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BS International Relations [4 Years Degree Program]


I.R., Pol. Sc., Pak. Studies
I.R., Pol. Sc., Economics
I.R., Pak. Studies, Psychology
I.R., Pol. Sc., Any Language

Course Outline

Semester I

  • Introduction to International Relations

Semester II

  • Theories of International Relations

Semester III

  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan-I
  • Diplomacy
  • International Organizations
  • French/German

Semester IV

  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan-I
  • Diplomatic History of World 1914-1945
  • Regional Organizations
  • Human Rights and International Relations

Semester V

  • Diplomatic History of World 1945 till date
    • Globalization and International Relations-I
    • International Law-I (Laws of Peace)
    • US Foreign Policy towards South Asia
    • Arms Race in South Asia

Semester VI

  • International Financial Regimes
  • Global Issues During Post Cold War Era
  • Disarmament
  • International Law-II (Laws of War)
  • Research Methodology

Semester VII

  • Foreign Policy of Major Powers-I
  • Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
  • Geo Political Structure of the World/ European Union & Int-Relations
  • Conflict Resolution/Foreign Policy analysis
  • Defense and Strategic Studies

Semester VIII

  • Foreign Policy of Major Powers-II
  • Democratization of 21st Century / Issues of Muslim World
  • Nuclear Race and International Security
  • Dissertation / Internship