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Faculty & Staff

Permanent Faculty:

Ms. Aisha Saddiqa, Associate Professor, Incharge Graphic Design Department, BFA (Graphic Design)(PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU) MS (Fine Arts), Enrolled in PhD  Fine Arts (LCWU)

Ms. Sarah Umer, Lecturer, B.F.A (Graphic Design) (NCA) PhD Fine Arts in process (LCWU)

Ms. Anna Anwar,
Lecturer, BFA (Graphic Design) (PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU) MS in process (LCWU)

Ms. Mariyuam Hussain, Lecturer (on Leave), BFA Graphic Design (LCWU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU)

Ms. Nida Ijaz, Lecturer, BFA Graphic Design (LCWU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU) Enrolled in PhD Fine Arts (LCWU)

Ms. Sameeha Qadeer Ahmed, Lecturer, BFA (Graphic Design) (M.F.A (Illustration) (PU), MA Multimedia Arts (NCA)

Ms. Ayesha Ahmed Bilal, Lecturer, BFA (Graphic Design) (PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU) MA Photography (Nottingham Trent University) UK 

Visiting Faculty:

Mr. Suhail Ahmed Sheikh, Assistant Professor, Associate Producer GEO TV Network, MA Mass Communication Studies (PU)

Mr. Zeeshan Sheikh, Assistant Professor, Marketing Manager GEO TV Network, MBA (PU)

Mr. Rashid Mahmood Khan, Assistant Professor, BFA (Graphic Design)(PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU)

Mr. Suhaib Hassan, Lecturer, Animator/ Multimedia Designer, Gameview Studio Japan, BFA (Graphic Design)(PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU)

Ms. Iqra Mushtaq, Lecturer, BFA (Graphic Design) (PU) M.F.A (Graphic Design) (PU) MA Multimedia Arts (NCA)

Technical Staff:

Mr. Naveed Akmal,  Technical Assistant

Mr. Mansoor Ali, T.V & Film Editor