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Director's Message

In the modern era of Health Care System; the Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses and Paramedics, all are working together to provide Quality Health Services to the patients. Following this integrated approach, we are committed to develop highly skilled and motivated graduates in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences.

The Institute of Pharmacy is striving hard to impart knowledge and skills to their students. They will be capable to fulfill the needs of patients and work as active members of the Health Care Team.

Our students are regularly visiting patients in hospitals to transform their scientific knowledge; providing Quality Pharmaceutical services in Health care system of Pakistan. They are also visiting Community Pharmacies to understand the contribution of Pharmacists in providing counseling to the patients and ensuring the safe and rational use of medicines in the community. They have a close liaison with the Pharmaceutical industry to learn all the techniques used in the manufacturing and Quality control of drugs. Our graduates are also serving in Pharmaceutical Industries and Drug Administration at Federal as well as Provincial levels. They are playing their important role in Drug testing laboratories and Forensic Laboratories of Pakistan.

Currently, we are offering Five years Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) and M.Phil Pharmacy (Pharmacology & Pharmacy Practice) Degree programmes. In future, the institute will be starting M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in other Disciplines of Pharmacy as well. At the end, I welcome all the students who have started their carrier in the Institute of Pharmacy and wish them a very bright and successful future.

Dr. Saleha Sadeeqa
Director of Institute of Pharmacy