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Events & Activities

The Role of He in Empowerment of She

Lahore: “Department of Mass Communication, Lahore College for Women University upholds for gender equality for the development of nation” said the speakers at a seminar titled “The Role of He in Empowerment of She” organized by the department of Mass Communication here on Monday 27th March 2017.

The event started with the name of Allah Almighty followed by an introductory speech by the host of the day, giving an introduction about the productions of the department about the women empowerment.

Dr. Rukhsana Kausar, Vice Chancellor of Lahore College for Women University, was also present at the occasion. While praising the efforts of faculty of department of Mass Communication Dr. Rukhsana Kausar said, “women are coming forward in many fields and we would like to see more women coming out of there restricted zones and living free lives.”

The welcome address was given by the chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Anjum Zia, who emphasized on the importance of women empowerment saying, “as it is said that there is a woman behind every successful man, the same way there I believe man behind every successful woman.”

Display of some in house productions of students of mass communication on the important subject of women empowerment and the role of women in developing our society was also appreciated.

Justice (R) Nasira Javed Iqbal, Chief guest of the event, appreciated the efforts of the Department and the University and encouraged to have more events like these adding, “Women have as much right to get empowered and express themselves as the men of the society.”

The guest speakers for the event include, Barrister USA , Tauqeer Nisar, drama artist said “Women are as much part of the society as men and they should be given equal opportunities to them.”

Waqar Ahmad Vains, a film maker, Media Initiative CEO admired the great works of the students and encouraged them to keep working in the right direction with passion and gave advice saying “we should make a better man so that he can treat the women rightly. ”As it is wholly felt by the society that if the women is empowered the man will be un-empowered, hence this fear makes the greatest barrier for the females.

 Huma Price, Barrister UK, appreciated the works and encouraged the females to think for themselves, “if you are not going to stand for yourself, no one else is going to. You have to do it yourself.”

 Sohail Warraich, anchorperson discussed about the role of females in the media and different programs that are being run for the empowerment of women in our society.

On the whole, the event was a great success and the important message of the role of “He” in empowering the “She” was delivered wisely.

World Press Freedom Day 2016

Dept. of Mass Comm. LCWU celebrates World Press Freedom Day 2016.

Lahore: Media conglomerates and issues of ownership are the biggest impediments in the way of press freedom in Pakistan, said the speakers of a seminar held by the dept. of Mass Communication of Lahore College for Women University here at varsity’s Student Service Center.

According to the details, Salman Ghani, Chief guest on the occasion, along other worthy speakers Saadia Salahuddin, renowned journalist and writer of The News, Asif Sindhu, News Producer at 92 channel and Vice President of EMRA, Nasarullah Malik, eminent journalist were of the view that issues of media ownership, advertisers, government, and even extremists had been the major pressures on Pakistani media.

Faiza Latif, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication Department, welcomed the guests and talked about the importance of Press freedom for the development of country. Today’s seminar focused on “Access to information and fundamental freedom”.
Salman Ghani, chief guest at the seminar, enthralled the audience by his optimistic note and said it’s a day when people should take oath to maintain freedom of expression while celebrating this day. “I am so hopeful about the future of media in Pakistan because young women and men like you are coming in this field. Now you have to take the responsibility of giving entire fact in responsible way so this country’s independence and sovereignty can be maintained,” Ghani lauded while talking to the audience  

The guest speaker Mr. Asif Sindhu spoke about the limitations journalists face in their professional tenure.  He revealed the motive behind numerous Media Houses and Newspapers agency saying that the owner of the media houses aimed to earn money by all means. He further said that Media Houses won’t reveal the truth and would never do so. “Social Media is more effective in terms of revealing the truth to the public. Media is now an industry and its time that the young generation play an effective role in change of the existing scenario,” he concluded.

Saadia Salahuddin while sharing her views and experiences about press freedom said that most hurting factor in the spread of news was the gathering of facts. As there were certain no go areas in Pakistan for reporting in media.
Nasarullah Malik said that Pakistani media is free but not responsible at all. “Now there is need of responsible media which is mandatory for the development of any country,” he elucidated.

Dr. Anjum Zia, Head of Mass Communication Department was also present at the seminar along with other faculty members of Mass Communication Department. Dr. Zia said that the views of today’s session were the beacon for the student of deptt. of Mass Communication, LCWU. “Moreover the issues of ownership and advertisers are the major impediments in the way of free press and media because of these pressures fact can’t be reached to the masses,” She explained.

