Directorate of Research


Directorate of Research was originated by the university authorities of Lahore College for Women University, during 2005. The Directorate of Research has been instrumental in facilitating the affiliated Colleges of LCWU to undertake multiple sponsored projects for capacity building and applied research over the years. The main purpose of this Directorate is to encourage the members of academic staff­ to promote research activities within the University, to advise and help in planning and preparing research projects, to provide facilities for the running projects, to recommend nancial aids for new projects on the advice of the Research Committee. The Directorate is always in contact with various local and overseas funding agencies to get research grants for projects of national interests. It also tries to develop collaboration with various research organizations so as to establish joint research projects.

In addition to producing high quality publications, the University faculty is engaged in doing innovative research, development of technologies and commercialization of these technologies and taking them to the end users through technology transfer and outreach system. Faculty research projects also provide distinctive learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and research funding drives local and regional economic development.

At LCWU, we take part in generating new knowledge for the benifet of present and future generations. Our target oriented faculty fully understands the trends of business, economics, history, art, literature, law, religion, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Realization of the environmental challenges, growing demand of human needs for quality of life in terms of health and education and issues of gender equity are the augmenting factors for the applied research at LCWU. In this spirit of discovery and contribution to the society, we train future generations of scholars, scientists, educators and world leaders with critical thinking and problem solving skills.

As a national leader in education and research, the LCWU plays a pivotal role in the development of the intellectual framework and training of the individuals that could guide society's use of natural, technical and human resources. Through its educational and research missions, the University is contributing eff­ectively to address issues of population, resource management, pollution and social change.

Following types of projects are undertaken by different Faculties and Institutes of the University:

• National and Internationally funded projects

• Sponsored research projects

• Industrial collaborative projects

• University funded projects

• Consultancy projects

• Testing projects

LCWU has well equipped science laboratories where fundamental and applied research for development and testing for special purposes are carried out. Fully equipped language laboratory, well designed art studio, excellent studios and laboratories of mass communication, computer science and enriched libraries provide excellent environment to carry out innovative academic and research activities for students, faculty, visiting scientists and professors from other universities of Pakistan and abroad. We emphasize on quality research by integrating research and practice with service and policy development.