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Laboratory Primary School


Laboratory  Primary School for Out of School Children

Vice Chancellor, Lahore College for Women University, Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, announced the establishment of a Model Primary School on 14th August, 2013, to lead the country towards literacy, with reference to the letter from Government of the Punjab, No.D.S (S.I) 1-24/2013, dated: 7th August, 2013, about “Enrolment Emergency Campaign 2013”.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor with her team, on the Independence Day celebrations, further announced that LCWU would be a frontrunner in this literacy drive. In this regard, LCWU dedicated two ‘garage rooms’ for the laboratory primary school that would offer primary education to out of school children on campus in the surrounding area of the university.

The Institutes of Education, has developed the curriculum and school plan in collaboration with the institutes of Languages and Cultures, Design and Visual Arts, and the directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization. The Punjab Textbook Board syllabus has been implemented in the formal school

LCWU is ready for the launch and would play its role to complement the vision of the Higher Education Department of the government of Punjab to ensure no child is out of school. The school at LCWU will be promoted to elementary and secondary school for underprivileged girls. These girls will be the future students of the university.

This small step of ‘Enrolment Emergency Campaign, 2013’ may prove to be a giant leap for the underprivileged, marginalized, out-of-school children by equipping them with basic education as a way forward for survival with dignity.


The vision of the project is to provide a model featuring “how to govern”, “how to teach”, to be replicated in the province.


To provide formal quality primary education to underprivileged out of school children within the premises and surrounding areas of the University:


1.    To provide quality primary education to out of school young children (ages 4-9 years) from the surrounding areas of the university
2.    To sensitize and mobilize university faculty and students to play significant role in the sustainability of the school

3.    to provide useful prototype of a formal primary school as a strategy to eradication of poverty and illiteracy from the country.

Major focuses

Major focuses of the project are:

•    Students’ parents and teacher coordination
•    Character building
•    Social development
•    Moral development
•    Psychological development
•    Balanced personality
•    Development of national and mother language
•    Develop lifelong learning
•    Lead towards better living standards
•    Responsible citizenship

Salient Features

Salient Features of the Project

•    Updated and technology-based curricula
•    Multilingual and multi grade instruction  
•    Nutrition and health program - facilities
•    Medical facilities
•    Free textbooks and stationary
•    Free uniform
•    Flexible teaching and learning modes  in double shifts
•    Merit scholarships for further education
•    Staff welfare school in evening shift/ after school tuitions

Pedagogical Program

The following methods of Teaching will be employed

1.    Learning by doing
2.    Project method
3.    Problem solving method
4.    Story telling
5.    Extra reading
6.    Thematic approach towards learning
7.    Integration of concepts
8.    Use of pedagogical material
9.     Role play
10.    Learning stations for subject areas


Visit of Member of American Consulate 22nd December,2015

Ms. Raecheal Chen (US Consultant) visited the Primary Laboratory School on 22nd December, 15. Dr.Nusra Inayat , Head Department of Education , Dr .Sarah Shahid , Head Department of Gender Studies and Dr.Affifa Khanum,Head Department of Research and Evaluation  , Dr.Asma Shahid Kazi, Head Department of Professional Studies and Ms. Seema Bukhari, Principal of Primary Laboratory School were there.

Celebration of Christmas Day 22nd December, 2015

Christmas day was observed on 22nd December, 2015. Students nicely dressed the Red Caps of Santa Claus and sang the song “Jingle Bells…..Santa Claus is coming to town”.

Celebration of Eid Milad-Un-Nabi 21 December, 2015

Eid Milad-Un-Nabi was celebrated by the students of Primary Laboratory School: IOE. Students presented the Naats with full Aqeedat.

Students Participated in Peace Walk on 15th December, 2015

Students of Primary Laboratory School: IOE joined the Peace Walk on 15th December, 2015. Vice Chancellor, Prof.Dr.Uzma Qureshi and other senior faculty members were also participated in Peace Walk. Children were holding the banners with different slogans “Dehshatgardi ky khilaaf ….. Hamara Jihad , Qalam Aur Kitaab” showed harmony and solidarity for Peace.                                                                 


Research oriented curriculum/ Action research will be implemented to further improve strategies employed in the school. The school will be a focal research site for prospective teachers alongside practicum location.


•    Prof. Dr. Riffat Saqlain  is responsible for overall administration and infra structure development
•    Mrs. Seema Bukhari is the focal person and principal of the school