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History is a Muse of all knowledge. It includes the local history, national history, world history and the history of civilization. So, in line with the university mission to provide instruction, research and dissemination of knowledge of the world, the Department of History is committed to develop its capacity in a number of fields of historical studies. The students should, therefore, become useful citizens and intellectual engines of social change for the future. The department strives to ensure high quality teaching, strong research activity, valuable service to community and effective contribution to the development of the country emphasizing high level of professionalism and human values.
•    To acquire knowledge of historical concepts, develop analytical and critical thinking to facilitate analysis of real life system.
•    To do independent studies, communicate historical skills for those who seek a career as teachers and researchers of History, assist those who need historical knowledge for other disciplines to acquire the relevant skills of using historical techniques and the data of History for their own disciplines and generally enhance the social historical consciousness in all students so that they become better citizens.
•    To function in teams, develop oral and written communication skills, contribute to society with good professional manners and human values and traditions.