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International Conference of Psychology 2016 Dubai (ICPD)

Prof. Dr. Amina Muazzam Assistant  Professor of Psychology  and Mrs Amna Shamim  Assistant professor of  psychology from Department of Applied Psycholog ywent to Dubai, UAE  to present research papers and attend “International  Conference of Psychology  2016 Dubai (ICPD) from 21 October-22nd October 2016.

Dr. Amina Muazzam gave a talk on Positive psychology along with presenting research paper i.e. Experience of Positive Emotions across gender whereas Ms Amna Khawar presented a paper on Gender difference in positive emotions. Both the papers were well received by the international audience and much appreciated.

Health Practicum Display based on the supervised practical work of MS Health Psychology students

Department of Applied Psychology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore on 17th March, 2016 arranged a Health Practicum Display based on the supervised practical work of MS Health Psychology students. Dr.Jane Henric, George Washington University, USA  inaugurated the program. It was a round of Health Models, Charts, Flexes and Health advertisement tools displayed in gallery.

The Guest addressed all students and raised questions for students to answer regarding their presentations on different diseases, objectives and significance of Public Health Companion. The event was supervised by the Head of the Department Prof.Talat Sohail. she introduced different domains of Health Practicum to the Chief Guest and gave a brief Introduction and History of Health Psychology Program offered at all levels ( BS, MS and PHD) in the Department of Applied Psychology, LCWU, Lahore.

The Essence of the event was to highlight the significance of Bio-Psycho-Social model in defining and treating a disease and to objectify the role of Health Psychologists as community mobilizers and Health educationists. The chief Guest appreciated the effort to spread awareness around in the society regarding Prevention of Disease and Promotion of Health. Dr.Jane Henric was given vote of thanks by the incharge Psychological Society on behalf of HOD and all faculty working at in the department. The Guest was presented a bouquet by the HOD in the end.

Participation in International Conference on Islamic Traditions in Psychology

Department of Applied Psychology, Lahore College for Women University' Lahore was pleased to make an active and re-presentable participation in "International Conference on Islamic Traditions in Psychology" organized on 5th March' 2016 by " Society for Advancement of Muslim Psychology"at Lahore School of Management' Lahore. The faculty members and PHD scholars represented the University Department very well by presenting their quality research work and moderating & chairing sessions. Under the headship of Prof.Talat Sohail, Prof.Dr.Sarah Shahed, Dr.Amina Muazzam Butt' Ms.Amina Obaid Khawaja and Ms. Amna Khawar made valuable participation and received huge appreciation and honor. The event was a great success and off-course motivational to encourage faculty and scholars to make fundamental contributions in the field of research.

Awareness on Autism by ASDRC

Psychological society, Lahore College for Women University Lahore organized an event on 18th January 2016 titled "Awareness on Autism by ASDRC". The event was organized on Seminar pattern where Ms. Rukhsana Shah( The Director ASDRC) and Ms. Asma Ahmad (Asst. director ASDRC) addressed the audience. Seminar was attended by the faculty, advanced scholars and students from the department of Applied Psychology. The orators presented the "Autism Spectrum Disorder" very well and explained the disorder with all possible Psychological Interventions. Role of society Health Education and Community Mobilization was particularly highlighted. Speakers had a very fruitful interactive session with audience. The event was summarized and concluded with a vote of thanks by the Head of the Department Prof. Talat Sohail who also presented the shields and bouquets to the guests.

Seminar on Child Abuse

Psychological Society, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore conducted a seminar titled “Child Abuse” in collaboration with Women Institute of Leadership and Learning, LCWU, Lahore. Seminar was led in Day Care Center, LCWU, Lahore on December 11’ 2015.  Session was presided by the Head of Psychology Department, Prof. Ms. Talat Sohail who was assisted by Ms. Tehziba Kousir, Ms.Paras Aslam, Ms. Qudsia Chattha and Ms. Humaira (Lecturers, Department of Applied Psychology).  The purpose of the session was to spread awareness about Child Abuse   among Day Care staff and parents of children registered there. The discourse covered all, Physical, Sexual and Verbal abuse related to children. It moreover highlighted the risk factors and behaviors involved in Child Abuse   and offered some mechanisms by which the mistreatment   could be easily prevented.   Seminar was very well organized which included multimedia presentations, poster presentations and poetry segment to wake up the minds against Child Abuse. Questions of staff and parents were answered to their satisfaction in the last segment.         

