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The Shaukat Ara Niazi Literary Society

The Shaukat Ara Niazi Literary Society (SAN) has, in every sense of the term, recorded its contribution of eminence within a wider unfathomable phenomenon; Lahore College for Women University is identical with. It is one of the most extensively dynamic and vibrant societies in the realm of University’s extra-curricular activities. Seeking to enhance the students’ taste in anything that gyrates around the perception of ‘literary’ and to provide them with a milieu which promotes interaction between like-minded people in the campus to cultivate a course of action of combined creative exchange and development, the society undertakes a plethora of activities including seminars, talks, orientation sessions, rhetoric and composition practices, reading profound essays, poetry recitation, lectures, quiz contests and discussion forums. All these activities are aimed to widen the horizon of the mind and to empower the students to appreciate that slight glitter of ‘literary spark’ evidently experienced in matters of everyday life and diverse art forms. We propose a regular prospect to students with interest in literature to listen to and question writers and speakers on diverse literary topics. We work in strong liaison with literary societies of other universities and educational institutes of Lahore.

SAN provides a medium for creative expression to all literary enthusiasts around the campus, and helps the students to discover their potential in any area they identify with, in order to equip them with a tool to voice their outlook and to help them take the primary stride towards shaping these minute notions into the changes they incline to bring about in the world around them.

The society is an ideal platform for all the people who care for putting their minds together to eventually link the dots between all the pieces of a hodgepodge world around them.

Hail to a smarter approach of thinking………. Hail to an epoch of creative brilliance painted with strokes of freedom in expression……………. Welcome to SAN Literary Society

It aims to provide a forum which from small beginnings will eventually grow into a learned society with an international outreach and perspective.

Through programs of discussions, talks and study tours, the society endeavors to endorse love of the written word, whichever form it may take, be it prose or verse, the classics or modern writers.

It aims at encouraging scholarly studies and discussions.

• SAN Literary Society very recently attended a talk by an eminent writer Mohsin Hamid at FC College Lahore.
• It participated in IPSS YOUTH POETRY WRITING COMPETITION (online) on 12th of March 2012.
• It also participated in ANNUAL POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION held at Kinnaird College Lahore on 10th of March 2012.
• It took part in BNU BESTIVAL 2012 for writing English poetry.
• In November 2011, the students of SAN Literary Society appeared in BILINGUAL POETRY RECITATION COMPETITION held at LGS Paragon.
• On 8th of March 2011, members of SAN Literary Society participated in Annual Sirajudin poetry recitation competition.
• On 28th March 2011, three students of SAN Literary Society participated in PINK RIBBON CREATIVE CONTEST and wrote essays on the topic ‘WOMEN ARE HUMAN’

A very bright member of SAN Literary Society AMNA AKHTAR got second position in GOVT Essay Writing/Debate/Art Competition held on 9th of December 2011. She also won 1st position in NAB Competition in 2011. She also got 3rd position in Chief Minister’s Essay Writing Competition.

How to Contact:
Coordinators: Ms. Mahrukh Bokhari
Ms. Aniqa Munir
President of SAN: Sara Khan
Secretary of SAN: Wajiha Salahudin

English Debating Society

English Debating Society finds way to celebrate diversity and debates with intellectual ideas. Through logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal our debaters have been able to captivate the audience’s attention. The college and university have boasted the most refined tongues and sharpest minds. English Debating Society is a fruit of team-work.
The Debating Society has now expanded its horizons, and is achieving its goals day by day, we are travelling together, developing together and yes, we are achieving together with the passage of time. We believe in unity and for this we initiated bi-lingual debates, an unparalleled concept in the art of oratory which outshone all other annual competitions throughout the country. The Debating Society has made its mark in extemporary public speaking.

Whereas, volunteers work devotedly for the betterment of EDS. Volunteers help us in conducting different events by their rigorous hard work.

Objectives of English Debating Society:

  • To develop confidence among the students.                          
  • To develop public speaking skills.
  • To develop leadership qualities.
  • To develop the personality of students.
  • To develop management skills.
  • To unite the students.
  • To extract new talent.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility in students.

