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Permanent Teaching Faculty:

Dr. Humaira Irshad, Associate Professor, M.A, M.Phil. Ph.D (PU)

Dr. Azmat Rubab, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. (A.I.O.U), PhD (P.U)

Dr. Shazia Razzaq, Assistant Professor, M.A, B.Ed., M.Phil. (P.U), Ph.D (PU)

Dr. Rehana Kausar, Assistant Professor, M.A, B.Ed. (P.U), M. Phil, PhD (G.C.U)

Dr. Azra Lateef, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), PhD (KU)

Ms. Alia Farooq, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), MS (LCWU) Registered in Ph.D (LCWU)

Mrs. Roheena Jaffery, Assistant Professor, M.A (P.U), MS (LCWU), Registered in Ph.D (LCWU)

Ms. Shahnaz Rizvi, Assistant Professor, M.A, (P.U) Registered in MS (LCWU)

Dr. Taqdees Zahra, Assistant Professor, M.A Urdu, History, M. Phil (PU), Ph.D (PU)

Dr. Tahira Sarwar, Assistant Professor, M.A (LCWU), M. Phil (G.C.U.) Ph.D (LCWU)

Dr. Noreen Razzaq, Assistant Professor, M.A, B. Ed, M. Phil (P.U), Ph.D (PU)

Ms Aziza Saeed, Assistant Professor, M.A, M. Phil (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (GCU)

Dr. Saima Shams, Assistant Professor,M.A (B.Z.U), M. Phil (A.I.O. U.), PhD (P.U.)

Ms. Naila Anjum, Lecturer, M.A (L.C.W.U.), B. Ed. (PU), M. Phil (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (GCU)

Ms. Qadeer Anjum, Lecturer, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. (G.C.U.) Registered in Ph.D (PU)

Ms Arooba Masroor, Lecturer, M.A (P.U) Registered in M.Phil Leading to Ph.D (PU)

Dr. Sadia Noor, Lecturer, M.A (P.U), M.Phil. Ph.D (G.C.U.)

Ms Asma Asghar, Lecturer, M.A(PU), M.Phil (EU), Registered in Ph.D (EU)

Ms. Rubina Shaeen, Lecturer, M.A , M.Phil (PU)

Permanent Non-Teaching Faculty:

Mrs. Amina Amin, Junior Library Assistant