Quality Enhancement Cell

Director's Message

In order to build up our economic life and to compete with the world which is moving very fast in the direction of higher education and scientific research, there is an immediate and urgent need for training of our youth in terms of scientific and technical education. Since, in the past, sufficient attention has not been paid to the higher education, therefore, if we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must address this question and revise an educational policy and programs of higher education on the lines suited to the genius of our youth, consonant with our history, culture and latest scientific / technological advancement of the world.

To facilitate the University to be a world-class centre of education, priority be given to the higher education which plays a pivotal role in development of both human beings and modern societies as it enhances social, cultural and economic development, active citizenship and ethical values. The University should be encouraged to peruse continuous quality improvement and promoting diversity of provision and beneficial collaboration to address the needs of students, employers and society across national and international communities.   
QEC is involved in evaluating the University’s academic programs to ensure that the internationally accepted standards are met and maintained. The quality enhancement is a process which enables us to determine new milestones and to set new goals after attaining the previous, this is a journey of achieving the standards near to perfection. Main task of QEC is to identify the strength and area of improvement through the prescribed evaluation procedure and to ensure the implementation and remedial measures.

Hadi Iqtadar

Director QEC