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Project with USAID

The Associate Degree in Education (ADE) for In-service Teachers is designed for practicing teachers to enhance their content and pedagogical knowledge, and skills. Although most of universities and degree awarding institutions (DAI) across Pakistan have successfully introduced the Associate Degree in Education for pre-service teachers, 300,000 practicing teachers in elementary schools remain inadequately prepared or under qualified. Furthermore, beginning in 2018, the career progression opportunities for most of these in-service teachers will be closed as the ADE or B.Ed. degrees will be mandatory for induction and promotion. Therefore, it is critical to open new avenues for professional development and career advancement for practicing teachers. The vision of bringing about a country-wide qualitative change in education can only become a reality if these large numbers of elementary level teachers are initiated into the newly envisaged education system. The ADE for In-service Teachers is an important step in realizing this vision.


The ADE for In-service Teachers targets elementary teachers who have completed 12 years of schooling and one year of professional education (e.g., CT, DIE or equivalent). The program aims to enhance practicing teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills and provide in-service teachers an opportunity to move up the career ladder.

In summary, the four primary objectives of the ADE In-service Teacher Education program are to:

1. Upgrade and advance content knowledge of the practicing teachers.
2. Enhance pedagogical skills and knowledge of the practicing teachers.
3. Equip practicing teachers with essential professional skills and competencies.
4. Facilitate practicing teachers to be in a competitive position for career progression,

Project with British Academy (Leicester University UK)


The study maps careers of women academics in Pakistan seeking views/perceptions underpinned by lived experiences in that specific sociocultural and religious context. The project theme is investigating career progression of women academics in Pakistan aiming to support professional development of academics/researchers through opportunities of mentoring, training, seminars and workshops. The theme has been identified in consultation with the Pakistani partners.

The project aims to establish sustainable collaborations with four Pakistani Universities with the intention to develop research partnerships, and engage in research capacity building and training activities. The study titled 'Mapping Women Academics' Careers in Pakistan' is designed to contextualise these activities, and will form a part of research training program. While seeking to investigate women academics’ experiences, the aim is to develop research inquiry skills among the staff and the research students in the partner institutions.

In addition to that, the project hopes to equip researchers in Pakistan/UK with repertoires of research knowledge and skills to enable them to participate meaningfully and critically in inquiry-led improvement, providing opportunities to engage with, reflect on and critique the issues of designing and conducting research in a developing South Asian Muslim postcolonial country context. This international collaboration will encourage sharing knowledge/expertise and capacity building for all partners, leading to joint publications and further funding applications.

In this respect an intensive week long workshop on capacity building in research skills was conducted in Rawalpindi, in March 2013, where participant from local partner universities participated. In September 2013, one faculty member from each partner university was taken to England, for further training in research skills. Dr Afifa Khanum of Institute of Education represented Lahore College for Women University.

Principal investigators:

Dr Saeeda Shah

Source of funding:
Dr Maryam Rab, Fatima Jinnah Women University Pakistan

British Academy - International Partnership and Mobility Scheme
Participating Colleagues from the UK:

Professor David Pedder, University of Leicester
Dr. Victoria Showunmi, Institute of Education, London
Dr Tamjid Mujtaba, Institute of Education, London

Collaborating Institutions in Pakistan:

Fatima Jinnah Women University Pakistan
University of Education Pakistan
Hazara University Pakistan
Lahore College for Women University Pakistan

Dr Afifa Khanum
Dr Asma Shahid Kazi
Ms Sarwat Iqbal
Ms Rakhshanda Naeem
Ms Shazia Ejaz