Department of Chemistry

COD's Message

We are pleased that you are taking the time to explore the department of chemistry at the Lahore College for Women University through our website. For those of you who are using these pages to consider us as a home for your undergraduate, graduate or post graduate educational experience. We extend a special welcome.

The department of chemistry, LCWU has a long tradition and strong commitment to excellence in research, service and teaching. The department has offered advanced degrees for over ninety years. At this time more than one hundred and forty graduate students and number of Post-doctoral fellows and research staff are active in the research of the department faculty.

The research interests within the department are quite broad and span the full range of the traditional chemistry disciplines and its emerging interface with Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Nano Science and Physics. As you will see from the individual faculty profiles, the department is broadly represented in Analytical, Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Medicinal Chemistry. All these and disciplinary efforts involve chemistry faculty and provide a wonderfully enriching environment for both research and teaching.

The department maintains a collegial and friendly environment for students and faculty alike. All together, we strive to make the time spent here enjoyable as well as productive and educational.

On behalf of my colleagues, I encourage you to consider Chemistry Department at the LCWU, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. Bushra Naseem
Department of Chemistry