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Appeal for donation



All Friends & Alumni of LCWU

Subject: Establishment of LCWU Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE)

Dear Friends/Alumni of LCWU,

Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is a pioneer women educational institution of Pakistan established in 1922 and continues to be a premier university for a wide range of disciplines to date. This largest women university of Asia offers disciplines such as Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Science & Technology, Visual Arts & Design, Gender &Women Development, Pharmacy, Economics, Management & Administration, Architecture, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, City and Regional Planning, Education, Media, Languages and Cultures as well as Professional Studies and others.

Our VISION 2020 is to be amongst the top 500 universities of the world and our mission is to ensure provision and deliverance of quality education, to create empowered women with entrepreneurial orientation and skills and a consciousness embracing world citizenship, to meet the challenging world of today and tomorrow.    

To open doors for such purposeful education to the most financially constrained women at LCWU, we have established Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE) female students by offering;

Student Scholarships

Student Advancement Projects

  • Expansion in hostel accommodation for students
  • Recreational and wellness center for physical and emotional wellbeing of the students
  • Academic & research resources such as library and IT Labs for students
  • Internships and Job Placements for LCWU Students & Graduates

To translate our mission into action, you as friend/alumni of LCWU are requested to partake in our effort and help us in meeting our objective of making quality education at higher levels accessible to women of Pakistan, thereby,combating the twin evils of illiteracy and poverty amongst our females, and thus leading to the creation of a tolerant and prosperous society with social justice.

This is not an easy task!

We invite you to join hands in our well-intended efforts in achieving our goal of producing aware, mature and empowered female graduates who will go a long way towards creating an environment conducive for generations to come.

Please support us in this endeavor of social and national responsibility,

  • By donating through a range of funds in cash or kind as outlined in Annexure-1
  • By ensuring your participation in the upcoming Fund Raising Week at LCWU in the first week of March, 2013.
  • Job fair and by offering Internships / Job Placements.

As an acknowledgement of the extended humane gesture to LCWU, please note the buildings/structures/awards/scholarships for Students Advancement will be named after the principal donors.

Remember one step at your end can mean a giant leap for our women and our nation!

Warm regards,

Vice Chancellor
Lahore College for Women University
Lahore, Pakistan