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HOD's Message

The Department of English, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore is one of the oldest educational institutions for women. The department has been offering degree and masters programmes for many decades now. It has been headed in the past by such illustrious academicians as Mrs Urmilla Siraj ud Din, Mrs Shaukat Ara Niazi, Mrs Mahboob, Mrs Shah, Mrs. Mazhar and Dr. Nosheen Khan.

Since attaining the status of a university, the department has explored new avenues. We have developed our own courses, keeping in mind the aim that we have to offer new vistas of understanding and perception to young women from varied backgrounds. Courses in African and post-colonial literatures, in particular, help the students understand their social structures, thus allowing them to develop as human beings, which is literature’s ultimate goal. The department now offers a BS 4 year degree programme in keeping with the rest of the world.

The department has also started an MS programme in English Literature. Our faculty is comprised of senior and experienced teachers as well as young graduates. Some of our faculty members are currently pursuing their doctoral studies abroad. The English Department welcomes you to join it and take part in its endeavor to produce graduates who are enlightened, progressive and, at the same time, are able to understand the value of traditions.

Ms Fariha Basit
Head of the Department