Department of International Relations


The Department of International Relations offers quality education and dynamic exposure to the students enrolled in the undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Established as a discipline under the auspices of Political Science Department, International Relations gained the status of an autonomous department in 2017. The department is currently being chaired by Professor Dr. Shabnam Gul, who had joined Lahore College for Women University in 2005 as the first faculty member for International Relations.

A wide range of degrees and diplomas are currently being offered to over 750 students, including 04 years BS International Relations (Regular and Self-Support), 02 years MS International Relations (Regular and Self-Support) and PhD International Relations Program. Additionally, a 3 months short course and 1-year diploma in International Relations are also being offered. The programs explore how global, regional and domestic factors influence relations between actors on the world stage. There is a variety of courses being offered as compulsory and electives from the entire spectrum of International Relations. These include theories of International Relations, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Strategic and Defense Studies, International Political Economy, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, International Law, Regional Organizations, International Human Rights, Foreign Policy Analysis and Area Studies.

Keeping up with the technologically advanced and dynamic world, the students of International Relations Department are encouraged to make use of well-equipped computer labs that provide access to latest international research and publications powered by on-campus internet facilities.