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Quran Khawani

23rd January, 2016 Quran Khawani was held in the Persian Department, LCWU in connection with You-me-Dua for the martyrs of Bacha Khan, University. Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Uzma Qureshi, Principal Intermediate College, Mrs. Marukh Bukhari, Director ILC, Mrs. Fareeha Basit Khan, Director Student Affairs, Ms.Shireen Asad, Deans, HODs and Staff Members of various departments and students of Persian Department participated in the Quran Khawani. Dua was offered for the eternal peace of the martyrs. All present showed their resolve that such coward activities of militants cannot discourage the students and teachers.  They will continue their holy mission of education and will fight terrorism with the power of ink.

Visit of Iranian Scholars to LCWU

Irani Scholars including Professor Dr.Eiraj Pur Vice Chancellor Pyam-e-Noor University Isphahan, Poetess and Professor Dr. Hakeeme Dabeeran former Vice Chancellor Al Zahra University Tehran, at present Professor in Khrazmi University, Dr. Muhajirani former Professor and Mr. Farhang Muhajirani a scholar of German language, Dr. Nargis from Azad e Islami University, Professor of Education Dr.Mughisa and his Mrs. visited LCWU on 17th December 2015, In their visit they met Vice Chancellor LCWU Prof. Dr. Uzma Qureshi, Registrar Mrs. Uzma Magsi and talked about mutual interests and ensured to collaborate in future in different fields, like exchange of students and teachers , collaboration for research journal and Virtual Conferences etc.

Then the delegation visited Fine Arts department where an exhibition was arranged to commemorate the martyrdom of students  and teachers of Army Public School Peshawar on 16th Dec 2014.The Iranian Scholars expressed deep grief regarding this sad event . Then Scholars were taken to Persian Department, where the faculty and students of B.S, M.S and PHD Persian gave them a warm welcome. M.S students also presented Iqbal’s poetry in group performance which was very much appreciated by the Irani scholars .The members of the delegation addressed the students, highlighted the importance of learning Persian language for not only character building but to cope with the needs of modern Era where Persian language is an important medium of communication in trade and cultural exchanges among Persian speaking countries such as Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan etc. Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi HOD Persian Department thanked the honorable guests and presented gifts to them. In the end a delightful tea was served.

Three Days International Iqbal Conference at LCWU

Persian department with collaboration of Dabistan-e-Iqbal and Iran Culture Centre, Lahore organized a three days conference (from 10-12 Nov, 2015) on the completion of 100 years of Iqbal’s epic book  Asrar-e-khudi.Political Science,Gendre Studies and Education departments of LCWU also collaborated Persian department in organizing this conference. On the 1st day a declamation contest was held among the students of LUMS, GCU, PU, LCWU and other institutions at Alhamra Arts Council. 2nd day had two sessions at Student Service Centre LCWU. Morning session started with recitation of Holy Quran. In this session various eminent personalities of Iran like Mr.Ali Akbar Barkhurdari (Director General of Iran Culture Centre, Lahore) Mr.Eisa Karimi (Councellor general of Iran in Islamabad) and Allama Iqbal’s family members like Mr. Iqbal Salah-ud-din(President Dabistan-e-Iqbal), Mr.Muneeb Iqbal(Vice President Iqbal Academy) and Justice (Rtd) Nasira Javeed Iqbal expressed their views about Asrar-e-khudi.Two famous irani poets Mr.Kumsari and Mr. Abdul Jabbar Kakai also graced the conference with their presence and then Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi Head of Persian department, LCWU presented her welcome address and thanked the honorable guests. Professors from different Universities and Colleges presented their research article on Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy.

After the lunch the audience enjoyed the group performance of Persian department’s students on Iqbal’s poetry which was presented with music. A tablow was also presented by them on Iqbal’s poem “Insan aur Bazm-e-Qudrat” taken from “Bang-e-Dara”. The audience appreciated the performance of the students and was very much amused. At the end of the session Dr.Uzma Qureshi Worthy Vice Chancellor LCWU thanked the guests, appreciated Persian department’s effort and expressed her views about Iqbal and his poetry that Iqbal is   no doubt a thinker, philosopher and poet of International fame and his philosophy of “khudi” i.e., “one’s knowledge of his own hidden potential “specially addresses the young generation then she awarded shields to the speakers and guests. On the third day Professors of Political Science and Education department presented their research articles on different aspects of Iqbal’s poetry.

