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Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education (Forthcoming)

The Centre will be established to develop outreach programs in collaboration with internal and external partners. The main purpose of the centre will be to raise awareness about human rights and citizenship education. The main focus will to be to empower education practitioners with appropriate knowledge and skills to establish best practices at all levels of education.

LCWU has a well established Active Citizenship Program in collaboration with British Council. The Centre will draw on the practice by engaging in much required research and Human Resource Development in the area for schools and institutions higher education. Currently the Institute of Education is looking for qualified faculty with foreign qualifications and relevant experience in development sector to launch the Centre by the end of 2014. The centre will also look after the laboratory primary school for the IOE to ensure that the school is monitored and sustained keeping in international best practices with reference to citizenship and human rights education.

• Journal Publication
• Training Material Development
• Data base
• Consultancy and Advocacy
• Health and Literacy Focus

Centre for Distance Education and Multidisciplinary Studies (CDEMS) (Forthcoming)

The Centre will be established in the year 2014 with the vision to support women looking to continue their higher education in combined disciplines to enhance their chances of employability. More importantly the Centre will help reduce chances of young women studies exiting from higher education because of marriage or migration as the centre with its distance education mode and hybrid industry focused programs will allow these women students to complete their higher education.
IOE is currently in the process is currently engaged in infra structure development and seeking international partners to start offering initially support courses to allow dropped students complete their degrees. BOS held on December 10, 2013 has approved parallel program of distance alongside regular courses to achieve the objective.


  • Multidisciplinary professional development certificates in collaboration with academic departments of the university
  • Multidisciplinary hybrid degree programs
  • Research and development in e-learning

Focal Person/s:

Prof. Dr Uzma Quraishi
Dr Asma Shahid Kazi
Dr Afifa Khanum