Quality Enhancement Cell


The development of Quality Assurance is a continuous process and therefore, continuity of strategies, actions and efforts is a prerequisite for quality in higher education. Quality Assurance including its processes, procedures and outcomes of assessment is a challenge and its management is even a greater challenge to practitioners seeking workable guidelines, evidences of good practices and tools that will facilitate the process. 
At LCWU QEC has been working since 2009 under the umbrella of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The Higher Education Commission is making concerted efforts to improve the quality of higher education and to make university education come up to the international standards in the provision of high-quality teaching, learning, research and service. QEC has been focusing on internal quality assurance through implementation of Self-Assessment mechanism on parameters recommended by HEC. Meta quality assurance system is also seen by QEC by implementation of Institutional Performance Evaluation standards at LCWU. The fulfillment of requirements of different stakeholders are also analyzed by QEC through implementation of different survey forms as advised by HEC. Ranking of University at National and International level is another important task which has to be looked after by QEC.    

Also, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) at HEC and Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) at higher education institutions are responsible for undertaking their responsibilities and functions based on the best principles of quality assurance namely openness, transparency, fairness, equity and accountability as practiced in the rest of the world.