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BS Urdu

In 2005 BS degree program was started by the Urdu department. New courses were introduced at BA honours level namely: Lisaniyat, Urdu Nazm Nigari, Tarjuma, Tasawuff, Geet nigari and Computer etc.

B.S. (Hons) degree program for Urdu started with the objective of promoting our national, cultural and historical language.The department has also designed new course for B.S. (Hons) to allow the students to develop an interest in Urdu.These courses impart in depth knowledge commensurating with the modern day requirements.


Mass Comm, Any Language (Oriental)

Social Work, Islamic Studies

Gender Studies, Pol. Sc./Pak. Std.


To provide a sound base to future scholars who want to be experts in the language and to enhance the learning ability of the students by developing their critical and analytical thinking.

To produce good writers, poets, analysts, various level teachers and thinkers.

To develop the habit of self study among the students through research based assignments.

To develop self confidence in students by organizing class discussions, presentations and seminar.

Course of Study

Minor Courses

iii.Gender Studies
iv.Social Work
v.Mass Communication
vii.Islamic Studies

Foundation Courses

i.Urdu Zaban (Tashkeel-o-Istiqa)
ii.Urdu Zaban (Qawaid-o-Imela)
iii.Shery Asnaf (Tawruf & Tafheem)
iv.Bayan o Badio Areoz
v.Nasri Asnaf (Tawruf & Tafheem)
vi.Adabi Istalahaat
vii.Tehreer o Insha
viii.Tehqeeq o Tanqeed

Major Courses

i.Urdu Dastaan Aur Novel (Fikri Aur Fanni Mubahis)
ii.Urdu Ghazal Ka Fikri Aur Fanny Mutalia
iii.Tareekh-e-Adab-e-Urdu Aur Adabi Tehreekan
iv.Urdu Afsana Aur Drama (Fikri Aur Fanny Mutalia)
v.Beesvin Sadi Men Novel Ka Irtiqa Aur Uskey Fikri Aur Fanni Mubahis
vii.Asool-e-Tehqeeq o Tadveen
viii.Research Work
ix.Naye Tanqeedi Mubahis
x.Iqbal Ka Khasoosi Mutalia
xi.Research Work
xii.Urdu Nasar Key Asaleeb (Mazah, Safarnama, Apbeety)
xiii.Urdu Nazam (Fikri Aur Fanny Mutalia)

Elective Courses

i.Urdu Fiction Ka Mabadul Tabiayati Mutalia
ii.Urdu Adab Ka Taneesi Mutalia
iii.Urdu Adab Key Naye Marakaz (Qaumi Aur Ban-ul-Aqwami)
iv.Adab Aur Ablaghiat

MS Urdu (2 years Degree Programme)

Course of Study

Semester I
              ·Sufiana Adab
              ·Classici Asnaf-e-Sher
              ·Urdu par Maghrabi Tehrikon ke Asrat

Semester II
               ·Ilme Lughat, Taqreem, Tareekh Goee aur Mantiq
               ·Usloobiati Mubahis
               ·Tadveen, Ilm o Fun
               ·Jadid Tanqeedi Nazariyat

Semester III & IV
                ·Thesis (Research Work)


Now with more highly qualified staff, the department started Ph.d. program on regular basis from 2009

Course of Study

Semester I
    Tareekh e Adab e Urdu 1857 Tak
    Urdu Tehqeeq
    Urdu Tanqeed

Semester II
    Soofiyana Rivayat o Adab
    Tareekh Urdu Adab: Jadeed Daur
    Maqala Nigari

Semester III & IV

Thesis (Research Work)