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The MA TESOL programme is of 2 years duration and comprises theoretical and practical work. Classes are held in the afternoon to facilitate participation of in-service teachers and administrators.
The course is open to both in-service teachers and for prospective teachers with no experience.

•    On successful completion of Year I of the programme all students will take a comprehensive exit exam on core areas of TESOL as identified by the department.

•    Those who do not opt for the second year conclude their study by taking the comprehensive exit exam.  They will, therefore, be eligible for a Diploma in TESOL on completion of the course, taking of the comprehensive exit examination, and on submission of a research assignment of 3000 to 5000 words.

•    However, other students will proceed to the second year and will be awarded the degree of MA TESOL on completion of the course and on submission of either (i) Dissertation or (ii) a Project.

Eligibility for dissertation is grade B and above. However students with grade C+ and below will complete a Project under supervision.

•    Candidates who have already successfully completed the Diploma in ELT from a recognized institution may join the second year (MA Part II) of the programme directly on admission.