Office Bearers of English Debating Society (2014-2018):
Advisor English Debating Society: Ms. Aniqa Osman
Co. Advisors: Ms. Ammara Iqbal, Ms. Masooma Zaidi
President EDS: Hiba Miral Ali Gohar (BS Eng Lit)
General. Secretary: Harram Malik B.S 1
Co.Secretary: Amna Mateen (2nd Year)

How to become a member of English Debating Society?
You can easily become a member of English Debating Society by contacting the office bearers or by visiting English Department, during working hours.

Achievements of English Debating Society:
The English Debating Society of Lahore College for Women University has set a national record by grabbing many prizes at NAB, HEC, SUPARCO, CMYMC, English Speaking Union, Express Education and Career Expo and many other debating competitions. Following are some remarkable achievements of EDS:

20th, May 2014

Sara Sattar secured the position of 2nd Best English Speaker at Government College University, Faisalabad.

10th, November 2014

Hiba Ali Gohar got the 2nd Prize at “SUPARCO Bilingual Declamation Contest, 2014” and was awarded with a trophy of best humorous declaimer.

 21st, February 2014

Hiba Ali Gohar participated at “International Pubic Speaking Competition” of Public Speaking Union and came in top five best speakers.

12th, December 2014

Mehtab Alvi secured 1st Position at “NAB Bilingual Declamation Contest, 2014”

20th, February 2015

Mehtab Alvi grabbed consolation prize at “CMYMC Jashan-e- Baharan Debating Competition, 2014”

21st, March 2015

Mehtab Alvi got 3rd Prize at “HEC Allama Iqbal Shield Debating Competition,2014”  (national round)

29th, July 2015

Hiba Ali Gohar represented LCWU at Express Education and Career Expo and was declared as “Best Host” of the event.

Activity Calendar of English Debating Society:

Following are the activities which we perform yearly:



15th Sept, 2015, Tuesday

      Auditions and Interview of Intermediate Students

18th Sept, 2015, Friday

      Final Auditions of Intermediate and Orientation

20th Sept, 2015, Monday

      Monthly Meeting of Office Bearers

8th October, 2015, Thurs

      Mock Session of Parliamentary Debates and Meeting

9th October,2015, Friday

      Meeting for the arrangements of Annual  Inter-Class Debates

16th October,2015, Friday

      Final Auditions for Annual Inter Class Debates

Last Week of October

      Annual Inter Class Debating Competition

2nd Nov,2015, Monday

      Mock Session of Parliamentary and Meeting for exchanging ideas

6th Nov,2015, Friday

      Interviews and Auditions of BS- 1

12th Nov,2015, Thursday

      Final Auditions and Orientation of BS-1

17th Nov,2015, Tuesday

       Monthly Meeting of Office Bearers and for the arrangements  of HEC     Allama Iqbal Declamation Contest (Initial Round)

Last Week of Nov

    “HEC Allama Iqbal Bilingual Declamation Contest, 2015” (initial round)

4th Dec,2015, Friday

     Meeting for “All Punjab English Declamation Contest, 2016”

11th Dec,2015, Friday

     Meeting for assigning duties for “All Punjab English Declamation Contest, 2016”

16th Dec, 2015, Wednesday

     Mock Session of Declamation and Meeting for dispatching invites.

22nd Dec till  15 January

     Meetings till All Punjab English Declamation Contest, 2016

Last week of January or First week of February

     “All Punjab English Declamation Contest, 2016”

11th February,2016, Thurs

     Mock Session of Parliamentary Debates and Meeting

16th February,2016, Tuesday

      Meeting of Office Bearers

19th February,2016, Friday

     Annual Certificate Distribution Ceremony of Volunteers

Last Week of February, 2016

     Annual Lunch of English Debating Society

11th March, 2016, Friday

     Meeting for the arrangements of Seminar

Last Week of March, 2016

    Seminar on Parliamentary and Humorous Style of Debates

Sirajuddin Dramatics Society (SDS)

The Sirajuddin Dramatics Society (SDS) of Lahore College for Women University was a reincarnation in 1988, of the original Lahore College Dramatics Society, and has, as its prime AIMS the provision of entertainment, cultural activities and fund raising for the institution. It has continued to produce and present creative performances for more than two decades, and having stood the test of time, has been the bench mark of trend setting and creativity with quality and innovation in the institution. It has had many a diverse productions to its credit, and has built the Sirajuddin Committee Room as a tribute to its mentor, Ms U.K. Sirajuddin, who is still ‘alive’ to the old and new generations of students of LCWU. In the timeline, now the Society is under the patronage of our Vice Chancellor.