area of language planning to her credit, welcomed the collaboration and expressed optimism that QMUL & LCWU would jointly work to not only bring English equity and access to public sector universities, but also help in developing the teaching of national and regional language.

The ceremony was attended by students and faculty of LCWU, Regional Director of HEC, Mr. Nazir Hussain and Secretary Higher Education, Mr Sohail Shahzad who congratulated LCWU on this excellent initiative and thanked QMUL for their support to Higher Education in Pakistan.

BC Chair, Sir Vernon Ellis lauds LCWU Active Citizenship Initiatives

Sir Vernon Elli
s, Chairman of the Council visited Lahore College for Women University and inaugurated the showcasing of Social Action Projects of the BC-LCWU Active Citizens Programme. ACP has been introduced in LCWU as a mandatory course for undergraduate students.  The course consists of teaching four modules to help students explore the concepts of identity, culture, dialogue and Social Action. During the practical application of the course, the students spend 64 hours in the community working for the eradication of issues identified by them.
British Council has successfully launched ACP as its Pilot University Project in LCWU by signing a five-year MoU for collaborative design delivery of the ACP University model. During the next four years LCWU aims to train 175 facilitators among the faculty to involve 4000 students per Semester by 2016. The ACP will be rolled out throughout the university and subsequently in LCWU Jhang campus and affiliated colleges.

A total of 41 projects in the important areas of health and education have been completed by 8 participating departments to date.

The SAP projects showcased by the students on the occasion of Sir Ellis's visit were Cleanliness of Kachi Abadis, Inter Faith Harmony, Reducing Generation Gap, Smile for Orphans, Learn Innovation For Ever (LIFE),LIVEright- LIVERight Raising awareness against HEPATITIS, Empowering Children, Pleasing Environmental Effects. Establishment of Botanical Garden in LCWU and Promoting collectivism in residential area of Shadman.
The Chair of the British Council who was accompanied by BC Country Director Peter Upton and Director Punjab Richard Weyers was highly impressed by the initiative taken by LCWU and appreciated the efforts and smooth working relationship of the BC and LCWU teams in making this pilot model a success and a role model for other universities across Pakistan. Sir Ellis expressed excitement about the range of future collaborative possibilities discussed during his meeting with senior management of the University and encouraged LCWU to explore partnerships including e-learning and the use of digital technologies.  His message to the students was to be ‘focussed, eclectic and opportunistic’.  

Professor Dr Sabiha Mansoor, VC of LCWU thanked Sir Ellis and the BC Pakistan office leadership for their support to LCWU for the university's community engagement initiatives and faculty and student development programmes.

Active Citizen Programme - Phase-III

Training of Facilitators workshop (3rd Phase) of Active Citizen Programme being conducted in collaboration with British Council at LCWU from 22nd August to 26th August 2013.
















Summer Leadership Institute

Lahore College for Women University conducted a two week long Summer Leadership Institute for junior and mid career Higher Education teachers and leaders which was attended by a large number of faculty from LCWU, Forman Christian College and National College of Arts. The programme was funded by the Ministry of Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education (National Talent Pool) whose focus is on various aspects of improving the Pakistani education system by encouraging expatriate Pakistani experts to contribute to local educational developmental needs.

Speaking on the occasion of the certificate awarding ceremony, the Chief Guest, Mr Khalid Hanif, Additional Secretary at Ministry of Education announced that as National Talent Pool is a major and vital wing of the Ministry which has proven its importance and usefulness all over the country, the Ministry has increased the budget for this programme almost double of the previous year i.e. from 24 to 50 million. The vice chancellor of LCWU, Prof. Dr Sabiha Mansoor thanked the Ministry of Education and Training and NTP for their continuous support to higher Education in general and LCWU in particular as a major contributor in the University’s expanding faculty development programme run by the Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation (DFDI).