Students of Political science and education department also presented their articles on Iqbal and recited Iqbal’s poetry in group and amused the audience. Last day of the conference also included a “Ghazal Night” held at Iran Culture Centre, Lahore in the Honour of Iranian poets. Dr.Safa Kazmiyan and some Pakistani poets, Scholars and students such as Dr.Syed Akram Shah Ikram, Prof Dr.Muhammad Nasir, Prof Dr.Iqbal Shahid, Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi, Ms.Shabana Sahar, and Ms.Rabia Asif presented Persian poetry which was very much liked by both Irani and Pakistani audience. Closing session was followed by a very delightful Irani Pakistani dinner.

Persian Department’s MOU with Saadi Organization

The Persian Department’s MOU with Saadi Organization is a reflection of their commitment in the promotion of Persian Language and Literature. The establishment of Firdousi Chair is also a great landmark which would be achieved through this MOU. Furthermore, there is provision of scholarship for two MS students of the Persian Department for teacher’s training course in Iran for the year 2015. . It will also offer Language & Literature Courses for MS & Ph.D students in Tehran.

Persian students are also to take initiative for teachers’ training course in Shaheed Bahishty University Tehran, Iran. It also includes exchange of the Persian & Art faculty between Persian Department of LCWU and Saadi Organization, for which Saadi Organization receives applications from all over the world. It also has provision of research books on Persian Language, Literature and Arts. An International workshop of calligraphy is also shortly expected. A foreign qualified Professor from Firdousi University also joined LCWU as visiting faculty since March 2015 and has taught  all BS semester & MS 1, MS 2 classes in the Persian Department. 

Defence Day Celebrations with Shuhada’s Parents

Persian Department LCWU, celebrated golden jubilee of Pakistan Defence Day on 15th Sep 2015. Parents of two Martyrs Captain Farhan Ali Shaheed and Captain Yasir Abbas Shaheed were the honourable chief guests.Vice Chancellor Dr. Uzma Qureshi, Principal Mrs. Mahrukh Bukhari, Registrar Mrs. Uzma Batool, Deans and Directors, Director Student affairs Mrs. Shireen Asad, HOD’s and faculty members of different departments graced the ceremony with their presence. A large number of students also attended the function.
The ceremony was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Shireen Naqvi (student BS Persian).Then Maria Umer (student Ph.D) threw lights on the importance of defence day and introduce the parents of shuhada’s to the audience.Parents of the both shuhadas shared their feelings and narrated the incidents of their shahadat which not only was a great motivation but also brought tears in the eyes of the whole audience. Dr. Uzma Qureshi in her address paid tribute to the great heroes and their parents and emphasized that this is the need of the time to keep ourselves away from corruption and conspiracies of all kinds and perform our duties honestly so that great sacrifices of shuhadas may not be wasted who embraced shahadat for the safety and sovereignity of our country. Dr Faleeha Zahra Kazmi HOD Persian department while speaking on the occasion said that Pakistan army and civil society is continuously giving sacrifices for the security and solidarity of our country, which is a source of inspiration for our new generation. In this ceremony a documentary film was also presented by Amber Zulfiqar (Ph.D Scholar) and different national songs were presented by BS students.

In the end Dr Faleeha Zahra Kazmi thanked the honourable guests and the worthy Vice Chancellor presented souvenirs and beautiful bouquets to them.The ceremony was followed by delightful tea.


The Persian Department organized a function on Jashan-e-Baharan on 2nd April 2015 in I.T Seminar Hall.

The Chief Guest of this program was Prof Perin Boga, Dr. Khalida Aftab (Former HOD Persian Department) as Guest of Honour, Ms.Yasmeen Zaki (President of Care Foundation Schools) and Madam Rati Cooper (sister of Perin Boga) graced the function as Special Guest. The program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi HOD Persian Department introduced the organized function and also described the relation between Naurooz the International Day and Jashan-e-Baharan. Then the Amber Zulfiqar student of MS Persian presented her documentary which was very informative & interesting and everybody liked it.

Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor welcomed the honourable guests and gave appreciation on the announcement of the Firdousi Chair in the Persian Department and also admired the hardworking of Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi (HOD Persian Department). After that student of the BS (Semester III) gave presentation on Naurooz the International Day. Then Dr. Khalida Aftab recited the verses in the praise of Jashan-e-Baharan and appreciated the hardworking and development of the Persian Department. Afterwards, the student of M.S Persian performed on Jashan-e-Baharan music. After the performance the Chief Guest of the function Prof.Perin Boga addressed to the audience and said that spring is the symbol of rebirth and joy so keep hope in yourself and do work hard for glorious & bright future.

In the end Prof. Seema Sohail (Director Institute of Languages & Cultures) thanked all the honourable guests and the audience and congratulated the Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi (HOD Persian) to organize such a beautiful function. In the end student of the MS presented the beautifully decorated baskets of fresh apples (As a symbol of Naurooz and Spring) to the honourable guests. The function was followed by a delightful tea.

Irani Delegation

An orientation session of Spoken Persian language course was held in Persian department on Wednesday 4-3-15 this language course has been started under the MOU signed between LCWU and Firdousi University Mashhad. Prof. Mr. Safa Kazmian Muqadam from Firdousi University, Masshad is the focal person for this course. Mr. Ali Akbar Barkhurdari Director General Culture Centre of Iran, Prof.Seema Sohail Dean and Director Languages and Cultures, Mrs. Zammurad Safdar Advisor Fine Arts Department, Mrs Shireen Asad Director Student Affairs, Ms. Saima Riaz Director DFDI, Ms Mobina Ali, Head Political Science Department also attended the ceremony.

Mr. Akbar Barkhurdari Director General Iran Cultural Centre Lahore introduced the focal person in a very good manner while praising the focal person with the faculty and the students that Mr. Kazmian not only possesses specialty in teaching Persian Spoken Language to foreigners but he is a good calligraphist as well. During his one year stay in Lahore at this University. It is expected that the students will take full advantage of his presence. Mr. Kazmian in his address highlighted the difference of Persian writing and spoken language. He expressed his hope that as the students are already aware of Persian grammar so they may learn spoken language in a very short span of time.

Miss Seema Sohail Dean and Director of Languages and Culture welcomed the focal person Mr. Kazmian, praised the effort s of Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi and her team and thanked Mr. Ali Akbar Barkhurdari for their corporation. She said we cannot deny the importance of Persian language because of its History, its rich literature and Heritage. Learning Persian Language has become more important in present global Scenario.

In the end Dr. Faleeha Kazmi thanked the honourable guests and presented beautiful bouquets to them.

Iqbal Day 2014

Persian Department LCWU celebrated Iqbal’s 138th birthday on 22 Nov 2014. Where Justice (R.T) Nasira Javed and Iqbal Salahuddin chairperson “Dabistan-e-Iqbal” were the chief guests. Worthy Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Vice. Chancellor LCWU, along with Ms. Seema Sohail, Director Faculty of Languages and Culture, Principal Mrs. Mahrukh Bukhari, Ms. Uzma Magsi Registrar and HOD’s of various departments graced the function with their presence .

The programme started with recitation of the Holy Quran by Sidra Aziz student Ms Environmental Sciences. After that Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi HOD Persian Department welcomed the honorable guests and gave a brief introduction of Allama Iqbal. She also read Iqbal’s beautiful Persian lyric and students Anum Taj (MS Persian) read its Urdu translations, which everyone appreciated.

Then Amber Zulfiqar student Ms Persian presented a documentary film on Iqbal’s life and the whole audience appreciated it. Dr. Sabiha in her address emphasized on the fact that youth needs to be guided in the light of Iqbal’s message of self respect, self conviction and courage to achieve the goals. It is the endless journey of ambitions as Iqbal says:

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں

Ms. Seema Sohail while talking about our national poet said that Iqbal is the architect of our nation. He wants his youth acquire the characteristics of “Shaheen”. Dr. Nasira Javed addressed the students and in the light of Iqbal’s poetry advised them to keep their spirits high and lead an active life. She also emphasized on giving respect to other’s rights. Iqbal Salahuddin in his address explained Iqbal’s philosophy of “Khudi’ that it is the realization of self potential and its best expression. He also stressed on the fact that Iqbal believed on a Muslim nation who not only protect his own rights but also respect the rights of other communities. After that students of Bs 7th semester presented Iqbal’s poem:

خودی کا سرِ نہاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ

It was very much admired by the honorable guests as well as the audience.

