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Academic Programs

The courses of History as minor subject are being taught to the students of BS 4 year degree programme in various major disciplines. The year 2011 is a milestone in the history of the department of History, because BS 4 year classes are being introduced in the university.
1.    History, Islamic Studies, Arabic
2.    History, Political Science, Pakistan Studies
3.    History, Gender Studies/Philosophy, Any Language
4.    History, Psychology, Education

Scheme of studies

Semester- I core/ compulsory subjects
English -1 Comp.
Islamic Studies Comp.
History of Muslim struggle for Pakistan; 1857-1929            

Semester- II
English –II Comp.
Pakistan studies  Comp.
Math  Comp.
History of Muslim Struggle for Independence;1930-1947

Semester –III
English –III Comp.
Introduction to Computer Comp.
History of  Pakistan; 1947-1971
Foreign policy of pakistan; 1947-2000

Semester -IV
English –IV Comp.
Stats Comp.
History of  Pakistan; 1971-1999
Ancient India

Semester- V
Muslims Rule in South Asia; 712- 1526 A.D
Ancient Civilization Early life to 600 A.D
History Islam; 610-750 A.D
History of Europe; 1453-1789
Introduction of Historigraphy & Philisophy of History

Semester- VI
History of Mughal Empire; 1526-1707
History of Umayyids & Abbasids; 661-1258
Muslim rule in Spain
Central Asia
Research Methodology
Semester –VII
Muslim Contributio to Art, Science & Architecture
Later Mughals & British India; 1707-1857
History of Punjab; 1707-1947
International Relation;s 1919-1989
Major-IX Research Proj
Semester –VIII
Major-IX Research Proj
History of Ottomam empire; 1288-1924
State & Society in Medieval India; 1206-1707
Modern Middle East; 1919-2000
Pakistan Society & Culture

FA Syllabus:
1.    History of Pakistan Movement     (FA Part I)
2.    History of Pakistan                    (FA Part II)