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BS Pakistan Studies [4 Years Degree Program]


Pak Studies, Islamic Studies, Phy. Edu.

Pak Studies, S. Work, Any Language

Pak Studies, Gender Studies, Education

Course Outline for the BS Pakistan Studies

Semester I

  • Muslim Nationalism in South Asia (1857-1920)

Semester II

  • Muslim Nationalism in South Asia (1921-1947)

Semester III

  • Physical Geography of Pakistan
  • Society and Culture: Conceptual Frame Work
  • Political System of Pakistan: Conceptual Frame Work
  • Human Rights in Pakistan

Semester IV

  • Human and Economic Geography of Pakistan
  • Patterns of Pakistani Society and Culture
  •  Political System of Pakistan
  • Legal System in Pakistan: Civil & Criminal

Semester V

  • Constitutional & Political Development of Pakistan-Foreign Policy of Pakistan-I
  • Regional Languages
  •  Local Government in Pakistan-I
  • Pakistan and SAARC
  • Mass Media (Conceptual Framework of Communication)

Semester VI

  • Constitutional & Political Development of Pakistan-II
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan-II
  • Local Government in Pakistan-II
  • Mass Media in Pakistan
  • Iqbaliyat / history of Provicne

Semester VII

  • Economy of Pakistan-I

 Research Methodology

  • Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Pakistan
  • Civil and Military Bureaucracy in Pakistan / UN and Pakistan
  • Contemporary Issues in Pakistan / Extremism in Pakistan

Semester VIII

  • Economy of Pakistan-II
  • Women Empowerment in Pakistan / History of Province
  • Public Opinion and Elections in Pakistan
  • Dissertation / Internship