The Summer Leadership Institute was run by Dr. Anniqua Rana, Professor at Canada College, California USA, who focussed on enhancing personal leadership capacities to support the University’s strategic priorities through small and large group dialogues, reflective writing, readings, videos, activities and exercises. The institute also included guest talks on leadership, vision and communication by Mr Wali Zahid of Skillcity, Mr Tariq Hussain and Ms Saima Asghar Riaz of LCWU.

MoU signing ceremony of “Active Citizens Programme”

Lahore College for Women University under the auspices of Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation signed an MoU with British Council Pakistan to launch the British Council Active Citizens Programme (ACP) at LCWU as a pilot project in a public sector university.

The main theme ofActive Citizens Program is, “Locally Engaged and Globally Connected”. ACP links civil society networks, community leaders and community networks in Pakistan.

The purpose of collaboration between British Council Pakistan and LCWU is to implement Active Citizens Programme at Lahore College for Women University as a 4 credit hour mandatory course for undergraduate female students and ensure their participation in community service, develop Monitoring and Evaluation Processes to monitor the social action projects initiated by LCWU students, and award programme completion certificates to the students who will complete their social action projects as per the mutually agreed criteria.

The journey of ACP at LCWU started with the training of Facilitators to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude required to engage in dialogue and social participation with students and the wider community.  A total of 60 faculty members from sixteen LCWU departments have been trained by the British Council to date.

The 5 year Memorandum was signed by the British Council’s Director Punjab, Mr. Richard Weyers and Vice Chancellor, LCWU Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor.  The British Council Director welcomed the initiative taken by LCWU to develop a University Model for the ACP and pledged that the Council would support the University in assessing and monitoring the projects and further engage with a variety of stakeholders in Pakistan and United Kingdom, at individual, organizational and community level.

The Vice Chancellor thanked the British Council for their continuous support to LCWU and stated that the ACP is  not only transforming LCWU graduates by making them active citizens, but is also helping the university improve its quality, empowering women and encouraging environmental sustainability, all of which are underlying principles of LCWU Vision 2020.  She also thanked Dr Tariq Hussain, honorary consultant to LCWU who is working closely with all stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for the University.   Dr Mansoor recommended that Civics should be reintroduced as a compulsory subject for all secondary students so as to make them more aware of their rights and duties as citizens when they enter the portals of Higher Educational Institutions.

“Advances in Research & Ethics in Sciences”

The Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation (DFDI) a revolutionizing department of Lahore College for Women University has organized a scientific workshop with the support of Higher Education (HEC). Dr Naila Rabbani Associate Professor at Warwick Medical School, UK conducted a week long extensive workshop on “Advances in Research & Ethics in Sciences”  from 1st April 2013 to 5th April, 2013. Researchers from almost all over the Pakistan participated and benefited from the research of Dr Rabbani.

Dr Naila Rabbani shared her working in the field of disease mechanisms - particularly in the study of damage to the proteome by glycation, oxidation and nitration, related enzymatic countermeasures and other metabolic dysfunction. Diseases under current investigation are: vascular complications of diabetes, renal failure and ageing ¯ particularly nephropathy and cardiovascular disease. Using systems approach to model dysfunctional lipid metabolism caused by abnormal post-translational lipoprotein modification.

She also shared her expertise in mass spectrometry (LC−MS/MS stable isotopic dilution analysis of amino acids and related glycated, oxidised and nitrated derivatives, and proteomics) mammalian cell culture, pre-clinical animal pharmacology and clinical studies.

Dr Rabbani showed interest in working with the faculty of LCWU in order to improve the research productivity among female Pakistani researchers.

Young Democracy Policy Dialogue on Energy

The British Council in collaboration with Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation of Lahore College for Women University organised  a Policy Dialogue on Energy in relation to the Active Citizen Programme on Friday 29th of March 2013 in the university premises.

