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Showcasing of SAP for British Parliamentarians

Students of LCWU working on SAP were given an opportunity to display their projects in front of the British Parliamentarians on 31st July , 2015 in British Council Office Lahore. Members of Parliament from the UK and British Council staff are:

1.         Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP (Scottish National Party)
2.         Hannah Bardell MP (Scottish National Party)
3.         Rehman Chishti MP (Conservative)
4.         Catherine West MP (Labour)
5.         Yasmin Qureshi MP (Labour)
6.         Siobhan Foster – External Affairs British Council
7.         Amy Hickson – Global Networks Team, British Council
8.         Peter Upton – Country Director, British Council Pakistan
9.         Sadia Rahman – Head of Programmes – Society, British Council

Six projects were displayed and a discussion session occurred about the efforts of students and the benefits they gain from ACP’s SAP. Project “Healing The Depressed Souls” got a chance to share their work with the delegates. It was Indeed a really precious experience and the support of our mentors Miss Asma Fakher and Miss Saima Asghar Riaz , that made us capable of doing it.

Healing the Depressed Souls

I, Mahwish Fatima, student of Institute of Pharmacy, LCWU along with my seven group members is working as a group leader on SAP of ACP for the old age homes in Pakistan particularly Lahore. It was really an honor to be a guest at Kay2 Sahar Mishi Khan Ke Saath and given an opportunity to talk about my project. Spreading my voice regarding the old age homes in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Jehlum and specially sharing my experience of working in Darul Kafala Lahore and telling how students are working for Active Citizens Program under British Council to bring a positive change in society.

I am so thankful to my mentors, who are a source of inspiration to me, the ones who always helped me in building up my confidence, it was the supervision and support of Ms Saima Asghar Riaz Director DFDI and Ms Asma Fakher  Head Active Citizens Programme (ACP)  that backed me up to step forward always with my work on old age homes. Their support had made me capable of representing Lahore College for women University for such a brilliant topic and thought which is going to bring a positive change in society.

Healing the Depressed Souls

Eight Students of Institiute of Pharmacy, Lahore College for Women University worked on a project on Old Age homes titled “Healing the Depressed Souls” under The British Council’s Social Action Project with the supervision of Ms Saima Asghar Riaz Director DFDI and Ms Asma Fakher  Head Active Citizens Programme (ACP) LCWU.

The aim of the project was to establish among the masses that everyone should give love and take care of old aged people including their parents as well as the senior citizen in the society and such old aged people who are not blessed with their caretakers and are living in the old age home deserve to live a life of dignity.

For this purpose the group leader Mahwish Fatima along with the other group members visited different old age home in Lahore, like Edhi Foundation, The Old Age Home Ferzepur road, Darul Kafala Defence and Afiyat Old Home. Darul Kafala as selected to perform project work. The project strategy included Councelling, psychotherapy sessions and awareness among masses via seminars, demonstrations, social media and brouchers.

Following activities were planned to reduce the depression and to relief the stress of old age home residents:

  • Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Stress Management
  • Counseling by Dr. Asma Saeed ( Psychotherapist at Rehab Centre Lahore)
  • Awareness Seminars at Arid Agriculture University RWP and Govt. Girls College  Jehlum
  • Exhibition at LCWU and Arid
  • Demonstration at Educators School
  • Participated in a Morning Show on a T.V channel for public awareness
  • Plantation Activity
  • Celebrated Birthday Party and Lunch at Darul Kafala
  • Played Games (Carum , Luddo, Badminton etc.)
  • Enhanced theit creativity by making Handicraft like Frames, Claypots, Decoration items by using different paints colours, spray, mirror work, goota, laces etc.
  • Arranged Volunteer visits and  taking gifts
  • First aid provision

For more details you can visit our page on facebook “Healing The Depressed Souls”.

