Department of TESOL

Dr Ayesha Butt
Dr Ayesha Butt

Assistant Professor

Department of TESOL

Graduate Students/ Postdocs/Undergraduate Students/ Honour Students

Years                    Degree                  Name

2012-2014                    MS                       Ammara Iqbal


2013-2015                     MS                      Anam Afzal

                                                                  Rabya Javeed

                                                                  Anam Shahid

                                                                  Aiza Iqbal

2014-2016                                                 Javeria

                                                                  Farhana Majeed

                                                                  Ayesha Riaz

2015-2017                     MS                      Ayesha Butt

                                                                  Nafisa Mustafa

                                                                  Uzma Kausar

                                                                  Summayya Liaqat

                                                                  Fatima Aslam

                                                                  Nadia Jabbar

2016-2018                       MS                    Fatima Naeem

                                                                  Aroob Nasrulla

                                                                 Shahzaib Chaudhry

Brief Statement of Research Interest

Interested in conducting experimental research projects, in order to bring refinements in the existing educational settings.


  • ‘A Comparative Study of the Teaching Methodologies Employed by English Language Teachers in Private and Public Sector Schools’ ‘Global Educational Studies Review’ 2021
  • ‘A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Online and Traditional ESL Teaching at Undergraduate Level’, ‘Global Educational Studies Review’. 2021
  • ‘Perceptions of Pakistani Students on Online Classes During COVID-19’, ‘Global Educational Studies Review’.                2021 
  • “An Experimental Study on the Development of Learner Autonomy among EFL Learners at Tertiary Level”, “International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies”. 2020 
  • ‘Learner Autonomy and its Existing Practices: A Comparison between EFL students of various disciplines in the context of Pakistan’, ‘Global Social Sciences Review’. 2020 
  • ‘An Investigation of the Reading Habits among Pakistani University Students’, ‘Global Social Sciences Review’.                                    2019 
  • “Fostering Learner Autonomy through Foreign Language Learning Strategies among Pakistani EFL Learners”, “Global Language Review”.                               2019
  • “The Effects of Dictionary Vocabulary Learning Versus Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition on the Vocabulary Development of Pakistani EFL Learners”, “Global Regional Review”.                          2019
  • “Professional Development of Pakistani EFL Teachers and the Culture of Learner Autonomy”, “Global Language Review”.                                    2019
  • “An Analysis of the Development of Learner Autonomy among EFL learners through Language Learning Diaries in the context of Punjab (Pakistan)”, “Global Regional Review”.                                    2019
  • ‘Perceptions of Pakistani Students on Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies Used in English Oral Communication Skills Classrooms’, ‘Research Journal of Language & Literature.                          2016