Awareness about Cyber Crime

Lahore: Deptt of Mass Communication, Lahore College for Women University, organised a seminar about cybercrime to create awareness about cybercrime among students of varsity here on Friday morning at varsity’s student service centre. Among the speakers Rizwaan Arshard, senior investigator FIA cyber Crime,  Shahid Hassan, Deputy Director FIA cybercrime, Cyber Crime, and  M Huzair Awan, world’s Youngest IT expert,were included whereas Dr. Mushtaq Mangat Sectary General Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan,  Dr. Anjum Zia, Chairperson Department of Mass Communication, were also present on the occasion.

Faiza Latif, Assistant Professor at Deptt. Of Mass Comm. LCWU, elucidated the significance of internet while taking about the threats of cybercrime and welcomed the guests and students. Rizwaan Arshad and Shahid Hasan explained about the potential threats of cyber bullying and crime among Pakistani users. They said that Pakistan lacked behind in the field of legislation regarding IT than other developing countries like India had its first IT policy in the year 2000. “It’s need of the hour that we should have an IT and ICT policy in Pakistan, so we can combat with this issue,” said Shahid Hasan.

Huzair Awan, despite his tender age with his amazing public speaking capabilities enthralled the audience. He talked about the potential threats of internet usage if used carelessly and suggested it’s only you anauser who can safe himself or herself.
Dr. Anjum Zia while thanking the audience said that it was quite fruitful session about cybercrime as it informed the students of university. “Internet and Social Media are so powerful nowadays that we cannot escape out of the clutches of contemporary media, so we can also not escape out of cybercrimes if we are not vigilant. So students and youth must be careful while using social media and internet technologies”, she concluded.   

This session was part of Social Action project of BS students of department of Mass Communication, LCWU.

Workshop about usage of E-Library USA

Lahore: A workshop about usage of E-Library USA was conducted by the Department of Mass Communication Lahore College for Women University, Lahore in collaboration with Information Resource Center, Public Affairs Section of U.S. Consulate General Lahore.

The guest speaker was Mr. Aurangzeb from Information Resource Center, Public Affairs section spoke about the new virtual library named eLibrary USA which provided access to journals, eBooks, video, audio and other multimedia content. He elaborated the usage of eLibrary USA while telling about its databases like Gale, ProQuest, Jstor, ebrary and many others. The websites and social networking pages were provided to avail the opportunity. “The membership requirement for eLibrary is to be above 18 years of age,” said the presenter while talking to audience. In the end, Dr. Anjum Zia presented her vote of thanks and the workshop concluded with an interactive question answer session.

Department of Mass Communication, LCWU celebrates its Campus radio’s 5th Anniversary

‘Voice of LCWU FM 96.6 being a Campus Radio of department of Mass Communication, Lahore College for Women University has been successfully providing hands on training to the students of Mass Communication & fulfilling the academic and professional needs,’ said the Chief Guest, Dr. Mughees ud Din Sheikh, former Dean of Social Sciences & Ex-Director of ICS, PU and Speakers on the occasion of fifth anniversary of FM 96.6 here in Student Service Centre of Varsity.

The celebration of campus radio’s fifth anniversary followed a week of celebratory events featuring a poster competition, a singing competition and a day with media expertise.The major celebratory event featured a day with media expertise. The chief guest of the event was Mr. Mughees-ud-Din Sheikh, Fromer Dean of Social Sciences University of Punjab. Mr. Mustafa Kamal Senior Broadcaster at Radio Pakistan, Mr. Gulzar Usmani, Former Station director FM 96.6, and Mr. Tanveer Shahzad from Voice of Germany also shared their views on this occasion.

The event started off with Tilawat-e-Quran and the welcome address ofActing Head of Mass Communication Department, Faiza Latif followed by beautiful presentation of Kalam-e-Iqbal. Mr. Umer Nazir, Assistant Producer FM 96.6 and Amna Saeed, student of Mass Communication, successfully carried out the event as hosts. Extensive report was put forth by Mr. Adil Aziz about the journey of FM 96.6 through years.