Lecture on “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-A Case Study”

A lecture on “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-A Case Study” was arranged by the department of Applied Psychology, LCWU on 30th May, 2014. The resource person Mr. Ahsan Ali gave a case study based exposition of the disorder and talked about current treatment practices in USA.            

Psychological Aspects of Obesity and Eating Disorders

The Department of Applied Psychology, LCWU organized a lecture on “Psychological Aspects of Obesity and Eating Disorders” on  8th May, 2014. The resource person was Dr. Sohail Sheikh, Consultant Psychiatrist from New Zealand and President of Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre. Dr. Sohail Sheikh gave a comprehensive talk about healthy eating, disordered eating patterns and weight management. In the end, free devices for calculating the number of calories burnt as we walk or work out were distributed among the audience.

Fund Raising Week

The psychological Society-LCWU organized a fund raising week for the poor and homeless from 13th January to 17th January, 2014 with the theme of  “Donate some happiness: Feed one hungry (needy) person this week” .The students, faculty and employees of the university generously donated. The raised amount was used to distribute food (110 biryani boxes) among needy persons in a slum at the back side of Pakistan Mint, Lahore.

A Lecture by Dr. Shamaila Asad

The Psychological Society, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore organized a 2 Hour lecture for the students and faculty on November 29, 2013. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Shamaila Asad, Assistant professor, Applied Psychology at Govt. Islamia College Cooper Road, Lahore. The objective of the lecture was to introduce the audience to different “Research Skills” and techniques needed to develop an indigenous scale when required in research. Dr. Shamaila elucidated some useful methods for selecting a sample and making results more generalizable by using appropriate sampling techniques and statistics. The question answer session was very well handled by the speaker which she made interesting by presenting examples from her own research in Ph.D. The session ended with the vote of thanks and presentation of flowers to the honorable guest by Prof. Talat Sohail, HOD Applied Psychology.

A Lecture by Dr. Amjad Tufail

A comprehensive two hour lecture for the students and faculty was organized by the Department of Applied Psychology, LCWU, Lahore on 25th November, 2013. Dr. Amjad Tufail, Assistant professor at MAO college, Lahore delivered the lecture.

The topic was “Sampling Methods and Use of Sampling Techniques in Qualitative and Quantitative Research”. Dr. Amjad Tufail explicated the appropriate use of Probability and Non-probability sampling techniques. The emphasis was on understanding the nature of research before deciding on a sampling technique. Questions from the audience were answered with the help of many illustrations and research papers. Prof. Ms. Talat Sohail (HOD Applied Psychology) in the end thanked the honorable guest and presented him with a shield and bouquet.

Seminar on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The department of Applied Psychology, LCWU organized an interactive seminar on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for BS students on 20th November, 2013. The resource person was Dr. Rob Pereira (MD, Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands) who has extensive experience in the area of Behavioral Pediatrics, specifically ADHD.

The seminar was a very beneficial experience for the students as Dr. Pereira gave detailed answers to all the questions posed by the students and faculty related to symptoms, causes, diagnosis and management of ADHD. The department of Applied Psychology is also planning a collaborative research project with Dr. Rob Pereira.

Four Day Workshop

The department of Applied Psychology organized a Four Day Workshop consisting of two modules: “Application of Advanced Statistical Analysis for Behavioral Sciences” and “Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences; Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis & Content Analysis” from 24th June to 27th June, 2013.

The resource persons were Dr. Amina Muazzam Butt, Dr. Sana Belal, Ms. Amina Obaid Khawaja and Ms. Marium Gul. MS and PhD students attended the workshop. It was a very beneficial experience for students as they had hands on experience of statistical analysis and qualitative data analysis with reference to social science research.

A Lecture on “Research Methods: Opting for a Mixed Methodology”

The department of Applied Psychology, LCWU organized a one hour lecture for the faculty on 3rd May, 2013. The resource person was Ms. Sana Belal (Lecturer, Applied Psychology Department) and the topic was “Research Methods: Opting for a mixed methodology”.

It was a comprehensive and very engaging lecture that elucidated the latest trend in research designs: that of incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methods. The chairperson and faculty greatly appreciated the lecture.

Workshop on “Stress Management

Department of Applied Psychology organized a training workshop on “Stress Management: Managing the Stress in Your Life” on 18th April, 2013 from 11 AM to 2 PM. The resource person was the renowned psychologist Dr. Amjad Tufail.

Dr. Amjad Tufai began by explaining the nature, causes, dynamics and effects of stress. Later, he focused on stress reduction tips and techniques and steps in an individual stress management plan. He conducted a number of exercises thereby engaging the audience and giving them hands on experience of using different stress management techniques and strategies. The workshop was interesting, informative and very beneficial.

