Department of History


Fatima Jinnah Historical Society

“History is just as important as science and engineering when it comes to fostering innovation and helping people to think analytically”. Sarah Dunant (October, 2012).

A historical society is an organization dedicated to preserving, collecting, researching and, interpreting historical information or items. These societies helps us to understand our heritage. Fatima Jinnah Historical Society of Lahore College for Women University works for celebrating and to ponder about our unique socio-political heritage in the world.  We believe in keeping our spirit high just like other historical societies acting as keepers of culture for future.

Aims and Objectives: 

Like any other historical society, Fatima Jinnah Historical Society has its aims and objectives to achieve. These aims and objectives are following;

1-      Helps to keep alive the history of Pakistan to students and other visitors.

2-      To develop interest in history and promote the study of Muslim history, especially Freedom Movement and Pakistan history

3-      To encourage the collection and preservation of historical resources.

4-      To encourage and helps students in learning how to improve ability to give an influential speeches on historical topics.

5-      To encourage students to write their own opinions about the historical topics or historical occasions and, also helps in improving the history writing ability in students

6-      To encourage students to put forward new innovative ideas to celebrate the historical occasion in more unique way.

7-      To encourage and co-operate with other similar society and bodies throughout the Lahore especially the Archeological societies in knowing the importance and preserving the heritage and, historical artifacts and monuments.

8-      To encourage to develop and publish various authentic articles about Pakistan History, heritage.

9-      To maintain a historical library and a historical museum, to provide educational program for general public.

10-   To organize exciting trips to historical monuments and filled students and, other visitors with their importance and significance. So, they can easily understand their heritage.

Future vision of Fatima Jinnah Historical Society:

As said above, historical societies are seen as the keeper of culture and heritage. They are the only one preserving the past for the future generation. This is a time of innovation and, we see some developments coming in the years ahead.

In order to enhance its role as an investment in the nation’s future, Fatima Jinnah Historical Society shall warmly welcome partnerships in future with other bodies to establish a platform of education for future prosperity with incorporating interactive exhibits, online engagements in public event. It would be relevant, a little bit edgy and fun approach. The value of artifacts used by historical society would be increased by using the three-dimensional collection. This new but expensive development would definitely give more flexible and experimental approaches. Because, experimenting with the use of objects will help us understand their true value and educational potential.

Fatima Jinnah Historical Society is a well-known organization of Lahore College for Woman University. Since its establishment, it has been helping students to understand their state’s history, their heritage as well as the historical monuments. By achieving its objectives, we can enhance our society and create a stronger platform for readers, visitors, students to understand the importance and significance of this respective field. In future with the upcoming developments, it would become one of the leading historical organization of Pakistan serving the nation with a better goals and more innovative ideas.    

Team Fatima Jinnah Historical Society