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The Institute of Languages and Culture aims to promote Literature of all national “Urdu”, international “French, German, Chinese and English”, classical “Arabic, Persian”, and regional “Punjabi” languages focusing on the origin and development of different genres. Departments of all the above mentioned languages have been established already and now “Chinese” is also being offered to the students. The institute proposes to make the students comprehend, interpret and utilize the acquired knowledge in their lives. 


The institute intends to incorporate active communication skills with the grammatical structure of different languages taught to students. These students will develop proficiency in the language by using it in pragmatic situations and enjoyable activities. Awareness of cross-cultural communication will also be addressed as this is an imperative factor in any language learning. As the world has already become a global village, becoming familiar with different international languages and culture will facilitate the young aspiring female youth of LCWU to tap the international job market.

Message from the Director

The Institute of Languages and Cultures (ILC) encapsulates the key features of LCWU’s Vision 2020 aiming at quality education, employability and inculcation of Core Values through seven Disciplines viz. English, Urdu, Persian, Punjabi, Arabic, French and TESOL at Graduate and Post Graduate levels. The objective is to enhance the teaching and learning of languages, as tools to developing cultural communication competencies. Seen in the emerging global scenario, with its ever growing opportunities and challenges, the ILC equips and empowers young women to take up leadership roles as educationists, policy makers, cultural analysts and researchers thereby generating a resource pool of social catalysts and agents of change. Its one Centre where learning itself becomes an experience and the product is reflective of an informed, skillful and a responsible contributor to the world around.

Ms. Fariha Basit

Institute of Languages & Culture


The Institute has the following objectives:

•    To offer accredited courses that will focus on the individual and practical needs of our students.

•    To help students acquire a definite skill in the languages offered in this institute and to make them creative, critical and analytical learners.

•    To incorporate active communication skills with the grammatical structure of the language.


Ms. Fariha Basit


Department of Arabic:

Dr. Samra A. Jalil, Assistant Professor, Ph.D (PU), (Ex. Pakistan leave)
Mrs. Rahat Ajmal, Lecturer, M.Phil (PU), M.A (Arabic)
Dr. Qurattulain Tahirah, Lecturer, Ph.D

Department of English:

List of Permanent Faculty:

Ms Fareeha Basit, Associate Professor , MA (PU)
Ms Sana Farukh, Associate Professor , MA (PU)
Ms Zareen F. Isaad, Associate Professor, MA (PU)
Ms Shehla Imdad, Associate Professor
Ms Mahrukh Bokhari, Associate Professor, M.Phil (PU)
Ms Raana Nadeem, Assistant Professors, MA (PU)
Ms Bushara Nadeem, Assistant Professors, MA (PU) 
Ms Mariam Farooqui, Assistant Professor, MS (LCWU)
Ms Mamoona Sohail, Assistant Professor, MS in Progress (LCWU)
Ms Muqaddas Javed, Assistant Professor, M.Phil in Progress, Bahawalpur University
Ms Sumera Shahab, Assistant Professor, MS TESOL in Progress (LCWU)
Ms Fareena Waqar, Assistant Professor, MA (LCWU) (on Leave)
Ms Sobia Kiran, Assistant Professor, M.Phil (GCU)
Ms Amara Khan, Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Progress, Leeds UK (on Study Leave)
Ms Sarwar Khaliq, Assistant Professor, MS TESOL in Progress (LCWU) 
Ms Nadia Sheheryar, Lecturer, MS (LCWU)
Ms Aneeqa Munir, Lecturer, MS (LCWU) 
Ms Naveeda Mustanser, Lecturer, MA (GC) (on Leave)
Dr Sadia Zulfiqar, Assistant Professor, Ph.D Glasgow University
Ms Ammara Iqbal, Lecturer, MS TESOL in Progress (LCWU)
Ms Fatima Hassan, Assistant Professor MS (LCWU)
Ms Yasmeen Manzur, Lecturer, MS in Progress (LCWU)
Ms Nabia Fakhar, Lecturer, MS in Progress (Kinnaird College)
Ms Aaisha Umt ur Rashid, Lecturer, MS (LCWU) 
Ms Sarah Abdullah, Lecturer, MS (PU)
Ms Sadaf Javed, Lecturer, MA (Kinnaird College) 
Ms Tanzeela Anbreen, Lecturer, Ph.D in progress, Reading UK (On Study Leave)
Ms Tahira Khanam, Lecturer, Ph.D in Progress (UMT) (On Study Leave)
Ms Mudassira Makhdoom, Lecturer, MS in Progress (LCWU) 
Ms Fariha Saeed, Lecturer, MS (LCWU)
Ms Samina Ayub, Lecturer, MS (LCWU) 
Ms Rahat Amin, Lecturer, MS (LCWU)
Ms Saba Jamil, Lecturer, MS (LCWU)
Ms Amna Wasif, Lecturer, MS in Progress (GCU)
Ms Hina Nadeem, Teaching Assistant, MS TESOL in Progress (LCWU)
Ms Sehrish Firdous, Teaching Assistant, MA (PU)
Ms Sadia Nazir, Teaching Assistant, MS (LCWU)
Ms Masooma Zaidi, Teaching Assistant, MS (LCWU)
List of Adjunct Faculty:
Ms Naushaba Farooq, Professor, MA (PU) 

