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Collaboration with Alif Laila Book Bus Services and Creative Partnerships

Lahore College for Women University recently signed a Document of Understanding on a project in collaboration with Alif Laila Book Bus Services and Creative Partnerships.

Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) is an international foundation dedicated to unlocking the creativity of children and young people in and out of formal education.

Creative Partnerships (CP) is CCE’s best-known programme and is the largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the world. Its success in UK led to it being adapted and introduced in a number of other countries in Europe and other in other countries around the world.

Creative Partnerships (CP) is widely recognized as an international leader in bringing arts, culture and creative approaches into the classroom.  CP supports the development of young people’s creativity by bringing artists into schools to work alongside teachers on long term projects in the curriculum. Alongside developing the creativity of learners, CP is a professional development programme for teachers and it supports them to develop new skills and introduce more creative approaches to teaching and learning.  The programme was recognized by the World Innovation Summit for Education in 2011where it received the WISE award for its outstanding contribution to innovation in world education.
Students and teachers from Institute of Education and Institute of Visual arts and Design are participating in this project. After intensive training sessions held by the Director of Creative Partnerships Ms Diane Naylor Fisher and the Project Manager Amna Hassan and her team of Alif Laila Book Bus Services, student internees along with CP mentors will be placed in partner schools where they will work on specific identified challenges and offer creative and sustainable solutions. Whilst these challenges will vary across schools, the common thread of all the projects will be the partnership work between teachers, pupils and interning student teachers.