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Geography Society


As Geography is one of the oldest subjects taught in the university, so the students want to highlight the importance of the subject by performing some activities, thus Geography society has been working actively since the inception of the department. The objectives of the society are;

1.    To groom the student’s capabilities
2.    To enhance the student’s knowledge
3.    To build confidence among students
4.    To promote teamwork

A Walk through History of the Society

Geography society has been a part of Geography department, since the college has been shifted to its present building. Geography society however faced some hard times and the society resumed its present position after 8th Feb, 2002. The society has been actively arranging various successful events, since then.
Management and Planning
The Geography society plans and strategizes each and every detail of an academic event. Planned meetings are scheduled which is mandatory for all the members of the society to attend, these meetings are arranged according to an event calendar where all the activities to be performed and accomplished are inscribed accordingly. The basic purpose of these meetings is to ensure that every aspect of an event is entertained beforehand. The results of these meetings have been gratifying and the students have learnt a great deal in handling time constricted events.

The Team

Faculty Incharge:           Mrs. Aysha Faisal (Incharge of Deptt.)
Incharge Society:           Ms. Nausheen Mazhar
President:                     Ms. Nimra Mahnoor (BS Geo, Sem VII)
Secretary:                    To be selected from BS V semester in Fall session’15

Latest Activities

Following are the latest activities arranged in the current year by the society:
1- "Lecture on “Climate Change and its Variability”

Geography Society arranged a Lecture on “Climate Change and its Variability” by Asst Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali Shirazi, Geo dptt, PU. Jan 2012.

2- Geography Awareness Day 06 June, 2012

Geography Society celebrated “Geography Awareness Day” on 6th June, 2012. The function included the following events:-

  • Lecture on “Technological Advances of Geography “ by Mrs.Qudsia Hamid, Lecturer at G.I.S Centre “University of the Punjab”
  • A Skit presentation by the students of  BS-I Semester-II Major entitled “Feeqa Ghar Aya”
  • Inter-university Model and Poster Competition.

Geography society was successful in carrying-out all the scheduled events for the day, at the end of which students were awarded for their hard work and enthusiasm.

Results of the Model and Poster Competition

a    Model Competition:

  • 1st Position went to Maham Sultan of BS-I Semester-II Geography Major,her model represented “Renewable Energy resources in deserts”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • 2nd Position went to by Maha Liaqat and Noreen Kanwal of  BS-I Semester-II Geography Minor their model represented “River in its Youth Stage”
  • 3rd Position went to  Rahat Asif  Butt of  BS-II Semester-IV Geography Minor, her model represented “Hydrological Cycle”
  • Consolation Prize went to Werda Anees of BS-II Semester-IV Geography Minor her model represented “Waterfall”

b    Poster Competion

  • 1st Position went to Hira Khan and Ayesha Elahi of BS-II Semester-IV Minor
  • 2nd Position went to Bushra Mehmood of BS-I Semester-II Minor
  • 3rd Position went to Aleena Ijaz BS-I Semester-II Major

3- Trip to Meteorological Office-26th June 2012
Geography Society arranged an educational trip to the Meteorological Office on 26th June, 2012: The Students of BS Major Semester-II and BS Geography Minor Semester II and IV went along with three Staff members and one attendant. The trip was a great success since the trip helped the students a great deal in their relevant courses.

4- "Geography Awareness Week"

Department of Geography, LCWU is celebrating "Geography Awareness Week". Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, alongwith Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, inaugurated "Geography Awareness Week".

This week will be celebrated from 19th to 23rd  November. In the inauguration ceremony Prof. Sabiha Mansoor cut the ribbon, and flew balloons in air.