Scientific Seminar and Poster Competition

The Institute of Pharmacy (LCWU) organized a "One Day Scientific Seminar & Poster Competition" on 11th March, 2015. Event was inaugurated by the esteemed Vice Chancellor (LCWU); Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor. She showed a keen interest in all the posters displayed for competition and appreciated the efforts of students and faculty for putting in their best for organizing the event.
The formal event started with a welcome address by Prof. Dr. Maqsood Ahmed; Director, Institute of Pharmacy. He gave a brief introduction of the institute and emphasized on the future goals and milestones for students and faculty. It was followed by an enlightening address by the Honorable Chief Guest; Dr. Sabiha Mansoor to the participants of poster competition, faculty members & guest speakers from Pharmaceutical industries, academia and hospitals. She conferred on the need for a multidisciplinary approach towards a continual research and education.
Guest speakers for the Scientific session were; Dr. Tahir Aziz Mughal, Associate Director Pharmacy- SKMCH, Lahore. Dr. Atif Usman (GCU- Faisalabad), Dr. Mohd. Salman Hussain (Ph.D scholar Pharmacy practice- Malaysia) & Dr. Shumail Nayyar, Chief Pharmacist- Gulab Devi Hospital, Lahore. They highlighted the role of Pharmacist in different Practice settings focusing on the importance of Pharmacy practices.

Souvenirs were distributed among the students securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in Poster Competition in the Concluding Session.
1st position: Amna Rehman & Taneem Ayesha (Rational use of Metformin in the management of Diabetes Mellitus type- II
2nd position: Hira Tasneem & Huda Shahbaz (Pharmacoepidemiology of Ascites and associated complications in hospitalised patients)
3rd position: Irsa Jamal & Amna Saeed (Pharmacist's interventions in reducing the incidences of Drug Related Problems in any practice setting)

Preparatory Training Programme

Department of Pharmacy, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) in collaboration with Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC,) LCWU. arranged a fifteen days (15 days) Training Program “ Preparatory Training Program for the candidates appearing in Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) and Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Examination” that elapsed from 26-08-2013 to 10-09-2013. In this Program, 21 qualified pharmacists participated as appearing candidates from different Universities of Punjab. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor inaugurated the Training Program on 26th August 2013. Whole faculty of Pharmacy took part in the conduction of the program.

The basic aim of this training was to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills in different disciplines of Pharmacy required to get through PPSC and FPSC examination. Dr. Humaira Majeed Khan was the organizer of this preparatory Training Program. Lectures were delivered by Faculty of Pharmacy, LCWU and the field professional pharmacists. Mr. Moazzam Ali Khan (Secretary,PQCB), Mr. Jameel Anwar (Director, DTL), Mr. Ayaz Ali Khan (Drug Controller, Punjab), Mr. Tahir Aziz Mughal (Director Pharmacy, Shaukat Khanam Hospital), Mr. Azhar Ali Khan (Director, Department of Pharmacy, Govt. Of Punjab), Khawaja Tahir Mahmood (Director, Johar Institute of Professional Studies), Chaudhary Shamoon (Secretary and Central member, Punjab Pharmacy Council of Pakistan) participated in training as resource persons. Resource Persons from the Department of Pharmacy, who worked dedicatedly to empower the appearing candidates with knowledge and skills, were Ms. Mobina Manzoor (Incharge, Department of Pharmacy), Dr. Humaira Majeed Khan (Organizer), Ms. Hafsa Afzal (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy), Ms. Surriya Naheed (Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy), Ms. Sumaira Latif (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy), Ms. Farah Batool (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy), Dr. Munaza Riaz (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy), Dr. Misbah Hameed (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy), Dr. Bushra Ali Shirazi (Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy). 

In Certificate Distribution Ceremony on 09-09-2013, Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Abbasi (Chairman, Novamed Pharmaceuticals Pvt limited), Mr. Mohammad Idrees (Chief Executive Novamed Pharmaceuticals), Mr. Tahir Iqbal (Managing Director Novamed Pharmaceuticals) participated as guests of honour with their team. Mr. Shafique Abbasi announced full co-operation to promote research in department of Pharmacy.  It was announced by him that two best Pharm-D students would be awarded jobs in his Industry. Post graduate students shall be facilitated at all levels. Vice Chancellor, as Chief Guest, expressed her gratitude towards the guests and highlighted the importance of this Program and industry collaboration with Educational Institutes of Pharmacy.

Dr. Ismat Naeem, Director ORIC, emphasized on the new trends in Pharmaceutical Industry. At the end of Certificate Distribution Ceremony, Dr. Humaira Majeed Khan thanked all the participants and guests for their precious time.