Projects Display - Promoting Health Awareness

The Department of Applied Psychology organized a display of projects made by MS Health Psychology students (Session 2012-2014) on 8th March, 2013. The theme of the projects was promoting health awareness and imparting health education. The event was inaugurated by the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor. She was accompanied by Prof. Talat Sohail, Head of the Applied Psychology Department and Dr. Sarah Shahed, Head of Gender Studies Department.

This event mirrored the true essence of one of the Health Psychology program’s main objectives. Students designed their campaign projects around different health related topics which included the significance of water filtration, promoting the habit of having a healthy breakfast, the healing properties of laughter, saying “no” to processed food and developing healthy eating habits. Other topics that the campaigns covered were the importance of hygiene, how to prevent and manage acne, hair care and different women’s health issues.

The efforts of the students were highly appreciated by the guests; furthermore, the Vice Chancellor commended all the students for making such an earnest effort to increase awareness about so many important issues. She congratulated the professors for their able guidance.

Fund Raising Week

The Department of Applied Psychology’s efforts for the Fund Raising Week kicked off to a fabulous start on 6th March, 2013 under the banner of Student Advancement Fund Endowment (SAFE). Stalls were set up by The Psychological Society in the entrance area of the Biotech & Economics Department from 11 am to 2 pm.Stalls included Naan Haleem, palmistry, intellectual assessment like IQ and EQ measurement, mehndi, nail art and music.
The event was inaugurated by Prof. Riffat Saqlain, Dean, Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences, Mrs. Shireen Asad, Director Student Affairs and Professor Naushaba Farooq, Director Institute of Languages and Culture. Under the supervision of Prof. Talat Sohail, Head of the Applied Psychology Department, all the faculty members and students of psychology showcased their marketing skills and managed to sell every morsel of the mouth-watering “Naan Haleem” within 40 minutes. They sold 250 plates! It turned out to be a very popular event among the students and students could be seen singing their hearts out at the music stall.

Palmistry and intellectual assessment attracted many curious minds who wanted to find out about their future prospects. For the more fashionable students, the nail art stall was a thumping success. Several former professors of the department, namely Mrs. Rodaba Hamid, Mrs. Najma Ashfaq and Mrs. Manzoor Imtiaz, graced the occasion, adding to its appeal.

Lecture on Thesis Writing

The department of Applied Psychology, LCWU organized a lecture on “Thesis and Report Writing” on 21st January, 2013 for MS Health Psychology semester I students. The resource person was Dr. Pippa Virdee, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University, UK. She focused on literature review and methodology as core sections of a research report. It was a highly informative and interesting lecture. Dr. Pippa Virdee engaged the students by asking questions and sharing her own experiences. The chairperson of Applied Psychology department, Prof. Talat Sohail thanked the resource person for sharing her valuable knowledge and expertise with the students.

Lecture on Qualitative Research

A lecture on Qualitative Research was organized on 22nd June 2012 in the Seminar Hall of I.T Department. The resource person was Prof. Dr. Asir Ajmal, Chairperson, Department of Psychology, GCU. Dr. Asir Ajmal gave an overview of the nature, rationale and process of qualitative research in a very effective and interesting manner. He emphasized the need for more creative research that addresses indigenous issues and questions within a qualitative paradigm. The lecture was well received by students and faculty.

Poster Exhibition/Competition

A Poster Exhibition/Competition was organized by Department of Applied Psychology LCWU, based on the themes of positive psychology, gender issues and Neuropsychology on 18-06-12 at Seminar Hall (IT Department).
The students of BS 6th semester put a tremendous effort in creating unique and thought provoking posters under the supervision of their course instructor Miss. Marium Gul. The competition was judged by Mrs. Rodaba Hamid (HOD) and Mrs. Firdaus Aslam (Associate Professor). After great deliberation, the winners were announced as under: Sidra Hamid and Sidra Javed (first position), Afia Wasi and Iqra Riffat (2nd position), Nayab Musawwar and Kanwal Fatima (3rd position) and Aroosha Javed (4th position). At the end certificates of participation were distributed amongst the students.
This competition highlighted important issues related to the current social scenario. The head of department Prof. Rodaba Hamid appreciated the effort and stated that events like these have a vital importance for creating awareness among the students and others.