The British Council in its effort to provide better opportunities through different citizenship initiatives provides a platform where dialogues based on factual data, policy briefs will take place to help young generation and political entities to come together and recommend improvements. This will help encourage a culture of communication between young parliamentarians and constituents on relevant policy issues and will increase political participation by the younger people. Three policy briefs in this regard will be published and disseminated on key policy issues on Education, Economy and Energy Management by involving 100 university and college students.

The dialogues compromised of two sessions, first being a panel discussion between students, parliamentarians from political parties and sector experts. The second session will be an interaction between the participants and panel. Dr Farid Malik from PTI, Mr Zahir Fakhri and Mr Engineer Hussain were among the panellists.

Dr Farid A Malik (PTI) said, “Energy is the life line of the nation. With 180 billion tons of coal, the energy future of Pakistan is bright. PTI will start digging for coal at Thar within the first year in power.”
According to Engineer Mumtaz Hussain, “Pakistan has been bestowed with variety of energy potential. Need is to develop existing means, explicit new ones and conserve present resources. Multipronged approach for energy management may help the country to overcome the looming energy crises.”

Prof Dr Zahir Fakhri emphasised that the energy consumption of every user can be cut down by 50% to 80%. Technologies are commercially available. Free sources of energy can be used extensively. This platform provided an opportunity to students to know the manifesto of these parties. It was a great learning experience for the students as they were able to understand the importance of selection of a right candidate to vote during elections.

Training of Facilitators (ACP)

Training of Facilitators workshop (2nd Phase) of Active Citizen Programme being conducted in collaboration with British Council at LCWU from 18th March to 22nd March 2013.

‘Internationalisation in Higher Education’

The University of Warwick was facilitated by Lahore College for Women University in arranging a workshop on ‘Internationalisation in Higher Education’ for Vice Chancellors, Registrars, Directors and faculty from senior administration in universities all over Pakistan. The workshop was conducted by Mr. James Kennedy, Director – International Office at the University of Warwick. Mr. Kennedy highlighted the need to internationalise and how universities in Pakistan can benefit from such productive initiatives. Today’s workshop focused on raising an understanding of why universities need to take a step towards internationalisation, what is included in a formal procedure, and funding, internal and external, as one of the significant element in the course of internationalisation. The workshop was attended by almost 30 vice chancellors, registrars and senior officials of institutions in Lahore, Faisalabad and Peshawar.

LCWU’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Sabiha Mansoor welcomed the guests and highlighted the university's efforts to bring its teaching and facilities to international standards. The participants welcomed the initiative by the University of Warwick and appreciated the efforts of the University's International Office teams in Pakistan and the UK to provide regular and updated information and guidance to help in capacity building of educators in Pakistan. The University of Warwick is ranked 5th in the UK and 50th in the world, and has a dedicated team in Pakistan which conducts regular activities to support students and institutions in their international outreach, and partnerships.

“Activating Citizens: Deepening Democracy – A Policy and Practice Exchange”

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalization, LCWU organized an event in connection with the Active Citizens Program on “Activating Citizens: Deepening Democracy – A Policy and Practice Exchange” in collaboration with British Council on 14th Nov, 2012 at 11:30 am in the IT Conference room.

Following members from British Council attended the program:

•    Andy Thornton; CEO Citizenship Foundation
•    Gerad Liston; Education Consultant Schools linking Network
•    David Devies; Director Stakeholder Relations Pearson/ Edexcel group
•    Faiza Chaudhry; Deputy Chief Executive National Council for Voluntary Youth Services
•    Renee Berkout; Executive Assistant Citizenship Foundation

Director DFDI Ms. Saima Riaz started the program which was followed by introduction of the members of the British Council given by Andy Thornton who is the lead trainer for the ACP facilitators training. Students from Fine Arts, Applied Psychology, English, Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Gender & Development Studies Departments gave presentations on ACP  modules that they have been trained on, which included different topics like Identity & Culture, Role Play, Debate and Dialogue, Inter-cultural Dialogue, and Local/Global Citizenship. Students also enacted entertaining and thought provoking skits on these topics which were appreciated by the local and foreign guests as they gave a ‘voice’ to the students.