Department of French:
List of Visiting Faculty:
Ms Zil-e- Ayesha,
University of Punjab

Department of Persian:

List of Permanent Faculty:
Dr. S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi, Head of the Persian Department & Project Director, Iranology Centre, M.Phil, Phd (GCU)
Dr. Anjum Tahira, Assistant Professor, B.Ed, M.Phil (PU), Phd (GCU)
Dr. Shahida Alam, Assistant Professor, M.A, Ph.D (PU)
Ms. Faiza Kiran, Lecturer, M.A, M. Phil (PU) (study leave)
Ms. S. Sara Zahra Bukhari, Lecturer, M.A, M. Phil (PU)

Department of Punjabi:
List of Permanent Faculty:
Dr. Samina Batool, Assistant Professor, Incharge of Punjabi Department, B.Ed , MA (PU), Ph.D (LCWU)
Dr. Mujahida, Assistant Professor, M.Ed,MA (Punjabi,Urdu, pol.Sc.) M.SC(Pak.St) , Mphil(AIOU) , Ph.D (PU)
Ayesha Rehman, Lecturer, B.Ed, M.A (PU)
Hina Khan, Lecturer, M.A (PU) (on study leave)
Adjunct Faculty:
Dr. Surriya Ahmad, Associate Professor, B.Ed , MA ( Urdu,Persian (Hons.), Ph.D (PU)
Ms. Saima Batool, Lecturer, M.A (PU), LLB (PU)

Department of TESOL:
List of Permanent Faculty:
Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, M.A. English Literature,University of the Punjab, Lahore, M.A. TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) University of Reading, UK, Ph.D. (Education) University of Reading, UK
Ms. Seema Sohail, Professor of English, M.A. English (Punjab), M.A. ELT University of Warwick, UK. Diploma TEIL (AIOU)
Ms. Tahira Khanam, Lecturer in English, MA English Literature (PU), MS in Applied Linguistics (UMT), Ph.D in Applied Linguistics (UMT) (In progress)
Ms. Ayesha Butt, Lecturer in TESOL, M.Phil in Applied Linguistics (Kinnaird College), MA in Applied Linguistics (Kinnaird College)
Ms. Fizzah Aslam, Lecturer in TESOL, M.Phil Education (BNU), MA ELT (Kinnaird College)
Ms. Sana Baig, Lecturer in TESOL, M.Phil ELT (Kinnaird College), MA TESOL (LCWU), BS Hons in English Literature (LCWU)
Ms. Nadia Khan, Lecturer in TESOL, MS English Literature (LCWU), MA TESOL (LCWU), MA English Literature (LCWU)
Ms. Ambreen Siddique, Teaching Assistant in TESOL, M. Phil ELT (Kinnaird College), MA ELTL (PU), MA English Literature (PU)
List of Visiting Faculty:
Dr. Surriya Shaffi Mir, B.A. Hons. (Punjab), B.Ed. (Punjab), M.A. English, B.A. Hons. (Punjab), B.Ed. (Punjab), M.A. English, Diploma TEIL (AIOU), UK, Ph.D. TESOL, London, UK
Ms. Rubina Tariq, M.A. Science Education – Specialization in Elementary, School Education, Teachers College Columbia University, New York, USA
Mr. Imran Chaudhry, M.A. Education (Teacher Professional Development), Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia, M.A. TEFL University of Reading, UK
Dr. Nadia Anjum, M.A. English (KC-PU), M.A. TEFL, SLALS, Reading , UK, Ph.D. USA
Ms. Amtul Hafeez, M.A. English Language & Literature University of the Punjab, M.Sc. Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, ScotlandUK, Diploma TEIL (AIOU)
Ms. Farwa Shah, (adjunct) M.A. English Literature & Language, Lahore College for Women, (Punjab University, Pakistan), M.A. TEFL with Applied Linguistics, Middlesex University London, UK, Doctorate in Education: EdD. TESOL (in progress), University of Exeter, UK
Mr. Shakeel Amjad, M.Phil TESL (BNU), M.A.TEFL, (AIOU), M.A. English, (PU), PGD ELT, (PU), PGD Linguistics, (PU)
Ms. Attiya Habib, M.Phil TESL (BNU), M.A English, LCWU, Lahore, M.A ELT (ELT), (Kinnaird College), MA TESL (BNU)
Ms. Gull Feroz, M.A in Applied Linguistics (Kinnaird College)
Ms. Aniqa Mumtaz, M.A ELT, Kinnaird College, TESOL Certificate from Australia PGD in Educational Leadership & Management, UK
Ms. Sonia Sahar, M.Phil in Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College, M.A. ELT, Kinnaird College, M.A. Applied Linguistics, Kinnaird College, M.A. English Literature, GCU
Ms. Alia Hassan, M.Phil English Literature, LCWU, M.A English Literature, LCWU, M.A TESOL, LCWU
Ms. Sabeen Qureshi, M.Phil ELT, Kinnaird College, M.A ELT, Kinnaird College
Ms. Aeisha Altaf, M.Phil English Literature, GCU, M.Ed. Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, M. A. English Literature, GCU, Lahore
Ms. Ayesha Shahzad, M.A. TESOL (LCWU), M.A. English Literature (LCWU)

Department of Urdu:
Permanent Teaching Faculty
Dr. Humaira Irshad, Associate Professor, M.A, M.Phil. Ph.D (PU)
Dr. Azmat Rubab, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. (A.I.O.U), PhD (P.U)
Dr. Shazia Razzaq, Assistant Professor, M.A, B.Ed., M.Phil. (P.U), Ph.D (PU)
Dr. Rehana Kausar, Assistant Professor, M.A, B.Ed. (P.U), M. Phil, PhD (G.C.U)
Dr. Azra Lateef, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), PhD (KU)
Ms. Alia Farooq, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), MS (LCWU) Registered in Ph.D (LCWU)
Mrs. Roheena Jaffery, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), MS (LCWU), Registered in Ph.D (LCWU)
Ms. Shahnaz Rizvi, Assistant Professor, M.A, (P.U) Registered in MS (LCWU)
Dr. Taqdees Zahra, Assistant Professor, M.A Urdu, History, M. Phil (PU), Ph.D (PU)
Dr. Tahira Sarwar, Assistant Professor, M.A (LCWU), M. Phil (G.C.U.) Ph.D (LCWU)
Dr. Noreen Razzaq, Assistant Professor, M.A, B. Ed, M. Phil (P.U), Ph.D (PU)
Ms Aziza Saeed, Assistant Professor, M.A, M. Phil (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (GCU)
Dr. Saima Shams, Assistant Professor,M.A (B.Z.U), M. Phil (A.I.O. U.), PhD (P.U.)
Ms. Naila Anjum, Lecturer, M.A (L.C.W.U.), B. Ed. (PU), M. Phil (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (GCU)
Ms. Qadeer Anjum, Lecturer, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (PU)
Ms Arooba Masroor, Lecturer, M.A (P.U) Registered in M.Phil Leading to Ph.D (PU)
Dr. Sadia Noor, Lecturer, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. Ph.D (G.C.U.)
Ms Asma Asghar, Lecturer, M.A(PU), M.Phil (EU), Registered in Ph.D (EU)
Permanent Non-Teaching Faculty:
Mrs. Amina Amin, Junior Library Assistant