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BS 4 Years Programme

BS 4-year Program was introduced in the department of Statistics from 2005. Since the beginning of the program batches are being passed out annually with success. Many studentswho have completed their degree from LCWU, are currently employed in different well established institutions. During the BS 4-year program students are required to take up internship/research project  invarious banks, LCCI, Bureau of Statistics, Planning and Development department and different hospitals etc.

Our BS Program produces graduates who are well equipped with the knowledge regarding the application of statistical tools. They are also well prepared for pursuing higher education.

Programs:  BS- Statistics

Course Code

Course Title

Maj/ Stat-101

Introductory Statistics

Maj/ Stat-102

Introduction to Probability Distribution


Introduction to Computers

Maj/ Stat-201

Basic Statistical Inference

Maj/ Stat-202

Computer Programming


Introduction to Communication and Mass Media

Maj/ Stat-203

Introduction to Regression Analysis and Experimental Design

Maj/ Stat-204

Statistical Packages

Maj/ Stat-205

Applied Statistics

Maj/ Stat-301

Probability & Probability Distributions-I

Maj/ Stat-302

Design & Analysis of Experiments-I

Maj/ Stat-303

Sampling Techniques-I

Maj/ Stat-304

Regression Analysis

Maj/ Stat-305

Research Methodology

Maj/ Stat-306

Probability & Probability Distributions-II

Maj/ Stat-307

Design & Analysis of Experiments-II

Maj/ Stat-308

Sampling Techniques-II

Maj/ Stat-309



Numerical Methods

Maj/ Stat-401

Statistical Inference-I

Maj/ Stat-403

Statistical Inference-II

Maj/ Stat-404

Multivariate Analysis

The list of Optional Courses is as follows: (3 Credit Hours each)

Statistical Quality Control & Reliability


Time series Analysis & Forecasting

Operation Research

Decision Theory

Categorical Data Analysis

Survival Analysis

Nonparametric Methods

Population studies

Reliability Analysis

These optional courses can be offered depending upon the availability of faculty.

MS Statistics Programme


MS in Satistics commenced in 2011. The students shall be working in the fields of applied and pure statistics for their thesis.


Core Courses  (3 Credit Hours each)
Stat-701    Mathematical Statistics
Stat-702    Advanced Sampling Techniques
Stat-703    Statistical Inference
Stat-704    Advanced Design of Experiments
Stat-705    Linear Models and Regression Analysis
Stat-706    Multivariate Analysis-I
Stat-707    Probability Distributions-I
Stat-708    Time Series Analysis
Stat-709    R- Language

Optional Courses: (3 Credit Hours each)

Stat-710    Multivariate Analysis-II
Stat-711    Bio Statistics    
Stat-712    Generalized Linear Models
Stat-713    Categorical Data Analysis
Stat-714    Bayesian Analysis
Stat-715    Applied Stochastic Models
Stat-716    Nonparametric Inference
Stat-717    Survival Data Analysis
Stat-718    Probability Distributions-II

These courses shall be offered depending upon the availability of faculty.