A Question-answer session followed the presentation and LCWU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Sabiha Mansoor concluded the event by thanking the British Council and sharing her views about Active Citizens Programme which in her words “is a kind of social revolution and a need for our country”.

One Day Workshop on Women in Leadership

The Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalisation at Lahore College for Women University arranged an exciting one day game-changing path-breaking learning with Mr Wali Zahid on Women in Leadership. The workshop focussed on the gender factor in leadership and addressed how women can use their unique capabilities to enhance credibility and strengthen their position within your organisation.

 Senior leaders at LCWU also examined and discussed way in which they can maximise their personal, professional and organisational advantage through better teamwork and team leadership.

The trainer Mr Wali Zahid encouraged the participants to reflect upon how they lead and manage in ways that celebrate their individual work preferences

Mr Zahid facilitates the country’s longest-running Train The Trainer workshop, now in 12th year, with nearly 1,000 trainers trained in 16+ Asian locations. He is also known for ‘Women in Leadership’ and ‘Young Women in Leadership’ (WIL, Y-WIL) workshops in Pakistan and elsewhere for British Council, IRM/NRSP/HRDN, IbnSina and AKDN organisations.

The Workshop ended with a vote of thanks by the vice Chancellor Dr Sabiha Mansoor who reiterated the university's vision of developing successful women leaders to take LCWU into the top 500 universities of the world.

Training for Active Citizens Programme

Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation at Lahore College for Women University facilitated a Training of Facilitators for Active Citizens Programme in collaboration with British Council, Pakistan.  The main theme of Active Citizen Programme is, "Locally Engaged and Globally Connected".  Active Citizens Programme links civil society networks, community leaders and community networks in Pakistan, UK and 22 other countries across the world to deepen trust and understanding within and between communities.  It aims to facilitate policy dialogue to stimulate debate about active citizenship and youth policy and practice at national, local and community levels.

The Programme involves government institutions/representatives, civil society organizations and leaders, social activists, community leaders and most importantly young people in the process of consultation on  policy implementation through input and discussions. 

LCWU organizes first ever UK University Day

IRC LCWU serves as the first and only centre of faculty development and internationalization
in Punjab province with the support of British Council Pakistan

Lahore, April 18: “An educational institution’s worth in this modern world is determined by the international standing of its graduates so the aim of today’s UK Universities Day is also to put our university firmly in the running to become one of the top 500 universities of the world,” said Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Vice Chancellor LCWU in her welcome address at the first ever UK University Day held in the university auditorium.

The day organized by the International Resource Center, in collaboration with The Center for Career Counseling and Job Placement Office at LCWU was a huge step forward in the path for a brighter and more productive future of the graduates of LCWU. It aimed to familiarize and inform students and faculty with various higher education opportunities, avenues for research collaboration and scholarship options as well as any possibility of exchange program with leading UK Universities.

The eight universities invited at the event included University of Bradford, London Metropolitan University, London School of Business & Finance, Middlesex University, University of Nottingham, Queen Mary, University of London, University of Warwick and York St John’s University. The universities through their representatives provided information and a chance for direct interaction with students to facilitate them in the available choices for the foreign education.   

The Vice Chancellor in her address congratulated the International Resource Center LCWU, for being the first and only centre of faculty development and internationalization in Punjab province with the support of British Council. She further explained that after IBA Karachi and NUST, British council supported LCWU in establishing third IRC in the country. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor appreciated the highly supportive role of IRC in promoting professional development and thanked all the representatives of the foreign universities including the British Council for their support. She also presented certificates of appreciation to the twenty five International Resource Champions.

Darrin Vardon, Director British Council Business Development, in his address expressed his pleasure to be part of UK University Day 2012 and said that the lack of resources, internal and external conflict and underdevelopment of human capital were the main reasons behind poverty and could only be eliminated when the importance of human capital would be recognized.