The event featured a conversational session of respected guests regarding the effective media working via broadcast channels specially radio. “In this information era, radio plays potential role for the development of communities. With the innovation in technology web radio has proven successful in fulfilling the requirement of the modern day society,” said Dr. Mughees-ud-Din Sheikh. According to Ms. Faiza Latif the Campus Radio FM 96.6 was not only platform for the training of students but was also lived up to equally provide them both education and information. “The success of FM 96.6 is due to patronage of our worthy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sabiha Mansoor besides the outcome of proper team work as shown by faculty and technical staff of Mass Communication department. This has produced professional anchor persons and script writers who are currently working in different organizations at local & national level. It is not only pride for department of Mass Communication but also for the entire University,’ Ms. Latif was of the view. While talking about the future prospects she emphasized for upgradation of campus radio by installing more state of the art recording booths along department’s future plans of web based campus Radio.

Dr. Ayesha Roohi, Incharge Faculty of Social Sciences of LCWU congratulated Ms. Faiza Latif and the efforts of her team. “The Campus Radio owes its success to both the teaching as well as technical staff of the radio. I want to thank my faculty as well as technical staff for they are responsible for the wide recognition and success of our campus radio. Where it stands today is totally because of the team effort of all staff,” said Dr. Roohi.

Eventually certificates were distributed among participants and guests were presented with bouquets as a vote of thanks.
An amazing event being the poster competition showed the creativity of the students of Mass Communication department. Almost more than 50 posters were displayed throughout the department, reflecting the true spirit of celebration of campus radio’s fifth anniversary. Dr. Riffat Dar, Incharge Faculty of Visual Arts & Design, LCWU, Mansoor Malik, Senior Staff Reporter, The Dawn, Lahore, along Adil Aziz were the judges.

Whereas another event of celebration was a signing competition conducted by Mass Communication department to promote emerging talents in singing. A total of 20 students participated in the event. The judge’s panel consisted of Ustaad Anayat Ali Khan, and Dr. Azra from Urdu Department. Winners Khushboo Chaudhry, Amna Sajjad and Shazia being first, second and third, were awarded with prizes at the end of the both events. Appreciation certificates were distributed by Ms. Faiza Latif among all the participants and organizers.

The three-day celebrations of Campus Radio’s fifth anniversary concluded with a cake cutting ceremony.

Project Display of Development Communication by Students of Mass Communication

“The activities of students of Mass Communication reflect the understanding and sensitivity that our students possess for the significant social issues,” said Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor LCWU while talking to media reporters at inaugural ceremony of Project Display of Development Communication.

The students of BS (Hons) Semester VI, Department of Mass Communication organized a creative display of their projects for the course of Development Communication, which was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of LCWU, Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor.  While appreciating the efforts of students she encouraged them to be an active part of contemporary media industry. On this occasion, Deans along directors of various wings of varsity including Dr. Ayesha Roohi, Ms. Shireen Asad, HoDs of different departments and faculty members came to have a look at the projects and praised not just the students also the supervision of the Head of Department, Ms. Faiza Latif and the teachers for being a source of motivation for their students.

Under the supervision of Mr. Zaeem Yasin, students worked on the issues of Say No to Drugs, Recycling, Food Processing, Malnutrition, Pollution Free World, Pure Drinking Water, Road Safety, Child Labor, Elimination of Polythene Bags etc. Divided into seventeen different groups the students of Mass Communication exhibited seventeen brilliant projects, each of which portraying the issues of sheer importance and each was unique in itself. The students showcased their topics through self-designed tools, models, posters and models. In spite of the discouraging hot climate, the thorough interest of students, their extreme hard work and the passion to play their part for the development of society made the Development Communication Campaign an absolute success.

Country’s leading Anchorpersons Trained LCWU’s Students at a Workshop organized by Deptt. of Mass Communication

The department of Mass communication, Lahore College for Women University is serving as a training ground to young aspiring Women Journalists while preparing them to compete the growing media industry, Various Speakers said in a workshop organized on ‘News Casting and Anchoring Techniques’ to technically guide students interested in electronic media broadcasting here in LCWU.
Young RJ’s from FM 101Mr. Umer Mahmood and Miss Shabano, senior news producer Dunia TV miss Ayesha Rehman and a veteran in the field of TV and radio anchoring. Mr, Sahir Lodhi, Youth Ambassedor for Punjab Youth Festival, were invited as guest speakers. They shared their experiences and their observations of the field  while providing technical guidance to the students for making them better as professionals.

Mass Communication deptt. Of LCWU collaborates SAARC Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2014, Lahore

Lahore: Students of Mass Communication department of LCWU collaborated for SAARC Young Entrepreneurs Summit while performing their duties as volunteer & participants for the management of this event. They also covered the event to news feed the print, broadcast, social & international media under the supervision of Ms. Faiza Latif, Acting HoD & Faculty members of Mass Communication Department.

