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Research Papers Published in Journals 

Maryam Wasif, Ghias-Ul-Haq (2011). Public Transport: An Inferior Good-A Case Study of Lahore.Interdisciplinary.   Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Volume III, No. 1, p1363. 

M. WasifSiddiqui, Mazhar-Ul-HaqBaluch and Maryam Wasif(1999).Cost Dilemma for Higher Education Study of Inter and Degree Colleges. Pakistan Economic and Social Review, Volume XXXVII, No. 2 (Winter 1999), pp. 183-196. http://www.jstor.org/stable/25825196 

Mazhar-Ul-HaqBaluch, Maryam Wasif and M. Wasif Siddiqui (1997). Off- Farm Employment and Income of Farm Families in Rural Punjab.  Pakistan Economic and Social Review Volume XXXV, No. 2 (Winter 1997), pp. 197-221http://www.jstor.org/stable/25825162 

Muhammad Wasif Siddiqi, Mazhar-Ul-Haq and Maryam Wasif(1995).Saving Pattern of Rural Families in Punjab. Pakistan Economic and Social Review, XXXIII, No. 1/ 2 (Summer/Winter 1995), pp. 137-148http://www.jstor.org/stable/25825128

Nuzrat Yar Khan, Naghmana Ghafoor, Rabia Iftikhar, and Maria Malik. (2011). Urban Annoyances and Mental Health in the City of Lahore, Pakistan. M .Journal of Urban Affairs. Volume XXXIV, No.3, pp. 297-315.

Khan, N.Y., Abdullah, Y., Naghmana Ghafoor Iqbal. A. (2011). Ecosystem Health of the Indus River Watershed: Socioeconomic Impacts and BehavioralResponses of the Communities to the Environmental Degradation in Ravi-Chenab Watershed. HEC Project Report.

Gul Zareen Ghafoor , Ejaz Mahmood,  Ahmed Qureshi , Naghmana Ghafoor & Laila Shehzad. (2014). Health Status and Hygiene Practices in SSlums: A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan. Biologia. Volume LX, No.2, pp. 273-278.

Mehr-un-Nisa and Mohammad Nishat. (2011). The Determinants of Stock Prices in Pakistan. Asian Economic and Financial Review. Volume I, No. 4, pp. 276-291.

Azeem, M. M.,Munawwar, S.,&Mushtaq, K. (2012). An Empirical Analysis of factors affecting food (wheat) inflation in Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agriculture Sciences. Volume. LXVIX, No. 2, pp. 199-203.

Khalil Ahmad &  Sajida Wajid, (2013). What matter for Economic Growth in Pakistan Fiscal Policy or its composition. Asian Economic and Financial Review. Volume III, No. 2, pp. 196-215.

Zainab Akram, Sajida Wajid, Tahir Mahmood, & Shoiab Sarwar. (2011). Impact of poor Governance of income Inequality on poverty in Pakistan. Far East Journal of Psychology and Business. Volume. IV c., No. 4, pp. 43-55.

Bushra Mushtaq, Syeda Azra Batool and Muhammad Afzal (2014). Globalization, Technology Tranformaton and Economic Development: A case Study of Pakistan. African Journal of Marketing Management, Volume VI, No. 5, pp. 56-67

Working Papers

Duryab Fatima (2014), Education, Employment and Women's Say in Household Decision Making in Pakistan (Working Paper No. 04-14). Lahore: Centre for Research in Economics and Business.


Shafi Mariuam and Asghar, Zahid (2015), Tax Policy and Economic Growth: by using Semi-Parametric Approach, AMTR. MPRA Paper No. 66662. https://ideas.repec.org/p/pra/mprapa/66662.html

Conference/Seminar/Workshop (Organized by Department)

“How to write a research proposal” (2016), Department of Economics, LCWU, Lahore

“A Seminar on China Pak Economic Corridor” (2016), Faculty of Management and Administrative Sciences,     LCWU, Lahore

“How to select a research topic” (2016), Department of Economics, LCWU, Lahore

“Handling of primary Data” (2016), DFDI, Department of Economics, LCWU, Lahore

 Paper presented in Conferences

Rizvi ,Tayyaba (2007), “Stability of Demand for Import Function in Pakistan”. Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

Javed, N., Rehman, A. and Duryab Fatima, (2014).Mortgage Finance in Housing Sector of Punjab and Urban Land Records. Proceedings of the 9th Seminar on Urban and Regional Planning: Housing For All. NED University of Engineering and Technology. Karachi.

Amber, Hina (2016), “Impact of and Physical Infrastructure on Economic growth of Pakistan”, University of Management Sciences and Information Technology, Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

Zafar, Khadija (2016), “Efficiency Analysis of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: A Stochastic Approach”, University of Management Sciences and Information Technology, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

Amber, Hina and Zafar, Khadija (2017), “Impact of Innovations on Economic Growth: A Time Series Analysis” Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar

Ishtiaq, Isma and Rubab, Amna (2017), “The Long Run Impact of Energy Consumption and Urbanization on Economic Growth of Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis” Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar.

Shafi, Mariuam (2017) “An Empirical Analysis of Rail Demand in Case of Pakistan”, Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar.

International Conference Proceedings:

Mariuam Shafi (2016)."Challenges for Women Entrepreneurship in Pakistan" Ist International Conference on Business, Economics & Education Management. ICBM Sukkur IBA,