‘This is hepatitis… Know it. Confront it. Prevent it'

Keeping this slogan in mind, students of LCWU set out to ignite the light of awareness among masses on Friday, June 14, 2013. With full zeal and gusto, Hepatitis Awareness Seminar and Poster Competition was organized by group of students (4th Prof, Department of Pharmacy, LCWU) as a part of their social action project allotted to them after routine approval from Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization, LCWU and British Council of Pakistan to promote social action activities within the institute and outside under the supervision of ACP Facilitators, Dr. Humaira M.Khan, Mrs.Hafza Afzal, Ms.Sumaira Latif. It was organized in collaboration with Students’ Patient Welfare Society, King Edward Medical University under the title “This is Hepatitis…Know it. Confront it. Prevent it”. The purpose of this social action programme was to educate people and increase vaccination rate to prevent the spread of Hepatitis in Pakistan.

Dr. Ammara Jamil, Assistant Professor East Medicine shared her knowledge about the statistics of Hepatitis cases in Pakistan and its possible causes. She explained that medical students being health care professionals are at higher risk to acquire Hepatitis B and C infections.

Dr. Somia Iqtadar, Asst Professor North Medicine delivered the lecture on how to control the spread of Hepatitis C. She also encouraged the students to donate blood after getting screened for Hepatitis B and

Project leader Komal Haleem, 4th Prof Pharm.D (LCWU) gave presentation emphasizing on the methods of prevention and motivated the students to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. She also briefly described the objectives and goals of her project and said that such little efforts will add up to build a "Hepatitis free Pakistan" INSHALLAH.

Huda Hamid, 4th Prof Pharm.D (LCWU) gave multimedia presentation explaining the health benefits of exercise and liver cleansing foods.

Dr.Saira Afzal, Head of Department Community Medicine, graced the event as the Chief guest & Judge. She awarded certificates to the winners of Poster Competition. In her address, she admired the creative skills of the participants and appreciated the joint efforts of the students of Deptt of Pharmacy, LCWU and KEMU for this noble cause. She gave her invaluable suggestions about how every student can play his part to save the lives of many people.

In the poster competition, 1st position was secured by Rida Tariq (AHS, KEMU).
2nd position was secured by Amna Tahir (LCWU).
Yoanna David (LCWU) claimed 3rd position.

The jury of the competition comprised of teachers of department of community medicine under supervision of Dr.Saira Afzal (HOD community Medicine).

The environment all got stirred with chuckles and cheers when quiz was conducted to test the knowledge of the students after the seminar. Quiz consisted on questions regarding Hepatitis A, B and C. Prizes were distributed among the winners of the quiz competition.

Later on, Ms.Humaira Sarfraz, President of SPWS, paid a vote of thanks to the chief guest Dr.Saira Afzal and all the senior faculty members from Community Medicine for their support. She said that this successful awareness campaign is the fruit of the collaborative labour of the students from LCWU and KEMU and appreciated the hardwork of the organizers Amna Tahir and Arslan Ali for managing the tasks at hand so well.

At the end of the seminar, Mrs. Asma Fakhr, Head of International Resource Center, LCWU, congratulated the project leader, Komal Haleem and the entire team of LIVEright LIVERight for the positive social impact they are creating while working under this Active Citizen Program. She appreciated the monumental efforts of the students of Pharmacy deptt in the health sector to protect people from these deadly diseases.

This event was placed in “THE NATION”, “NAWAI WAQT”, “EXPRESS” and “NAYEE BAAT” newspapers. 

Prime Minister of UK Mr. David Cameron

Student of Department of Pharmacy, LCWU Amna Saeed met Prime Minister of UK Mr. David Cameron as Representative of Young Active Citizens of Pakistan.

Amna Saeed (Dept. of Pharmacy, LCWU) was the only university students among  10 other youth from all over Pakistan selected by the British Council to engage in a dialogue with Prime minister of United Kingdom Mr. David Cameron, on the maiden visit of a UK PM to Pakistan.  Amna Saeed was also selected to receive and escort Mr. Cameron at Pakistan monument Islamabad on 30th June.

Amna showed Mr. David Cameron around the Pakistan Monument and highlighted its significance. She also apprised him about the diverse culture of Pakistan and its key issues. The Prime Minister appreciated that she is a pharmacy student, from a women university, doing a social action project on agriculture and knows about history and political situation of Pakistan as well. Members of British council also appreciated her efforts and contribution to make this historical event successful.