A reknowned singer Hina Nasrullah also presented Iqbal’s following selected poems in her beautiful melodious voice:

1۔ لوح بھی تو قلم بھی تو

2۔ یہ گنبد مینائی یہ عالم تنہائی

3۔ یا رب دل مسلم کو وہ زندہ تمنا دے

4- یہ پیام دے رہی یے مجھے یاد صبحگاہی

In the end of programme MS. Seema Sohail, Director, Institute of Languages and Culture thanked the honorable guests and congratulated the HOD and her team for organizing such an admirable program. She also admired the performance of the participants and appreciated Dr. Faleeha Kazmi HOD Persian department for organizing such a beautiful function and added that as the Persian department is successfully running its BS and MS Programme, now it is going to start Ph.D Programme as well.

Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi thanked the honorable guests for gracing the function with their presence. In the end souvenirs, bouquet and gifts were presented to the honorable guests and participants. Tea was also served to the guests and faculty members.

Ghalib Seminar

Persian department organized an inspiring programme on Mirza Ghalib on 22nd October 2014. Among the honorable guests were Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor, LCWU, Mr. & Mrs. Akbar Barkhurdari, Director General, Iran Culture Centre, Lahore, Ms. Seema Sohail, Director Institute of Languages & Cultures, Dr. Mohammad Nasir Chairperson Firdausi Chair University of the Punjab Dr. Kamran Chairperson Urdu Department, Dr. Nighat Bhutta, Principal, Govt. Collage for Women, Riwind Lahore, Deans of different faculties and heads of various departments.

The programme started with recitation of the Holy Quran. After that Dr.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi (HoD) welcomed the honorable guests and gave a brief introduction of Mirza Ghalib. She also read Ghalib’s beautiful Persian lyric and students Maria Umer (MS Persian) Mahtab (BS English) read its Urdu and English translations, which everyone appreciated. Then Shaiza student of (BS Urdu) presented Ghalib’s very popular beautiful lyrics:

آہ کو چاہیۓ اک عمراثر ہونے تک

کون جیتا ہے تیری زلف کے سر ہونے تک

The musicians also played music which the audience fully enjoyed. Dr.Muhammad Kamran delivered a key note address in which he discussed different translations of Ghalib’s poetry. Then Fazeelat Aslam Ph.D student Botany presented Ghalib’s Persian Lyrics:

بیا جوش تمنای دیدنم بنگر

چو اشک از سرمژگان چکیدنم بنگر

The audience were delighted. Then Sidra Aziz student MS (Management Sciences) presented Ghalib’s very famous lyric in her beautiful melodious voice:

یہ نہ تھی ہماری قسمت کہ وصال یار ہوتا

اگر اور جیتے رہتے یہی انتظار ہوتا

Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Vice Chancellor LCWU appreciated Persian department’s efforts in organizing literary / cultural functions .She especially appreciated Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi’s efforts for promoting Iran Pakistan’s relations as well as faculty and student. She also appreciated and congratulated Amber Zulfiqar student (MS Persian) for presenting such a beautiful documentary on Mirza Ghalib.

MS. Seema Sohail, Director, Institute of Languages and Cultures thanked the honorable guests and congratulated the HoD and her team for organizing such an admirable program. She also admired the performance of the participants and added that as the Persian department is successfully running its BS and MS Programme, now it is going to start Ph.D Programme as well.

Mr. Barkhurdari in his speech invited the audience’s attention to the fact that Ghalib’s most work is in Persian and as he himself prefers his Persian poetry so Persian language should be learnt.

Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi thanked the honorable guests for gracing the function with their presence and thanked worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Ms. Seema Sohail and Director General Iran. Mr. Barkhurdari for their cooperation. In the end souvenirs were presented to the honorable guests and participants.

“Significance of Oriental Languages”

Iqbal Society of Persian Department Lahore College for Women University, Lahore with the Collaboration of Benazir Bhutto arranged a seminar on “Significance of Oriental Languages” on 18th February 2014. Mr. Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman Shami, Senior Journalist and Dr. Iqbal Shahid, Chairman Persian Department, Govt. College University Lahore were the Chief Guests. The Seminar started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Shireen Naqvi student of BS III Persian then Dr. Faleeha Kazmi Introduced the honorable guests to the audience and invited them to present their valuable views on the topic. Both the guests were on the opinion that oriental languages had an important role in our golden history and heritage and they emphasized that special attention should be paid to promote these languages to that our culture heritage, values and specially our national language Urdu is a combination of different languages from Persian may be restored.

A large number of eminent Personalities of the University, Faculty members as well students attended the seminar. At the end Dr. S. Faleeha Kazmi, HOD Persian Deptt & Mrs. Muneeza Hashmi, Chairperson BB Chair thanked the honorable guests & presented bouquets. The programme was followed by a delightful tea.

Lecture on “Iqbal & Young Generation”

Department of Persian, Iqbal Society celebrated Iqbal’s 137th birthday on Wednesday 27th Nov 2013. Professor Dr. Muhammad Nasir (Ph.D Tehran Post Doc. Cambridge) from oriental college, Punjab University was the Speaker Guest. Among other honorable guests included chief guest Mrs Naushaba Farooq, Registrar, LCWU and Director Institute of Languages & Cultures, Mrs Riffat Saqlain Dean Social Sciences and Head of Economics Department, Mrs.Mubina Ali Head of Pakistan Studies Department, Mrs. Samina Head of Punjabi Department.

The function was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Amna Batool (BS III). Dr Nasir in his address invited the audience’s attention to the learning of Persian language for the understanding of Iqbal’s message. He explained in very simple words Iqbal’s reknowned “Falsfa Khudi” that it is just to have knowledge of one’s inner self, inner potentialities and the right way and direction of their usage. Conveying Iqbal’s massage to the new generation Dr.Nasir said that Muslim women should follow Hazrat Fatima’s (Alaih-i-Salam) life as a role model and lead a simple but ambitious life. Students as well as faculty members asked various questions related to Iqbal’s thinking and Dr. Nasir answered and satisfied them in a very impressive way. Mrs. Naushaba in her address admired the lecture and the effort of the Persian Department for the promotion of Iqbal’s ideology among new generation. Dr.S.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi thanked the Chief Guest, Guest Speaker and other honorable guests and presented beautiful bouquets to them.

Ameer Khusrow & National Harmony

Persian Department’s Iqbal Society arranged a “Mehfil-e-Samaa” to pay tribute to Ameer Khusrow a famous mystic Persian, Urdu poet of Sub-Continent. Samaa is a term for singing mystical poetry with specific musical instruments (i.e. Tabla, Harmonium etc) in a specific manner called Qawali. The singer is called Qawwal. Chief Guest of the function was Mrs. Asma Mamdot (MNA Muslim League N). Worthy Dr.Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor, Mrs. Sheeren Asad (Director Student Affairs) also graced the function with their presence.

The function was started with introduction of Amir Khusrow presented through a documentary by Miss Amber Zulfiqar. Students of Persian department also performed of Amir Khusrow’s folk poetry. A Qawali was also presented in this function and the Qawwal was Mr.Nadeem Jameel. Qawwal & his partners/Co-signers really brought a feeling of Samaa and everybody enjoyed it. Mrs.Asma Mamdot in her addressed praised the function. In the end Dr.S.Faleeha Zahra Kazmi head f Persian department thanked the honorable guests and presented beautiful bouquets.

Lecture on Mysticism

Department of Persian arranged a lecture on "Mysticism" by Mr.Sarfraz Ali Shah on 13th September Friday 2013. Mr. Sarfraz Ali Shah is a renowned Mystic as well as intellectual. He is the author of three books on mysticism named Faqeer, Faqeer Rang and Faqeer Nagri. As mysticism is a part of syllabai in Persian discipline, so this lecture was arranged to introduce the students to a mystic of our current life.

The program was started with recitation of holy Quran by Wajeeha Batool student of BS VII. Hira Gillani student of BS VII introduced the honorable guest to the students and teachers. Students and teachers asked various questions in their minds regarding the topic and Mr.Sarfraz Ali Shah made their confusions clear in a very soft and sophisticate manner.

In the end Dr. S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi head of Persian Department thanked the honorable guest and presented beautiful bouquet to Mr. Sarfraz Ali Shah. Tea was also arranged for the honorable guest and staff members.

A Tribute to Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Persian Department organized introductory session of the book titled “Pyam-e-Mashriq” by “Allama Iqbal” and translated in Urdu by “Faiz Ahmad Faiz” and republished by “Ali Hashmi” grandson of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The function was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Amna Batool student of B.S II.

Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Vice Chancellor of LCWU, Prof. Naushaba Farooq Dean Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Dr. Ali Hashmi grandson of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Dr. Abbas Famoori Director General Iran Cultural Centre Lahore, were the special guests of the ceremony and Ms. Salima Hashmi Health Minister Govt. of Punjab was the chief guest of the program. Students of semester viii & vi presented Iqbal & Faiz’s poetry which was very much liked by the audience. All the honourable guests expressed their views regarding the book.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Sabiha Mansoor appreciated Persian Department for organizing such a great ceremony. Ms. Salima Hashmi also admired the book and appreciated Persian Department’s efforts for organizing this ceremony and shared her father’s life with audience. Dr. Ali Hashmi said that this book is a precious gift for Iqbal & Faiz lovers.

In the end Dr. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi thanked all the honourable guests and presented bouquets to the special guests.

Tribute to Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabbasum


Persian Department arranged a musical & literary function to pay tribute to Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum the great Persian, Urdu and Punjabi poet and former Head of Persian Department GCU Lahore and founder of 1st Iran Cultural Centre, Lahore. Dr. Khaliq-ur- Rehman Vice Chancellor GCU was the chief guest. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Vice Chancellor LCWU, Prof.Naushaba Farooq registrar LCWU, Mr. Bani Asadi Council General of Iran in Lahore, Mr. Sultani Director General Iran Culture Centre Lahore, Dr. Iqbal Saqib Assistant Professor GCU Lahore, and Dr. Fouzia Tabassum Granddaughter of Sufi Tabassum Associate Professor Zoology Department Punjab University Lahore were the other honorable guests. The function was started with recitation of Holy Quran then Dr.Sabiha Mansoor welcomed the honorable guests.

Ms.Amber of Persian Department presented documentary film about life and works of Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum it also included tributary massages of Dr. Sabiha Mansoor Mrs. Naushaba Farooq and Dr.Fouzia Tabassum.Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Siddiqui and Dr. Fouzia Tabassum in their addresses threw light on his life and works and also shared some memories related to him. The audience also enjoyed Sufi Tabbasum’s poetry presented by the students of BS ii and musician Ustad Inayat. Iranian guests Mr. Bani Asadi & Mr.Sultani not only appreciated his services towards Persian language but also emphasized on spreading the message of peace & love presented by different Persian poets throughout the centuries like sheikh Abu-ul- Saeed Abu-ul-Khair, Mulana Room, Hafiz Sherazi & Allama Iqbal. Dr. Khaliq-ur- Rehman in his address paid tribute to Sufi Tabassum and appreciated Persian Department LCWU’s efforts for commemorating great teacher & poet Sufi Tabassum. He also assured for all kinds of cooperation to Persian Department LCWU for organizing such events in future as well.

In the end Dr. S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi Head of Persian Department thanked the honorable guests and presented bouquets to them.

1st Ever Persian Drama in LCWU

Persian department L.C.W.U 1st time organized and presented a Persian drama titled “Majlis-e-Ayadat organized by Dr. Shahida Alam Asst. Professor Persian Department. Story of the drama was based on Iran’s famous modern writer Mohammad Hijazi’s short story “Majlis-e-Ayadat”.

Students of Persian Department Nida Ali Ghazi, Anam Taj Din, Hira Gillani, Maryam Munir, Wajeeha Batool, Ayesha Sikandar, Mavra Khan, Qurat-ul-Ain Amir, Rabia Asif & Samana Imran participated in the play. Theme of the play was to correct one’s own character instead of blaming and criticizing others.

The play was presented at LCWU auditorium before a huge audience & was very much appreciated. Dr. Faleeha Kazmi Head of Persian Department has shown her commitment been up such activities & present more informative, recreation based programs in future as well so that student may take part in extra-curricular activities & their hidden qualities may come forth.

Persian Poetry recitation competition

A Persian poetry recitation competition was held in Persian department on 6th March 2013. Students of Persian major from BS IV, VI& VIII participated in the competition. Mrs. Riffat Saqlain, Dean LCWU was the chief guest Dr. Surraya, Chief Proctor LCWU was also invited. Dr. Naseem Akhtar, Ex Professor & Chairperson Persian Department Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Dr. Mrs. Humaira Babar, Head of Urdu Department LCWU Mrs. Samina Arifa Incharge Academmic Wing Iran Culture Centre were the Judges of this competition. Comparing of the function was performed by Miss Maria Umar.

