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Faculty of Natural Sciences

Dean’s Message: Our passionate Faculty of Natural Sciences works to expand human knowledge along with giving benet to society through research integrated with education and welcome student’s participation in their new research programs. Our graduates progress with the skill to construct better human race through the relevance of vital scientic knowledge, its doctrine and the moral instructions to use that knowledge for the excellence of community.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences oer diverse qualications in various disciplines comprising Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Physics and Zoology supported by relevant and integrated trainings.

Our academic sta is committed and strives to embed students at all levels (graduate & postgraduate) with scientic information, research activities and life skills in order to evoke success for their careers.Our core objective is to impart high quality of education, research and the implementation of expertisein dierent elds of life.

So, if this is your theme to exercise your mind and provoke your interest we would like to inculcate inquisitiveness as an additional assessment. Science students should be esteemed, because more or less all major advances and inltrations to Science have come about simply because of the curio with which scientists have chased research in their elected elds.
We wish you great time with us.

Prof Dr. Bushra Khan

Incharge, Faculty of Natural Sciences


        Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology                           Department of Botany

        Department of Chemistry                                                     Department of Environmental Science

        Department of Geography                                                    Department of Physics 

                                                      Department of Zoology