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The LCWU Harassment Complaint Cell operates according to the guidelines laid down by Higher Education Commission as well as in keeping with Women Empowerment Package announced by Government of Punjab on 8th of March 2012. The Complaints of any form of harassment may be lodged at the HCC.

Besides dealing with harassment related complaints this cell organizes seminars for creating awareness of women’s rights, protection, and empowerment. The Cell is conducting training sessions for students, faculty, and staff for learning about the conditions, mechanism and procedure of launching harassment complaints in the first quarter of 2013.

The faculty and students can visit the HCC staff in person at Student Service Center or call extensions 258/310. HCC may also be contacted at harassmentcomplaintcell_lcwu@yahoo.com

All communication/discussion/correspondence is kept confidential.

Prof Dr. Sarah Shahed has been nominated as the focal person. Also an Advisory Committee has been constituted to assist the focal person and to deal with the matters pertaining to the harassment at workplace.

The Committee comprises of the following members:

1. Prof. Dr. Sarah Shahed Chairperson

Director of WILL Department

LCWU, Lahore

2. Ms. Shireen Asad Member

Director Student Affairs

LCWU, Lahore

3. Syed Intasar Hussain Kazmi

Deputy Registrar

LCWU, Lahore

The HCC also provides counseling services by a qualified clinical psychologist.

For further information, the following links may be consulted: