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Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences

 Dean's Message:


The faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences has a short history. It runs the departments of Economics, Management Sciences and Public Administration. In addition to undergraduate programs, the Faculty offers a variety of Graduate and Postgraduate degree programs.

Our faculty members are committed to contribute to your education in the best possible way by conveying their knowledge, experience and vision to you. We also focus on the dual objective of achieving female empowerment and making valuable contribution towards socio-economic development of Pakistan. We are continuously striving for excellence by upgrading our curricula and introducing new teaching methodologies.

We appreciate that you have chosen this faculty and assure you that after graduating from this institution, you will have acquired critical skills, knowledge, insight and motivation required to become career oriented professionals as well as active citizens

Professor Dr. Maryam Wasif
In charge Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences


        Department of Public Administration                                             Department of Economics

        Department of Management Sciences