Department of Architecture


The five year degree program in Architecture aims to foster critical thinking and develop the capability to significantly improve the built environment through active participation of its graduates in the profession of architecture in Pakistan and the region. The discipline of Architecture is a technical combination of sciences. mathematical skills, creative arts and social manifestations. The interdisciplinary composition of studies has all the aspects of build, natural and social environments in preview. The predominant challenges of sustainability in built environment, urban expansions and consumption of energy resources largely depends upon effective architectural solutions. A comprehensive cadre is thus needed for profession of Architecture to fulfill growing requirements of society. A serious demand for highly trained architects has surfaced within the country in last decade. Lahore College for Women University has a long history of imparting quality education to the women folk of the country. Since the inception of the University a large number of new disciplines have been introduced. As a result, there has been a phenomenal increase in student enrollment. Professional degree of Bachelors in Architecture spanning over five years is offered at Lahore College for Women University. Architecture Department at LCWU although in a nascent stage, has well equipped laboratories facilitating and strengthening instruction in Computer Application, Model Making, Photography and Surveying. The Department serves as a center of excellence in the country with focus on studying the past present and future trends in the development of the built environment. The department thus also shoulders the responsibility of preserving our social values and cultural heritage apart from providing expertise to keep up with the demands of changing times.