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Registrar office

Overview of the Office

The Registrar Office is established under article 14 of the Lahore College for Women University Ordinance 2002 (Amended Act 2012). It has been headed by the Registrar and assisted by Additional Registrar, Deputy Registrars, Assistant Registrars and other supporting staff. The Registrar office arranges variety of administrative functions of the university, maintains the records of students and employees, conducts admission process, provides guidance and counsels students, coordinates with students and faculty members etc. It is the responsibility of the Registrar Office to facilitate the academic experience of students enrolled in the University, from the time of registration to graduation. It is also responsible for arranging and conducting the statutory body meetings. Moreover, it also helps to enforce and implement academic and administrative policies; as well as provides assistance in the development of, and modifications to, such policies and procedures that will best serve the University community.


The vision of the Registrar Office is to provide proficient and timely services to students, faculty, administration & staff (gazetted and non=gazetted).


The mission of the Registrar Office is to give efficient services to the under graduates, graduates and research students as well as the entire faculty of the university, besides it also provides the accurate information & guidance to the concerned persons. Registrar office produces and maintains Official Academic Records of Registered students and of the current and retired faculty.


Uzma Batool Magsi
Additional Registrar
MS Management Sciences,MBE(PU),LLB(PU)

The Registrar office consists of following main sections:


The Academic Section is responsible for admissions at all Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs of LCWU, for maintaining the records of all admitted students, for supervision of the staff of Admission Branch, to coordinate with all Academic Departments and for conducting all sorts of internal and external official correspondence on academic matters, for printing of prospectus for new sessions with necessary amendments, and for dealing with cases of students relating to Verification of Degrees, Equivalence Certificates, Duplicate Degree Printing,Migration Certificate, Bonafide Certificate and Medium of Instruction Certificates .

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Jamil, Deputy Registrar


The coordination section is responsible for all kinds of correspondence with HEC relating to Tenure Track (TTS) and Interim Placement of Fresh Ph.D’s (IPFP) employees at LCWU.

Mrs. Attiya Riaz, Deputy Registrar


Dealing with recruitment of Gazetted / Non-Gazetted Staff, appointment on contract basis of Gazetted Staff and Non-Gazetted Staff, Leave Cases, Transfer Cases, Promotion Cases, Seniority Cases, Increment Cases, Pension Cases, Resignation / Termination Cases, Disciplinary Cases, Re-Imbursement of Medical Charges and Retirement Cases of all employees of LCWU under the supervision of Additional Registrar. 

Saima Islam,  Administrative Officer
Salaha Shaukat,  Assistant Registrar
Sadaf Islam,  Assistant Registrar


The General section is responsible for arranging and conducting the meetings of Academic Council, ASRB and Syndicate including preparation of working papers, minutes, implementation reports, issuance of notications and maintaining of records of decisions of the Statutory bodies of LCWU. The section also deals with Employee I.D. cards, HEC Scholarships, Promotion Boards and Advertisement of jobs etc.

Syed Intasar Hussain Kazmi, Deputy Registrar
Mrs. Naveera Purvez, Assistant Registrar

Registration, Affiliated Colleges and Sub-Campus

This section is responsible for dealing with all issues of University Sub-Campus (Jhang) and Affiliated Colleges regarding the Administrative and Academic matters. Moreover, this section also deals with student Registration and issuance of student I.D cards.

Tayyaba Zahid, Deputy Registrar

Administrative Staff

Mrs.Uzma Batool,  Additional Registrar, MS Management Sciences, MBE (PU), LLB (PU)

Mrs.Tayyaba Zahid, Deputy Registrar(Registration, Affiliated Colleges & Sub-Campus), MPA (PU),

Syed Intasar Hussain Kazmi, Deputy Registrar (General), MA Economics (PU), MA Political Science (PU), PGD-Computer Science (AIOU)

Mrs. Attiya Riaz, Deputy Registrar(Coordination with HEC), MA English (PU), MA TESOL (LCWU)

Mr. M. Shahid Jamil, Deputy Registrar (Academics), MCS (USA)

Ms. Saima Islam, Administrative Officer, MS Health Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology(LCWU),ADCP

Ms. Salaha Shaukat, Assistant Registrar (Establishment), MSc Statistics(PU), MBA (VU)

Mrs. Naveera Purvez, Assistant Registrar (General), MA-ELM (BNU), MSC Psy.(AJ &K)

Ms. Sadaf Islam, Assistant Registrar (Establishment), MS Health Psychology (LCWU)

Ms. Hira Qureshi, Assistant Registrar (Academics), M.S.c Health Psychology

Mr. Javaid Hussain Qureshi, Senior Computer Programmer, MSc (AIOU), MA English (PU)

Mr. Usman Ahmad, Assistant Data Base Administrator, MS Computer Science (On study leave)

Supporting staff

Mr. Faheem Ahmad, Assistant Data Processor

Mr. Muhammad Kashif, Assistant Data Processor

Mr. Salman Hassan, Assistant Data Processor

Ms. Samreen Sadaf, Assistant/Head Clerk

Mr. Waseem Ahmad, Computer Operator/D.E.O

Ms. Waqar-un-Nisa, Computer Operator/D.E.O

Ms. Anum Kaleem, Computer Operator/D.E.O

MS. Sajida Raees, Junior Clerk

Ms. Shehla Kh.  Junior Clerk

Mr. Muhammad Umer Mansoor, Junior Clerk

Establishment Branch Staff

Haji M. Aslam Akhtar, Superintendent

Muhammad Tahir, Assistant Data Processor

Muhammad Arif, Assistant/Head Clerk

Usman Asghar Doghar, Assistant/ Head Clerk

Muhammad Farooq Alvi, Assistant/Head Clerk

Shagufta Mahmood, Assistant/Head Clerk

Tanveer Ahmed, Computer/Data Entry Operator

Mussadiq Karim, Computer/Data Entry Operator

Ahmad Anwar, Computer/Data Entry Operator

Amanat Karamat, Computer/Data Entry Operator

Muhammad Bilal Ahmed, Junior Clerk

Athar Rasool, Junior Clerk, B.Com (PU)

Awais Sial, Junior Clerk

Athar Rasool, Junior Clerk

Reedha Naz, Junior Clerk

Kashif Shabbir, Junior Clerk

Nabeela Naeem, Private Secretary