Department of International Relations


The Department of International Relations was established in 2003. Before its formation as a separate discipline, it worked under the auspices of the Department of Political Science from 2003 to 2017 with the efforts of Professor Mrs.Nayyer Masood Head of Political Science Department. The subject of fit was introduced at Bachelor and Master's level. Mrs. Shabnam Gul joined as first faculty member of International Relations Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. In 2005, BS International Relations 4-years program was also introduced. Currently the Department is offering 4 years BS International Relations program. Our department offers strong foundation courses in International Relations theories, providing an understanding of current debates in the field and why they matter. We also offer a variety of elective courses, each taught by expert faculty. Foreign Policy Analysis, International Security, Diplomacy, Human Rights, Terrorism, Media and more. At present there are almost 300 students enrolled in our program. Through, introduction to contemporary analysis of International Relations students learn major theories of International relations and apply them to understand international situations and issues in the modern world. Emphasis are on clearly comprehending the relationship between International Conflicts and Cooperation and on recognizing the shift from "Internationalization" to "Globalization". Extensive use of Internet information, articles from professional journals and newspapers will enable students to get updated information about imminent International issues today and to think critically. We are also planning for Ph.D. International Relations in the near future. The Department/ present Incharge is Prof. Dr. Shabnam Gul.