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As an autonomous institution, LCWU has to generate its own resources to carry on and improve the quality of instruction, research work and other services. The demand for resources has increased, since Lahore College for Women became a University. LCWU has established Student Endowment Fund in line with the ones existing in some Public Sector Universities recognized by HEC. This fund will be named as ‘LCWU STUDENT ADVANCEMENT FUND ENDOWMENT (SAFE)’. The Fund will not only sponsor university education of many bright and deserving students through scholarships but also lead to student development through enhancement of academic and research resources at the University.

Funds are also needed to build new blocks, laboratories and for restoration of old historic value buildings. Universities all over the world seek financial support from philanthropists and friends, as well as their alumni to contribute towards financial stability of their university. LCWU too, looks to its friends and students, past and present, to help in building up its STUDENT ADVANCEMENT FUND ENDOWMENT (SAFE).

It is the basic principle of Endowment Fund that the donated amount is never spent, only the income earned on investments is used to give financial aid to the deserving students. It allows donors to transfer their private earnings to public purposes, with the assurance that their financial support will serve the noble and constructive purposes as long as the institution continues to exist.

The LCWU STUDENT ADVANCEMENT FUND ENDOWMENT (SAFE) will help set up various scholarships with the financial support of the donors. The most deserving and meritorious students of LCWU with good academic record who are financially constrained will be eligible to apply for these scholarships at the beginning of every academic session. After scrutiny of documents and interviews of the applicants, these scholarships will be awarded only for one year renewable up to four years on satisfactory performance. The ‘Golden Scholarship’ amounting to Rs. 1 million annually will cover university fee as well as hostel expenses of the selected student, while ‘Silver Scholarship’ of Rs. 0.5 million will cover only university fee of the selected student. The name of every donor will be recorded and shown on the ‘donor’s scroll’ on the LCWU website. Donations of any amount are welcome, while donors also have the option of naming the scholarships. Zakat and charity will also admissible for the Fund.