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The Institute of Design and Visual Arts LCWU Lahore enhances and advocates artistic excellence through teaching, learning and expression.

Lahore College for Women University shares a glorious history of academic education for being one of the largest female educational Universities of Asia that was established in 1922. For the last many years it has played an integral role for the development of advance departments to foster modern trends of education and research. The Fine Arts Department of LCWU established by Naseem Hafeez Qazi was transformed into Institute of Design and Visual Arts for widening the parameters of experience and professional training to meet the modern trends of art education. This Institute aims to impart professional skills and essential knowledge required in the contemporary millennia and encouraged the creative abilities of our students. Besides the degree courses of Visual Arts and Graphic Design, two new departments Textile Design and Interior Design have been introduced to impart maximum education in multidisciplinary arts. Our vision is to expand research, technical training and professional environment for making our students activists in the fields of expertise and exposure.