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The Department of Textile and Interior Design was established in 2012, with the introduction of two separate four years professional Degree Programs, the first one is Textile Design and the other is Interior Design. The department heightens and promotes creativity through teaching and learning. 
It has enrolled more than 160 students within two years. 
At the Department of Textile and Interior Design we offer academic excellence, personalized attention, proper foundation and skills for an exciting career 
and a wide spectrum of Textile and Interior design courses suitable for professional needs. 

Textile Design
The four years bachelor program in Textile Design will train for intertwines traditional skills like spinning and knitting with contemporary interdisciplinary strategies and cutting-edge digital technology.
In Textile Design strong historical and theoretical knowledge of the field and diverse creative practice related to weaving textile and printing to sculptural fiber will be developed.

Interior Design
The four years bachelor program in Interior Design will help students to explore materials and space as they will be challenged to create attractive, functional spaces that merge environmental, social, and architectural elements with aesthetics. Our Students will also learn how to design interiors that transform organizations, change communities, and make a lasting impression.