Saima Riaz, Director FDC and internationalization said that UK universities’ day assisted the students and faculty of LCWU in identifying the opportunities available in abroad and putting the university on the international scene. “As part of the strategic goals devised by the varsity administration such events would result in a more dynamic and competent environment in the university and encourage students to think beyond their immediate horizons,” she opined.

The program included presentations by the representatives of each university which provided detailed information about the courses offered in the various institutions, their fee plan and scholarships and admission criteria. Stalls were also set up in the University grounds to provide additional information and distribute other written material.

Workshop on Avoiding Plagiarism

The Faculty Development Centre with the collaboration of the Quality Enhancement Cell has arranged a workshop with Dr. Kanwal Amin on Avoiding Plagiarism. The workshop held on Wednesday, May 02nd, 2012 in the IT Conference Room.The workshop is aimed at identifying plagiarism, common mistakes, avoidance strategies and how to cite references in research papers.

Dr Kanwal Amin is Chairperson, Department of Library and Information Sciences at the University of Punjab.  She was a post-doc Fulbright Scholar at the University of Missouri, USA. She has published papers in numerous international and national journals. Dr Amin has presented papers on research methodologies, literature reviewing, citing rightly, information literacy and library marketing at various forums. She has been the chief editor of the “Pakistan Journal of LIS” and is currently supervising PhD and M.Phil students.

Workshop on Story Writing

Stories for Change 2012

Faculty Development Centre at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), in collaboration with Simorgh Women’s Resource and Publication Centre has invited storytellers and writers to a three-day ‘Stories for Change’ workshop. The workshop engaged participants in an actively participatory process where they transformed case studies from the field into fiction. It was a fun activity and selected stories published in book form.

The workshop conducted from  21 February – 23 February at the Student Service Centre LCWU.

Simorgh’s Story Writing Workshop, ‘I am the story’ is part of a wider project of the Pathways to Women’s Empowerment Research Consortium that is housed at Sussex University UK.

This workshop will also be based on the understanding that while research findings and case studies of different problems faced by women are an important academic resource, their potential to change or influence people’s ways of thinking is limited and under-utilized. This is because case studies provide information but are not designed to carry the message alive to the heart with the passion that shocks the listener/reader into a new understanding.  Literature alone can do that. Where a case study gives us information, a story or a poem takes us to the heart of the reality from which case studies and research based information is drawn. The Stories for Change Workshop is designed to put life into data from the field.

Workshop on Minutes taking

FDC organized workshop on Minutes taking

Faculty Development Centre at LCWU organized a one day workshop titled “Writing Reports and Accurate Minutes of Meetings” for faculty and staff here at IT seminar hall of the University. This workshop was conducted by Shazia Afzal, faculty member of LUMS.

Shazia Afzal stressed on the need of recording information and leaving a paper trail had always been upheld in organizations especially in formal meetings. “ Taking Down Minutes,” in a meeting or in other words recording the proceedings of a meeting has been considered very important  in order to make meetings more productive by  bringing clarity and sustainability to the decision making process,”

“The minutes of a meeting,” are legally binding; therefore utmost care has to be executed by employees who are drafting them and they should be specially trained for this job.  In spite of the significance attached to the accuracy required for recording key points in a meeting, organizations have ignored the need to train employees to record successfully.

It is for this purpose that Ms Shazia Afzal,  an expert Teacher/Corporate trainer was engaged to train staff, faculty and management of LCWU for handling meetings professionally.  Ms Afzal has both theoretical and hands-on experience for training at varying levels. She has been teaching and training graduate and post graduate students /teachers and corporate executives. Her evaluations at Lahore University of Management Sciences and other institutions where she has worked have been above par in terms of her expertise and commitment.

The workshop was conducted at the IT conference room using mini lectures mingled with hands-on exercises and a case study. The workshop ended by drafting minutes of a meeting and the application of what was learnt that day. Faculty members from various departments of university participated in this workshop.