Department of Applied Psychology


Department of Applied Psychology, LCWU is a center of academic learning, research and practical experience. It is recognized as one of the most vibrant and progressive academic departments among its contemporaries. The department is currently offering high quality BS 4-Year, MS Health Psychology (2-Year) and PhD Applied Psychology programs. Prof. Dr. Amina Muazzam (Tenured Professor, Director Research) is the Chairperson of the Department and is leading it with a focus on academic excellence. Under her dynamic vision and leadership, the department aspires to meet international standards with an enriched curriculum and cutting edge research both within and across disciplines. The department focuses on imparting theoretical knowledge with its applications in education and beyond. The courses offered not only foster an understanding of psychological concepts but also cultivate a sense of cultural sensitivity, social responsibility, professional ethics and good citizenship in the students. The faculty members have expertise in a wide range of subject areas, such as clinical psychology, counseling, health psychology, behavioral neuroscience, psychometrics and assessment, developmental, positive psychology, forensic and political psychology. Opportunities to engage in high quality research are provided to both undergraduate and graduate level students under a team of accomplished faculty members who provide both classroom teaching and outside the classroom mentoring to the students. The undergraduate program provides a foundation for the scientific understanding of behavior and mental processes by giving them exposure to behavioral neuroscience experiments, various psychological tests, research tools and statistical software. The postgraduate programs prepare the students to work in diverse healthcare and educational settings. The programs open diverse career avenues in psychology related to teaching, research and practice. Community engagement is another highlight of the department where students are given ample opportunities to do community service, be it through active citizen program, animal welfare society, psychological society or any other available medium. Psychological society, animal welfare society and Muslim psychology chapter are actively being run by the faculty members and students under the clear vision of the chairperson to enhance the personal development and skills of the student body. The department arranges diverse workshops, seminars, webinars and field trips to broaden the experience of students and to disseminate psychological knowledge to the society. We have a supportive and friendly environment with an emphasis on rigorous training to develop the students’ intellectual capacities along with an occupational readiness. We look forward to welcome you in the department.