The function was started with recitation of Holy Quran then following students participated and recited the poetry mentioned before their names:

1. Rabia Asif (IV Semester)
(By Ghalib) آزادگی است سازی اما صداندارد

2. Amna Azam (VIII Semester)
(By Iraqi Hamdani) مراجز عشق توجانی نمی بینم نمی بینم

3. Maryam Munir and Anum Taj Din (VI Semester)
(Poetry of Iqbal with Translation by Faiz Ahmed Faiz)عقلی کہ جہان سوزد یک جلوہ بیباکش

4. Syeda Shirin Zehra Naqvi (IV Semester)
یارب درون سینہ دل با خبربدہ
دربار دہ نشہ رانگرم آن نظربدہ (By Hafiz Shirazi)

5. Syeda Hira Gillani ( VI Semester)
دلبر جانان من،برد دل و جان من
برد دل و جان من، دلبر جانان من (By Hafiz Shirazi)

6. Aysha Sikandar and Mavra Khan (VI Semester)
صورت نپرستم من بت خانہ شکستم من
آن سیل سبک سیرم ھربند گستم من (By Iqbal)

7. Wajiha Batool (VI Semester)
مثنوای دوست کہ غیراز تو مرا یاری ھست (By Saadi)

“Hafiz Sherazi's Ideology on Ishq”

Prof. Dr. Nasreen Akhtar, retired professor head of Persian Department, Principal Oriental College Punjab University, author of various books in Persian literature, delivered her lecture titled Hafiz’s ideology of ishq.

The programme started with recitation of holy Quran by Amna Batool student of B.S 2 then Miss Sara Bukhari introduced the honorable guest to the students. Later on Dr. Nasreen Akhtar delivered a comprehensive lecture on the topic whereby she elaborated that the ishq in hafiz’s lyrics is so mixed with divine ishq that it can’t be aparted that’s why it is said that saint and drinker dance alike on the lyrics of hafiz however use of vine in his poetry is just symbol of divine ishq otherwise in his whole life he never drunk.

At the end students were invited to ask questions and she remarkably answered and enlightened the minds of the whole audience. Dr.S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi head of Persian Department thanked the honorable guest and presented a beautiful bouquet to Dr. Nasreen Akhtar on the behalf of Persian department.

International Seminar “Role of Calligraphy in Culture & Heritage”

A seminar aimed at promoting calligraphy was arranged at Persian department of Lahore College for Women University on Thursday, 27th oct.2012.

Many honorable guests like, (vice Chancellor of. L.c.w.u Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Director General of Iran cultural center Dr. Abbas Ali Famori, Head of Persian department Dr. Faleeha Kazmi, Dean Prof. Naushaba Farooq, President PCHIS Mr. Muhammad Ali Jaferi, Deputy Secretary Department of cultural heritage Punjab Ms.Nighat Ch, and Registrar Dr. Silviya Benjamin) participated in the seminar titled “Role of Calligraphy in Cultural & Heritage”.

The well-known calligraphist Aslam Kamal was also invited, who delivered a lecture about the impact of calligraphy on Islamic Heritage. Vice Chancellor of LCWU said that the foundation of Iranology centre in LCWU is an example of friendship between Pakistan and Iran.

Director General of Iran Cultural Centre, Abbas Ali Famori said in his speech that the cultural heritage of Pakistan is same as of Iran and I feel that Lahore and Tehran are same cities due to their cultural heritage.

The head of Persian department Dr. Faleeha Kazmi also said in her address that through the lecture of Aslam Kamal the importance of calligraphy is emerged and we will start a short course on calligraphy with coordination of fine arts department.

Visit of Director Iran Pakistan in Iranology Centre

Mr. Qeharman Sulemani (Director Iran-Pakistan Institute of Persian studies, Islamabad), visited Persian department LCWU along with his wife Khanum Bayat a famous Persian short story writer. Mr. Qeharman Sulemani addressed the students of Persian department and highlighted the role of Institute in promoting Persian Language and Literature in Pakistan.

He also insured that the institute will encourage and support the students as well as the faculty members in their research project. He invited Persian department and the students to visit the Iran-Pakistan institute of Persian studies in Islamabad. Khanam Bayat also addressed the students and discussed about the evolution of Persian short stories in the last few decades.
In the end Mrs. Noushaba Farooq Dean Language and Culture thanks the honor able guests for visit and presented them beautiful bouquet.

