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Talk by Dr Tehmina Pirzada

The English Department organized a talk by Dr Tehmina Pirzada on March 22, 2018. The talk was part of the Writers in Conversation series, organized by Dr Sadia Zulfiqar of the Dept of English. The Writers in Conversation series has seen literary personalities come to LCWU in the past and share their insights with the students and academia of LCWU.
This time, the topic of Dr Pirzada’s talk drew a lot of attention. The topic Reinventing Muslim Girlhood: Defamiliarization  and the Muslim Cool in Persepolis and Burka Avengerpromised to address many of the current issues that are a key part of the Muslim Girlhood experience.

Dr Pirzada shared her insights regarding the experience of girlhood and how Muslims girls and women are rediscovering and redefining concepts such as ‘space’, ‘discourse’ and ‘clothing/veiling’ etc.

The talk ended with the students asking many thought provoking questions of Dr Tehmina Pirzada.