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Zoology department was established in 1956. Dr. Nazir Ahmad was the rst head of the Department of Zoology. Dr. Majida Mehtab, Mrs. Faiz Batool Ijaz, Miss Anila Madan, Mrs. Kausar Tasneem Yousaf, Prof. Dr. K. J. Cheema and Prof. Dr. Tasnim Farasat are the names of former heads. Presently, Prof. Sabiha Fazal is the head of the Zoology Department. Lahore College for Women was elevated to the status of a Women University in September 2002. The syllabi were duly upgraded and modernized to make them abreast with the International standards. Currently department enrolls students for 4 years Bachelor degree (BS Zoology), 2 years Master degree (MS Zoology) and Doctoral degree programs (Ph.D Zoology). Number of original research papers have been published by the faculty in national and international refereed journals..