Iqbal Day

Iqbal day was held in Lahore College for Women University Lahore on 21-11-2012 with coordination of Persian, Urdu & English department Mr. Ahmed Rafique, Famous scholar was invited as Chief guest topic of the day was “اقبال اور نژاد نو “(Iqbal & new generation The program was started with recitation of Holy Quran by Amna Batool student of BS 2 Persian then Dr. Faleeha Kazmi, Head of Persian Department welcomed the honor able guest and introduce him with audience she also presented Iqbal’s poetry from his book “ Asrar-e-Khudi ” .
Dr. Humaira, Head of Urdu Department also welcomed and thank honor able guest. Prof. Rafique Ahmed, keeping in views the topic of the day delivered a lecture and invited the students to understanding of Holy Quran. In the end Prof. Noushaba Farooq, Director Institute of Languages & Culture thanked the honor able guest and presented him a beautiful bouquet.

Lecture of Iranian Professor Dr. Bajwand

Professor Bajwand, a scholar from the University of Science and technology, Tehran delivered a special lecture at Iranology center Lahore College for Women University, Lahore on Friday. He said that Pakistan and Iran have a common heritage in literature and culture can cooperate in many academic areas like technology, literature, art and research.

He further said that student exchange program can increase cooperation in academics Saadi Sherazi and Allama Muhammad Iqbal are equally popular in both brother countries. Prof. Bajwand said that Iranian government is taking steps to take women in all fields of life and are known atomic scientist in Iran is a lady. He highlighted the literacy work of Sheikh Saadi Sherazi and answered the questions from students.

Mrs. Riffat Saqlain, Dean of arts, Noushaba Farooq, project Director Iranology Center Faleeha Kazmi, faculty members and students of the Persian Department were also present on this occasion. Project Director Iranology Centre Faleeha Kazmi said that it is the first event by our Centre. She added that the Centre will establish a strong bond between the two nations i.e., Iran and Pakistan. There has been an extraordinary plan of Lahore College for Women University, Lahore in Iran through the Iranology center. It has developed an active collaboration between Iranian Universities and Lahore College, the largest Women University in Asia having ten thousand students.

Iranology Centre was established last month and the main purpose of the creation of the library-cum-seminar room in the Centre is to provide approach to young women graduates and library scholars to Persian language and literature. It is also functioning to familiarize them with the rich culture and traditions of Iran. The has a computer lab, a LCD TV, a water dispenser, tiles (imported from Mashhad, Iran) and furniture and fixture by the Iran government.

Inauguration of Iranology Centre

On Wednesday 22nd February Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa inaugurated the Iranology Centre and Language Laboratory at the Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.

Iranian counsel general in Lahore M. Hussain Bani Asadi, Iranian cultural Centre director general Dr. Abbas Famoori, Governor of Punjab Sardar Latif Khan Khosa and Vice Chancellor LCWU, Lahore Dr. Sabiha Mansoor spoke on the occasion.

Vice chancellor said the Persian department is one of the oldest departments of our university. This important of this department has justified its existence in universities and contributed to its growth. The development has produced prominent scholars like Dr. Arfa Syeda, Ms. Kishwar Nabeed and Ms. Shabana Shakeel who have enhanced its statistics and status. She preheated flow less efforts of Dr.S. Faleeha Zahra Kazmi who is project director of Iranology Centre.

Iqbal’s Poetry recitation Competition

Iran Culture Centre organized a competition on recitation of Iqbal’s poetry to observe Iqbal’s day on 21st Nov, 2009. A group of students from LCWU, Lahore visited Iran Culture Centre and participated in the Iqbal’s day celebration.

Many colleges and universities participated in this recitation competition from all over Lahore. The following students participated in the competition from LCWU, Lahore.

1. Syeda Fiza Batool BS (Hons) Persian
2. Wameeza Rabani BS (Hons) Persian
3. Syeda Qurat–ul–Ain BS (Hons) Persian
4. Irfa Farooqui FA (Part II)

Our students out numbered other participants with their performance. They secured top positions. Syeda Fiza Batool, Wameeza Rabani and Syeda Qurat–ul–ain stood first in their group and Irfa Farooqui secured third position.