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Internship is the necessary part of BS and MS gender studies programs. The duration of the internship is usually of 6 weeks. Students visited different NGOs and institutions for the completion of their course requirements as well as to get the practical knowledge in the field.

The institutes where students usually visit for internship program:

1. Social welfare department
2. Women development division
3. Strengthening participatory organization
4. Aurat foundation
5. Gender reform action plan
6. Bunyad foundation
7. Action aid
8. First women bank
9. Shirkat gah women’s resource centre
10. Fatima memorial hospital
11. Mayo hospital
12. Services hospital
13. Punjab institute of cardiology
14. Banks
15. Kashaf foundation
16. Women business incubation centre(WBIC)
17. Small and medium enterprise development authority (SMEDA)
18. Human rights defenders