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Architecture  Department  at  Lahore  College  for  Women  University  is  a  unique  opportunity  for female candidature in Pakistan to secure5 years Bachelor’s degree in Architecture; and contribute in  enhancement  of  quality  of built,social  and  natural  environment  of  society.Under  highly qualitative mechanism of teaching methodologies for theoretical courses,assertive practical skills and  psycho-motor  /software  techniques  the  Department  successfully  produces  graduates  with strong  professional  expertise  on  sustainable  and  environment  friendly  architectural  design solutions as well as construction techniques.With a multi perspective approach for architectural education focused theory classes along with conducive  design  studios  the  education  is  secured  incorporating  field  trips,  technical  sessions, interactive discussion forums and co-curricular activities. Department of Architecture offers a student friendly environment for development of their analytic and  creative  skills  to  comprehend  and  devise  architectural  design.  The  prolific  set  of  faculty comprising  researchers,  academics  and  practitioners  project  an  exclusively  focused  output  of empowering  females  in  discipline  of  Architecture  as  socially  and  environmentally  responsible Architects, Urban Designers, Conservationists, Designers for Disaster Mitigation, Digital Experts and Landscape Architects.The  national  and  international  level  collaborations  of  Architecture  Department  with  public  and private  sector  partners  have  been  excellent opportunities  for  accelerating  the  research  and academic excellence of faculty and students in Architecture Department.I  am  immensely  proud  of  alumni  of  Architecture  Department  at  Lahore  College  for  Women University  as  being  successful  architects  and  academics  at  national  and  international  forums.  I wish my students all the best for their endeavors to make us! The Teachers and their parents ‘proud ‘of them.

Dr. Yasmeen Abid
Department of

Ph.D, M-Phil( Architecture) University of The Punjab
B-Arch (University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore