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The institute combines scholarship, activism, capacity building and networking to promote and strengthen women communities, more significantly LCWU graduates to enter job market and make a significant contribution in the economic and social development of the country.  The main domains of action are:

  • Graduate Programs on Gender and Development: To help develop academic programs and offer MS/M.PHIL and PhD degrees in gender and development.
  • Leadership Training Programs: To provide distinctive training and development opportunities to women graduates and prepare them for professional careers and good citizenship.
  • Career Counseling and Job Placement: To provide counseling to LCWU graduates to help them select suitable careers and assist them in job placements.
  • Research and Advocacy: To provide opportunities for cutting edge research to produce knowledge in gender and related disciplines and to help disseminate the findings.
  • Collaboration with Women Institutes and Organizations: To provide support to women graduate professionals through partnerships with key women forums in Pakistan and abroad.