Department of Applied Psychology


In 1951, when Lahore College was shifted to the present building, Psychology was taught as a part of the syllabus of Philosophy. In 1962 when Mrs. Safia Jamil was the Head of the Philosophy Department, Psychology as a separate subject was introduced. For eight years (1962-1969) Mrs. Safia Jamil remained the head of both Philosophy and Psychology departments. It was in 1969 that Psychology got an independent status and Mrs. Chand Khurshid became the first head of the department. Thereafter the department was headed by:

Mrs. Saeeda Ashraf 1974-1986

Mrs. Jamila Khanum 1986-2002

Mrs. Farhana Shamim Abbas 2002-2009

Mrs. Rodaba Hamid 2009-2012

Currently Prof. Talat Sohail is the chairperson of the department.

M.Sc. classes were started in 1979. The number of teaching staff increased from 5 to 18 and then to 20. The nomenclature of the department was changed in 2000 from Psychology to Applied Psychology. Accordingly the existing courses were revised and new courses were introduced. BS program was introduced in 2005. This is a four-year program taught in eight semesters. Efforts are under way to set up a well equipped computer lab and provide students and faculty up-to-date facilities for research (including access to e-resources, digital databases and software). 

Psychology, the science of human behavior and experience, is a vast and flourishing applied scientific discipline contributing in countless ways to education, research and practice. Different subspecialties of Applied Psychology like Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Testing, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Health Psychology, Counseling and Behavioral Neuroscience along with research are taught to students at the BS level to give them the theoretical base needed for becoming professionals in varied fields and careers.

MS Health Psychology classes started in the year 2008 with Prof. Talat Sohail as in charge ably assisted in teaching by Dr. Sarah Shahed. The department achieved another important milestone as Ph.D program was commenced in 2011 with Dr. Amina Muazzam Butt as coordinator.