On this occasion delegates from various South Asian Countries vow to regional peace and economic development through youth empowerment along reinforcing networking and innovation in the region on the occasion of SAARC Young Entrepreneurs Summit here at Aiwan Iqbal Lahore.

The key speakers for First Session of 3rd SYEF were Korvi Rakshand (Founder JAAGO Foundation, Bangladesh), Naveed Baloch (Former VP FPCCI, Pakistan), Ajay Pradhan (Former President, NYEF, Nepal), and Suhas Gopinath (CEO & President, Globals ITeS Pvt. Ltd), Zulfiqar Ali Bader (VP SCYEF Pakistan Chapter).

The session was chaired by Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, President SAARC CCI & Chairman Sun group, India and Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik, MD- Guard Group.
Most celebrated personalities of South Asia including Anup Soni, Juhi Baber, IbrarulHaq as well as prominent political dignitary of Pakistan, Honorable Senator Mr. Jahangir Bader spoke in the last session and enthralled the young participants in the last session of day II.
Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bader (VP SCYEF Pakistan Chapter) appreciated the collaborative efforts of Department of Mass Communication, LCWU.

Sohail Warraich visited Deptt. Of Mass Comm LCWU

Mr. Sohail Warraich, veteran journalist of Geo TV, (Aik Din Geo Kay Sath fame)  Visited  department of Mass Communication and took an exclusive interview with FM 96.6 Voice of LCWU on 23 December, 2013. Afterward he talked about the changing patterns of Media Industry in Pakistan and praised the efforts of young aspiring women journalists of LCWU.

Deptt. Of Mass Comm., LCWU lauds the importance of Right to know

Orientation session on Right to Information and Safety and Security of Journalists was held in the department of Mass Communication on 13 December 2013. Key speaker Mr. Asad Omer briefed the students and other participants about the Act of Right to Know.

He appreciated the questions put by students about the basic right of citizens like Right to Know. While talking to the participants he elaborated the need of Media ethics and pressures faced by journalists in Pakistan. The concluding session of Questions & Answers was quite interactive & fruitful for students.

Deptt. Of Mass Comm., LCWU and Plan Int. move forward for Youth development

Department of Mass Communication organised an orientation session in collaboration with Plan International on Importance of Reproductive Health Services for Adolecents and Youth in Punjab. In this session various senior Journalists from different TV, Radio and Newsppaers organizations also participated. It was held in Hospitality Inn on 12 December 2013.
Tanveer Shahzad, Correspondent of VoG & President of EMRA, the Veteran Broadcaster  Mr.Mehmood Akhter, Fakhra Tehreem and Huma Mir, eminent women journalists from Jang Group, Umer Nazeer appreciated the efforts of LCWU and Plan for adolecents and youth development.

Workshop on the issue of Adolecents Reproductive Health & Rights

Department of Mass Comm. Of LCWU organised a Workshop in collaboration with Plan International on Adolecents Reproductive Health & Rights. This workshop was held in the department of Mass Communication on 1st November 2013. The purpose of this workshop was to create awareness among the young women of LCWU. This workshop was part of advocacy of stakeholders about the issue of Adolecents Reproductive Health & Rights.

Department of Mass Comm stresses on awareness creation about Children Rights

Department of Mass Communication organised a Workshop on “Child Rights and Child Centred Community Development”, 17th May 2013 in Savy Hotel , Lahore. In this workshop, various dynamics of Children’s rights in Pakistan and 3rd world countries were discussed.
It was emphasized that it must be incorporated in the text books of children that the children have specific rights and No one could violate these rights.

Training Session on the Fundamentals of Stage Acting in Deptt. of Mass Comm

Department of Mass Communication organised a training session on the Fundamentals of stage acting by Tughrail Turab Ali in collaboration with Plan International on 27th May, 2013.

Visit to Islamabad’s Community Centres by Mass Comm Deptt. of LCWU

Department of Mass Comm. Arranged a visit to Plan International Headoffice and  community Centeres, for the students and faculty members, located in Islamabad, on 27th May 2013. It was not only a learning experience rather students explored the new avenues of community development living in marginalised conditions. Dr. Irfan Ahmed and Mr. Iftikhar Mubarik facilitated the students and faculty members for this fruitful visit.