Workshop on Anger Management

A workshop on anger management was arranged by Department of Applied Psychology on 30th May, 2012. The resource person was Dr. Saad Bashir Malik. He is a renowned Psychiatrist (Head of Psychiatric Department, Jinnah Hospital) and the president of Mind Organization. The workshop dealt with the impact of anger, identification/monitoring of anger cues and the strategies to control anger. It was an interactive workshop in which the audience was eager to learn more and more by sharing their views/life experiences.

Lecture on Strategic role of Recruitment and Selection

On 24th April 2012, Guest Speaker Amina Munir Manager HR, Chughtais Lahore Lab, delivered a lecture to Students of BS Applied Psychology (Semester VIII) on Strategic role of Recruitment and Selection including the goals of recruitment. She presented the complete process of recruitment in the form of a diagram. This presentation was discussion-based which engaged the students in the recruitment process and made them ponder about the correct order of the steps of recruitment and selection.

A lecture on Strategic HR planning and Essentials of HR

Mr. Yousaf Jamshed (The youngest country Manager HR & Communications) from ABB Pvt. Ltd delivered a lecture on Strategic HR planning and Essentials of HR to students of BS Applied Psychology (semester VIII, HRM) on 9th April 2012.
The lecture was organized by Ms. Saima Eman. Students learned how HR planning is done and they also came to know about various websites which they can consult. The speaker stressed the need for reading and analyzing case studies, attending workshops, seminars and lectures on topics related to HRM as well as getting membership of various organizations. He also suggested that certain other courses should accompany HRM to make a base for this course. The guest speaker also reflected on personality strengths and professional work. The students benefited greatly from the lecture.

Skits to highlight the importance of Equal Employment Opportunity

Students of BS Applied Psychology (semester VIII, HRM) performed group-wise skits during March-April 2012 to highlight the importance of Equal Employment Opportunity. Various themes were presented in their skits. They projected discrimination with respect to disability, experience, qualification, she-males, hijab, sexual harassment, disease (AIDS), corruption, illegal use of reference and wrong decision making at workplace. All these themes focused mainly on the hiring processes.

Lecture on Depression

The Department of Applied Psychology organized a lecture on “Depression” on 29th March 2012. The guest speaker was a renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Saad Bashir Malik (Head of Psychiatric Department, Jinnah Hospital Lahore & President of Mind organization). The lecture elucidated the difference between everyday Depression (routine life problems) and clinical Depression with a greater focus on the former. Dr. Saad Bashir talked about identifying signs of Depression and strategies of coping with it. The audience took keen interest in the whole lecture. Overall, the lecture was very helpful for faculty members as well as for students.  

Workshop on Helping Skills: A Psychoeducational Approach

A Workshop on Helping Skills: A Psychoeducational Approach was organized by Department of Applied psychology on 14th December, 2011. The resource person was Ms. Aisha Ateeq (Assistant professor and Counselor, FCU). The workshop dealt with interpersonal helping as a skill and the importance of non verbal, verbal, listening and leading responses. The workshop was very beneficial for students and faculty.

Workshop on Assertiveness Training

A workshop was arranged by Department of Applied Psychology on 2nd November 2011 by Mr. Rafique Jaffer, who is a well known consultant and trainer. The objective of this workshop was to give awareness to individuals regarding assertiveness and aggression. This workshop was based on the implementation of different assertiveness techniques. 

Seminar on Thinking Skills

The Department of Applied Psychology organized a seminar on Thinking Skills on 29th September 2011 by Mr. Rafique Jaffer. Basically the seminar was based on different thinking skills that help individuals in analyzing situations and decision making.

Workshop on Mentally Retarded Children

Amin Maktab (Institute for Mentally retarded children) organized an awareness workshop on mentally retarded children with the collaboration of Department of Applied psychology. This workshop was held on 26th May 2011. The students of Applied Psychology and children with mental retardation actively participated in that workshop. The basic purpose of this workshop was to create an awareness regarding mental retardation and its management.

Seminar on Drug Abuse Prevention

Aghaz E Nau an NGO with the collaboration of Anti Narcotics Force and Department of Applied Psychology organized a seminar on Drug Abuse Prevention in auditorium of LCWU on 9th March, 2011. A mime on “Risk Factors and Protective Factors” was presented by the students of LCWU. The idea was to educate the participants about different factors, which put youth at risk of using drugs and highlighted those factors which can help them stay away from drugs. A presentation was delivered by Dr. Salman Shahid, Project Director, Punjab Aids Control Program (PACP) on HIV/AIDS. He explained the relationship between Drugs and HIV/AIDS. Also a Poem “My Name is Cocaine” was recited. The poem was about the dangerous effects of cocaine on mind, body and other areas of life.