Innovative agriculture-KITCHEN GARDENING”

An informative Seminar on “Innovative agriculture-KITCHEN GARDENING” was organized by group of students (4th Prof, Department of Pharmacy) LCWU as a part of their social action project allotted to them after routine approval from Directorate of Faculty Development and Internationalization, LCWU and British Council of Pakistan to promote social activities within the institute and outside. It was organized in collaboration with Institute of Agriculture Sciences, University Of The Punjab dated 30th May 3013 under the title of Innovative agriculture-KITCHEN GARDENING. The purpose of this social action project was to promote the growing of fresh vegetables & fruits at economical rate through kitchen gardening.

Welcome address was given by Prof.Dr. Saleem Haider, Director, Institute of Agriculture Sciences (I.A.G.S), University of the Punjab. In his address, he admired the participation of academia, students and society to promote healthy and informative activities through such projects. He appreciated the joint efforts of the students, Dept. of Pharmacy (LCWU) and Institute of Agriculture Sciences for promotion of “kitchen gardening, an innovative agriculture science.

Project leader Amna Saeed (4th Prof, Pharm.D , LCWU) gave multi-media presentation on introduction, objectives and goals of the project. She said that her major emphasis is on implementation of “Kitchen Gardening” at all levels of community. Ultimate goal of this project was to bring “A HEALTHY CHANGE IN SOCIETY THROUGH FOOD”.

Students of I.A.G.S, Tehseen Aslam and Fariha Ali gave presentation on “Practical Approach To Kitchen Gardening”. They gave awareness about sowing, growing and cultivation of vegetables at home. They also told about different types of gardening at home in which small areas can be utilized effectively.

Irsa Jamal & Ahada Moin , 4th Prof. Pharm.D (LCWU), gave presentation on “The Health Facts about vegetables grown at home” in which they told about the medicinal and nutritional values of vegetables.

Later on Mr.Saeed Mughal , an agriculture specialist and member of agriculture journalists association, appreciated the organizers of the project , the teachers and students that has produced a healthy change with multi-directional impacts on society. He congratulated the academia and students. He said that it’s a effective collaboration of both departments may produce quality health of under privileged members of society at economical rate.Mr. Saeed’s effort to highlight the activity in media was also appreciated in the conference..

Lastly, Dr Humaira M.Khan (Facilitator, Dept.of Pharmacy, LCWU) paid vote of thanks to the Director Institute of agriculture sciences , the faculty members specially Sir Adnan Zahid & Dr. Shafique for making all necessary arrangements for the seminar and encouraging the students. Later on, she paid thanks to the reporters from media for their comprehensive coverage. She admired the effort of Amna Saeed along with 18 members of this project. Then she gave a brief introduction of The department of pharmacy, LCWU and the efforts of Vice Chancellor, LCWU regarding provision of quality education and skill development in Dept. of Pharmacy.

Feedback forms were filled by all the participants at the end of seminar. A promotional stall of seeds was also arranged by group members.

This seminar was covered by Punjab TV & City 42 and placed in “EXPRESS” and “NAYEE BAAT” newspapers.

Workshop on Animal Handling

A workshop was conducted on “Animal Handling” in laboratory of Pharmacology by Department of Pharmacy, LCWU on March 6, 2013 for Pharmacy and M.Phil students of Pharmacology under the guidance of Dr. Humaira M Khan who explained the importance and need of workshop.

After wards guest speaker Dr. Ali Hamed, Incharge, Experiemental Research Laboratory, UHS delivered a very practical and informative lecture on animal handlinh. All faculty members and students attended the lecture that continued for two hours. At the end, students asked different questions related to the topic.

Practical demonstration was done by Dr. Ali Ahmad and his assistant Mr. Ishtiaq in Pharmacology Laboratory, LCWU. He explained different routes of administration of drugs in experimental animals like intravenous, intramuscular, intra subcutaneous, handling of Albino Rats and mice, drawing blood from rabbit’s ears and monitoring of different parameters during experimental procedure.

He also explained the habitat and parturition time of different animals. He demonstrated, what to do and what not to do with experimental animals during investigation.

At the end of workshop, it was emphasized that there was a dire need of establishing animal house in Lahore College for Women University for research  purpose of all science students.