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Dr. Fatima Amin

ADR reporting and need for developing a pharmacovigilance model in Pakistan.

Dr. Marriam Zaka

Awareness, Prevalence and Drug Therapy of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in Lahore.

Dr. Bushra Ali Sherazi

Epidemiology of self care in district Lahore.

Dr. Munaza Riaz

Serum selenium levels in type-2 diabetic patients and healthy individuals. A comparative study.

Dr. Ayesha Javeed

Opportunities and barrier for Pharmacists related to Community Pharmacy in Lahore.

Dr. Tehseen Sehra

Micro encapsulation and invitro evaluation of silymarin with arabinoxylan.

Dr. Misbah Hameed

Stability studies of flourodeoxyglucose produced in cyclotron and its biodistribution in cancer patients.

Dr. Noureen Zaheer

Isolation identification and susceptibility of clinical isolates from wounds in cancer patients.

Dr. Sumbal Nosheen

Antibacterial activity of penicillins alone and in combination with different agents against staphylococcus aureus using Kirby Bauer method.

Dr. Saira Siddique Butt

Effect of different dilutions of amantadine, oseltamivir and ribavirin on ND (Newcastle Disease) virus and growth in embryonated chicken eggs.

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