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Assessment Procedures

The students are evaluated through and on going assessment in the form of attendance, class participation, quizzes, assignments, presentations, and an examination on each course. In order to qualify for the Diploma at the end of Year I, the candidates are required to pass a Comprehensive Exit Examination on core areas of ELT (Phonetics/ Phonology, Grammar & Methodology). At the end of Year I students may have to produce a research assignment of 3,000 -5000 words to qualify for a Diploma in TESOL.

The candidates proceeding for M.A. will also take the comprehensive exit examination at the end of year I. At the end of Year II students with B grade and above will have to produce a dissertation of 10,000 - 12,000 words to qualify for a Masters Degree. However, those whose assessment is C+ and below will write a Project of 6000 words.

ASSESSMENT     (for each course)
Attendance                                05          05
Class Participation                         05          05
Quiz                                           20          10
Presentation                               20          10
Term Paper/Assignment/Project    20          10
Examination                                30          10
Total                                         100        50


A minimum of 80% attendance of total course hours for each course module are required to pass the said module.

Continuous Assessment

•    To pass each assessment of all modules is a requirement for the award of diploma/ degree
•    Moreover, any activity relevant to the course given by the course instructor is to be qualified by the participants.
•    It is to be noted that the student’s absence for presentation will be non negotiable and, therefore, has no room for a “make-up” of presentation.
•    Grace for assessments will be decided per department policy and on a case by case basis.

Comprehensive Exit Examination

To pass the comprehensive exit exam at the end of MA Part I is a requirement for the award of diploma/ degree.

Minimum Pass Percentage Required

Fifty percent (50 %) marks are required to pass each module, and for the Comprehensive Exit Examination, as per HEC (Higher Education Commission) requirement