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Vice Chancellor’s Message

Education for women is the key factor in the development of a country. The direct link between education of all members of society especially that of women has to be focused on so that a change can be brought in the traditional thinking of those who discourage education for women. Keeping one half of people of a country uneducated means that half of its people are leading their lives in ignorance  ....  Readmore >>


Digital Library
Microsoft for All

Punjab Endowement Fund

Harassment Complaint Cell


A seminar on Bridging gap between academia and industry organized by ORIC, LCWU.  Seminar on Bridging gap between Academia and Industry Office of Research, Innovation and... Read more
ORIC has organized a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights-Copy Right and Design Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights-Copy Right  Office of Research, Innovation and... Read more
Institute of Pharmacy (LCWU) organized a "One Day Scientific Seminar & Poster Competition" Scientific Seminar and Poster Competition The Institute of Pharmacy (LCWU) organized a "One Day... Read more
CCJP has organized a Workshop on Job Hunting Strategies Workshop on Job Hunting Strategies March 12, 2015: These days students find it hard to hunt for... Read more
CCJP has organized a seminar on CARE Foundation Summer Internship Program Seminar on CARE Foundation Summer Internship Program March 10, 2015: The CARE Team conducted a... Read more
LCWU signs MOU with UN-Women LCWU signs MOU with UN-Women Lahore: ‘It is an honour to attend this event as I too was once a... Read more
HEC Indigenous On Campus Training at LCWU HEC Indigenous On Campus Training at LCWU In pursuit of excellence and further development,... Read more

Events at LCWU


In the field of education, where educational materials and other resources undoubtedly play an important part in a pupil’s educational experience, it is the teacher who implements these resources and acts as a bridge between the material and the student.  Each teacher leaves his/her individual mark on the students being taught and shoulders a large responsibility in the shaping of the students and their eventual successes and failures, as well as in the changes brought about in the educational system in which s/he functions.

As per the vision of Dr Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor of LCWU, faculty development programmes in HEIs should ‘include advanced courses for specialised knowledge, courses in pedagogy to improve teaching practices, and research activities’. 

The Faculty Development Centre (FDC) at Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), is headed by Mrs Saima Asghar Riaz and has been set up to facilitate faculty at LCWU and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to help teachers develop motivating and effective ways to improve their teaching practices and research skills through a range of long and short term development programmes.  FDC at LCWU is committed to providing professional development to not only new teachers entering the Higher Education sector, but also works closely with practitioners within the University. It aims to develop Continuing Professional Development for staff and faculty at the University to address problems encountered by them within their professional environment.

We will be conducting short and long term programmes to facilitate faculty and management staff in resolving any professional issues they face, as well as the following broad streams identified in consultation with the Heads of Departments at LCWU:

ü  Classroom Management Techniques

ü  Writing Across the Curriculum

ü  Syllabus and Curriculum Design

ü  Assessment

ü  Instructional Technology

ü  Teaching Undergraduate Students

ü  Teaching Research Students

We at FDC believe that educational institutions are centres of teaching and learning not only for students but also for teachers!