Faculty of Science & Technology

Faculty of Science & Technology

Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers quality programs leading to degrees in Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Zoology. The faculty and staff in our Faculty are committed to excellence in education, research and service and strive to provide special and personalized attention to each of our students.
The Faculty of Science represents a scientifically vital active society with diverse knowledge and cultures, having a group of distinguished professors, specialists, experts and prominent researchers, who are trying to achieve excellence, and who contribute significantly towards supporting the vision and mission of the University for the continuing evolution and enduring success. All members of the natural science faculty are competent academics and are actively involved in research, witnessed by publications in highly ranked academic journals.
In contemporary society, which is characterized by the fast-paced advancement of science and technology, researchers and engineers must deal with a diversity of new issues. Our students also play a substantial role in making our programs successful through hard work and persistence in finding solutions to challenging issues. The university produces researchers and engineers who acquire a more sophisticated ability to discover and resolve problems through more specialized studies and are equipped for extensive activity in society. Our new goals center on enhancing existing programs and building new programs, increasing our focus and integration of global and international competencies and experiences, deepening our community engagement, and intensifying our research and scholarship. 
 A large number of students major in various fields of natural sciences have been trained by our academic staff and faculty. The rate of success of our graduates, who enter in post-graduate programs, is higher than 90%. Many of our alumni work in the community and are successful individuals who contribute to the economic, social, and overall development and welfare of the country.
The Heads of Departments, faculty, staff and I myself welcome you to make the process of learning an enjoyable and empowering experience.
Prof. Dr Shagufta Naz
Dean Faculty of Science and Technology
Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz

Prof. Dr. Shagufta Naz

Faculty of Science and Technology


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